[UPDATE 12:41 a.m.] Pedestrian Struck by Car and Killed; Southbound 101 Shut Down Near Humboldt Hill

A pedestrian has been struck and killed by a vehicle on Hwy 101 south of Eureka about 11 p.m. The southbound lanes of Hwy 101 are being diverted onto Herrick Avenue.

The officer on scene asked dispatch to cancel the ambulance as the person was “1144”–possible fatality.

“Coroner is en route,” Dispatch responded a minute later.

UPDATE 11:22 p.m.: Traffic is backing up on the southbound lanes almost to KMart according to the person who took the photo below.13000511_1036876929707387_344309233_o
UPDATE 11:56 p.m.: Smoke from the flares rises lavender and grey from the scene of the accident as traffic begins to move through.


UPDATE 12:10 p.m.: One southbound lane of traffic is open. Photos from the scene by Robert Kroeker.

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UPDATE 12:41 a.m.: Hwy 101 is now completely opened up.

UPDATE 4/17: The CHP released more information here.



  • this is really sad… prayers for all involved in this! I do have a question that I hope someone can answer… why are so many people killed in this area of 101???

    • 101 is the only way for people walking or biking to go between Eureka and Humboldt Hill.

      • sharpen your pencil

        Actually it’s not…. The homeless whom don’t wish to get hit generally walk the train tracks. The ones who have been hit tend to be doing this intentionally by walking in traffic and in dark clothing. It is sad for the people whom have to cope with the in suing insanity.

        • This. I think most of the homeless who die this way are suicides. Sad.

        • “Sharpen YOUR Pencil” Biking railroad tracks doesn’t work well and it’s trespassing anyway, so 101 is the only legal route for peds and bicyclists between Eureka and Humboldt Hill.

    • Because people are stupid and try to cross the freeway instead of using overpasses. Fifty bucks says this was a homeless person or a druggie.

      • sharpen your pencil

        My guess it was both!

      • He wasn’t homeless or a druggie. He was walking to his home in Humboldt hill. He lost his mother on Monday and was probably having a hard time. To those of you pointing fingers, be respectful to the family who is now having to morn two people in a week.

        • Thanks for the information, Jen!

          It’s sad that some people automatically assume that anyone who can’t afford to drive a car, or can’t immediately fix a broken car they own, and have to walk, is somehow less than human. 😕

        • If you know who the victim was, you should contact the Coroner’s office. They have been unable to identify him and need the public’s help. 707-445-7242.

        • You know the person? They are looking for his identity. You should contact the coroners office and tell them who he is then..

      • Druggie or homeless, it’s a human being.

  • Wow Brian who cares if this person was either it was somebodies something and that is just rude!!!!!!!!

    • I have trouble feeling sorry for someone who walks into a road with vehicles traveling in excess of 65 miles per hour. I feel for the family but common sense says stay off the freeway!!

  • I leave town at 5:00 AM to go to work and always stay in the left lane because of the pedestrian/bicycle traffic along there all the way down to Fields landing. It’s sad this kind of thing happening but unfortunately not surprising. I wish there was a way to divert those folks over to the old railroad right of way. Safer for them and every time this happens the driver has to now live with the memory.

    • When I visited Alaska’s Kenai I was impressed with their hwys. All the major roads had a paved side road just for bicyclist and hikers. These run parallel to the road but a safe distance away. California could pave the unused RR tracks for this purpose.

      • sharpen your pencil

        Or the homeless whom have been getting hit could just not walk in the roadway…. But that would be far to simple and cost effective!

  • Please have sympathy for the family left behind..I had an uncle who suffered from mental illness and one day he just decided to step out in front of a bus..this wasn’t around here..also please pray for the person who struck the individual..it must be horrible to know you killed a person.

  • doesn’t matter if the person was homeless or a druggie, it was still a human being and how many others have to die in that one little stretch of area before something is done about it?

  • This has only started happening since the homeless situation in Humboldt County had gotten out of control .death buy frogger . Sadly this person was not a druggie or homeless condolences to the family,but the majority of the people that have been killed lately are homeless tweekers. ,and there have been reports of people been hit on Broadway. I don’t think all of them want to kill themselves I think they just want to get some insurance money to get dope. Fake accident, but I think that miscalculated, and end up dead .

  • A straight shooter

    We need to get some public awareness out there to the people that like to walk at night. If you’re out there walking and you’re wearing dark clothes we cannot see you . if you have a flashlight on your phone please use that . if you have anyway of getting a hold of a reflector vest please do that . none of us in our cars want to hit and killed anyone please be responsible for yourself when you are out at night walking in dark clothes ! RIP My heart goes out to the driver of this vehicle that now gets to live with this

  • I’m so very sorry to the family.and just maybe the driver was a druggie or drunk or falling asleep.this was some ones loved one.Please be kind to one another,isn’t life short enough.god bless.you all

  • I like liz’s idea,the tracks are other wise useless anyway

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  • Walking the tracks is actually just as dangerous as walking the freeway. Even without trains.

    • Wow. I’m always amazed to see how heartless some people around here are. There was a time I wanted to build a life and raise a family in Humboldt. I’ll be moving back to Oregon within the year.

      • Ya my daughter and family moved to medford,3rd day there,their whole rig with everything in was stolen,it’s dangerous no matter where you live.some how we must turn things around this is the most amazing place it’s gorgeous here.

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  • Homeless people kill themselves this way to guilt trip motorists. I think it’s the most selfish way to go….

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