How Many SoHum Folks Can You Name?


It was 1985.

Shovels were in the dirt to raise money for the ground breaking beginning of the Mateel Community Center in Redway.

Kim Sallaway (you can like his Facebook page here) captured this historical image.

How many of participants can you name?

Here’s what we know from left to right: Jerry Sevier, Mariah Sevier, David Frankle, Jim Truitt, Jude Vasconcellos, Bob Binarez, Mathew Dazey, David Morhman, Michael Evanson,Tim Clark, Harold Murrish, Steve Dazey, Don Daley, Chris Walker, Carol Bruno, Barbara Truitt, Darryl Guilette, John Bruno, Sciandra. [Let us know if we still need to make adjustments but this is what we think as of 4/17/16]



  • It’s a pleasing photo for me, unfamiliar with the area and people, because it looks completely different from every other groundbreaking photo. Are any of the folks in that photo politicians or chamber leaders? I see only a couple I suspect.

    • This photo was made to as part of a brochure we made to raise the first money for the building. At the time this photo was made not one person was a politician. Barbara Truitt went on to represent us politically for a few years. She also served as president of the Mateel board of directors. As did Darryl Guillete and John Bruno.
      The actual ground breaking is shown in this photo.

  • True Humboldt right there.

  • Carol and John are there.God be with them.

  • Great photo!! Been nostalgic for the old days lately… Time sure has flown…..

  • I can name everyone. I was there too! Just not in photo

  • Not sure that is Rio. The man you said is “Rio’s dad(?)” (Harris may have passed before the Redway Mateel broke ground) is, I think, Dave Morhman (sp). Maybe that is his son? Guessing that is Michael Solomon behind Dave.
    It’s definitely an ‘all star cast’ of So Hum of years gone by.
    Brings back fond memories of what was a strong and vibrant, independent culture/community.
    I recall the day the day community members were invited to tour the Redway property to help decide if we should buy it. Only person who was somewhat opposed was Rod Deal.
    I hope that people are finding ways to document and preserve the history of an important time in California / counterculture history. In addition to identifying people in photos, I encourage people to record stories of that time, sooner rather than later.

    • Matter of fact people are trying to preserve and tell the story of Humboldts® Past. I’m a producer/investor out of Los Angeles, we’re in the process of building a heritage canabbis brand called Original Humboldt®. We’re paying up to $100 for authentic stories and insight into the enception and progression of the cannabis lifestyle and counterculture of Humboldt® Co.
      You can contact me at with information into the history of the industry.
      Together as a community we can build and create the story behind what will become the most powerful brand.

    • Updated names. Thank you.

      • Looks to me to be Michael Evanson back there in the flannel shirt holding the pick.
        Let’s not leave his image unnamed among all these good folk.

        • Michael Evenson

          Yup, that’s me. And the little guy in front is Mathew Dazey, Steve’s son. There’s lots of stories from those days. Took years of dedication from the time the Fireman’s Hall burned down to when we got a piece of land and a permit to build.

          • Yes! That Michael! Knew that. Just got the last name wrong. And couldn’t quite put a name with the boy. Recognized him. But of course, Mathew!
            So Hum classic photo. We had so many high quality folks then!

      • Michael Evenson

        That’s Bill Andrews between Chris Walker and Steve Dazey.

        • No. It is Don Daley. Remember the old Garberville Liquor Store? That was his business.

          • Come to think of it, it’s kinda odd that people didn’t start crashing into the old liquor store building until years after he had moved out! (I suppose though, there is some symbolism that an insurance business got damaged / ‘suffered a loss’ too, eh?).

  • Is John from the current Redway water board there? I am not sure.

  • It’s Don Dailey, not Dan. But, we knew that.
    Great photo.
    Peg Anderson or Rio would know who was behind Rio…. Harris Zidell???

  • I think the kid is Mathew Dazey, and behind him is David Morhamon. Awesome community with vision for a future… I hope myself and my cohorts an achieve similar things…we’re taking about it….

    • The mantle is yours and your “cohorts'”, Rio. With you in the mix, I have no doubt the second generation will create great things. Can hardly wait to see what you manifest!

  • Sigh…I loved those western boots, wish I still had them ….In the circle photo next to Carol❤️ I’ve known Carol since I was 17. What an awesome woman.

  • Don’t recognize any of them .

  • Harold Murrish. A true friend. Miss him still.

  • Jude Frankel? I’m sure you mean Jude Vasconcellos. Really beautiful photo. And that sure feels like it was just a couple of years ago…

  • i liked those people, Jude–where’d they go? didn’t a group of Salmon Creekers move up to Sand Point Idaho (center of white supremacists also)…i wonder how that worked out…and Nick, happy in Sand Point Nick?

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