Watch Out for the Waves!

The National Weather Service had some words of warning on their Facebook page today:



  • what say y’all…sneaker waves at beaches like crab park? or was i drunk on power?…

    wednsday – crab park – 4:30pm-8pm –
    white caps and tide coming in. wailing winds.

    5:30 as the storm blasted with barrages of now banshee winds & horizontal deluges of rain and hail with white out conditions.
    6pm & myself and my 2 besty beasty’s are playing a 3 feet up from the surf line.
    here came a “small” “sneaker(?)” wave – up to my knees.
    immediately the next wave was the “big” “sneaker(?)” which blasted to mid thigh.
    how did i not get bowled down? neither when the waves hit me nor when they hit me again running back out??
    no clue. “i’m not gonna die til it’s time for me to die” (j. hendrix)

    why have i never heard of sneaker waves on a beach like that at crab park? maybe it just wasn’t a sneaker wave at all, just one big assed dangerous reminder to stay aware.

    i’ve seen all kinds of wave action and power from tiny lakes on up to the shores of lake’s Superior and Michigan… a ferry”boat” trip from Milwaukee, WI to Lansing MI, THE middle of Lake Michigan, and these big waves knocked this huge barge-like ship so hard that a train car being ferried was bounced off it’s tracks.

    before cars could unload off the ship the busted railroad track had to be fixed. that took until 4am. that had kept we, the ferried, trapped on this ship with no warm clothes and not a single thing to eat or even drink. “water water everywhere and not a drop to drink”.
    so, yah. NEVER again.

    the waves of Lakes Superior and Michigan are some of the most lethal on our planet. i’ve been well taught to keep my eyes on waves. so, ya, i’ve seen “pig vater”.
    and in conclusion i hope you understand the waves that reached for me at crab park were like none other i’d seen.

    being in that storm was one of the most amazing things i’ve done in my life.
    i was now able to put a check next to the “have a very dangerous, grand but spontaneous misadventure” bucket list item.

    i wonder…did my besty beasties also remove if from their lists too?
    and boy, do they think i’m a dumb ass…lol…those darn kids…

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