Catching a Wave


The waves touched the sky today. Check out how high they got here.

Local photographer Laurie Jensen, who caught this wave exploding into the air and topping the tower on the North Jetty, said, “I got hailed on, rained on, gale force winds knocked me to the ground several times, but I bounced back to keep shooting.”

Humboldt weather gets a little wild sometimes but that’s the way most of us like it.



  • Hope people don’t see this blog ,and go I’m going to go see the ocean ,and get wiped out buy a wave ,so it you read this don’t go out there and get wiped out buy a wave.

  • When I was stationed small boat station Humboldt bay we loved to go out in this kind surf I’ve seen bigger waves in the bar in the old44398 she was slow but sure!

  • Thank you Kym for using my photo. Mogtex I was perfectly safe out there, I was way up on the bluff at the end of the North side of the North jetty. I understand and respect the ocean, so dont get near it unlike other idiots i was watching out there. High surf warning were on the local weather station’s face-book page, and on the local news. People from everywhere flock out there to see the action. I dont think they all understand how dangerous it can be getting to close. Big louie, these swells were nothing like what I have seen in the past. Thank you so much for your service with the Coastie’s They have all my respect for what they do Thank you again

  • wow! Look at that wave breaking at the end of the south jetty. That waves is not supposed to be breaking like that right there. Major shoaling has created a greta surf spot, but a death trap for boaters.

  • I’ve seen the C.G. out there. Handling those boats like big jet skies, looks like fun. Or like they used to say “Bitchin Phun!” Feel really old when I talf like that.

  • Saw Laurie taking extreme chances, was told to get off the jetty by more than one person. It’s irresponsible and stupid. But like my Papa says, you can’t fix stupid.

  • old town observer

    As everybody knows, Pi are round, and the tower there is on the south jetty.

    we were there yesterday at the south jetty, the entrance was breaking surf of 6-10 feet several times, tide coming in late about 4 pm…the occasional jetty to jetty big breaking surf was interesting, never have I seen that before, and I waited and waited but was getting sandblasted and finally quit waiting..looked back…boom!..big full width breakers.

    Earlier report somewhere said the entrance is 16′ in places…I bet it is!

  • This previously abandoned Kia got swept around by the high surf on Thursday morning.

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