[UPDATE 4/16]Vehicle Upside Down in Smith River; Rescue Divers Were Unsuccessful

At 11:25 this morning, a small green vehicle was reported going underwater into the Smith River off Hwy 199. According to the California Highway Incident page, the person reporting “saw rear end of [vehicle] go under water.” It was described as being upside down.

The road was closed at approximately 2 p.m. as various emergency personnel arrived on scene. Search and rescue swimmers were called for, according to a spokesperson for the California Highway Patrol.

Because the road was closed, traffic began backing up. Just before 3 p.m., Hwy 199 was opened again to through traffic.

Because of the high water level, according to the CHP Incident page, a decision was made to leave the vehicle in the water to “be extricated at a later date.”

At this time, little information about the vehicle or its possible occupant(s) are known. We’ll update you with that information when it becomes available.

UPDATE 8:14 p.m.: Gasquet Fire posted these photos below and explained, “Another car has crashed into the river at mile marker 10.50 with one to two people. Two divers [were] placed onto the water but [were] unable to attach the cable from the tow truck due to the rising river and fast current.”


Photos shared with permission of Gasquet Fire.


UPDATE 4/16: Gasquet Fire states on their Facebook page that the vehicle was removed from the water today.



  • Wow! Sad to hear of so many accidents today. I hope their families can have the news quickly.

  • Hope no one is inside but chances are there is because if they got out we would know that buy now .unless the people that drove the car stole it our they them selves have warrants

  • I’m hoping no one was trapped.maybe it was stolen and they ran it in the river to get rid of it.theres been alot of accidents as of late.PLEASE folks drive safely

  • We passed the accident scene about 2:15PM, road was open, but divers were in the water. It was pouring rain from Medford to Crescent City, with limited visibility, and a lot of vehicles were driving as if it were dry and clear. Slow down people!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Unfortunately, that’s Cali driving for you. No matter what the ambient conditions, rain, wind,hail, frost or snow, it’s pedal to the metal, every day all day. Devil take the hindmost. It’s not so bad if they only kill themselves and don’t take others out with them. Louses up the swimming hole until the cars are pulled out, but who cares? Snag hazard for fishing.

      • Noooo…not just Cali drivers. Plenty of Oregon & Washington plates hauling ass on that road. Can’t even count the number of times I’ve been passed on a double solid line or curve

  • Maybe it might be time to think about putting in a few guardrails.

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      Maybe it’s time for driver’s ed in high school. Maybe get some people off the road. Guard rails won’t help much if people insist on driving 20 mph faster than the law or safety requires, texting, tweeting, grab-assing as they cruise along oblivious to reality.

    • No need for a guard rail there. It’s a long gentle curve. The problem is speed.

    • sharpen your pencil

      You can put up guardrails, however you can’t fix stupid!

  • SW last night on channel 3 at 1100 pm there are one or 2 peo

  • I new her very well… Montgomery Green. She had just turned 19. Was a good girl. Hard worker going to be going to college in the fall. Wasn’t a good driver. Not a fast driver just spacey. She was my friend and roommate. I loved her so much! I was suppose to teach her how to drive better:( I’m so sorry Montie. RIP Girl💔

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