Bet You Can’t Guess Who Harvested This Mushroom?

Did you know that some squirrels harvest and dry mushrooms?

Naturalist Kim Cabrera tells us all about her find in this video.
Check out Cabrera’s YouTube channel for more cool stuff!



  • Thanks, Kim. Love your nature posts!

  • I wonder if the squirrels’ famous weather-prediction skills (predicting a hard winter by harvesting lots of acorns) extends to their mushroom-drying efforts… do they often lose the harvested mushrooms to rain and slime, or are they pretty good at knowing when we’re in for a dry period?

  • The Hermit of Grizzly Mountain

    My local squirrels’ behavior is weird enough already without me projecting upon them any 1950’s Sci-Fi alien-fungus-hive-mind personae. But now that it’s started, I don’t think I’ll ever see them any other way. I just hope it isn’t contagious via the food chain. Alien-fungus-hive-mind predators, oh my!

  • How interesting. I think I might just become the Dianne Fosse of Douglas Squirrels. Thanks for sharing Kym!

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