[UPDATE: Found!] Students’ Car Stolen Tuesday; Can You Help?

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Two 19-year-old students going to College of the Redwoods had their car taken….with their school books. Anyone who has a kid in college knows how devastating this can be.
Can you help?

The vehicle was taken about 10:30 last night. It’s a white 2014 Toyota Corolla with license plate #7DFK309. If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff Department at (707) 445-7251.

UPDATE 4/16: Thank you, everyone who has been looking. This car was recovered today. According to a family member, “One window broken out and all personal items taken. But they have a car to drive again. They just got the phone call about five minutes ago. My son ran the four miles to get it, before they towed it away. We are blessed.”

Then a few minutes later, he added, “College books are inside the car!! Yes!!…The EPD officer (female) said she saw it on kym kemp.com and she was upset that it was two 19 year old college kids who got ripped off. She said she was looking for this car!! …Great ending to a sad story.”




  • Where was it parked when stolen? CR?

  • And what is wrong with showing their mug shot.nothing because if your a thief everybody should know who they are.if you don’t want a mug shot don’t commit a crime.pretty Frickin simple.i hope they get their car back!!folks trying to better themselfs,good for you,don’t let this stop u.

  • Why does a 19 year old college student have such a nice car?

  • I’m thinking this is a photo of a car LIKE the one that was stolen not the actual car? The actual car is a 2014 and wouldn’t look like this today with all the stickers on it. IMO

  • “Security system

    The vehicle is equipped with an ignition disable device that will prevent the engine from starting if the correct original manufacturer key is not used.”

    Did they leave the key in it?

    • Spare key was left in purse which was left in the vehicle..

      • Thanks! A good lesson for the rest of us, who are likely to make this mistake. Leaving a purse in a vehical is generally a bad idea.

        • The same goes for garage door openers, don’t leave them inside your car!

          They make replacement garage door openers the size of key chain fobs.

      • Not smart, the key FOBS now a days automatically unlock the doors when you walk close to it. Must have been walking away from it unlocked the whole time. Not only that, it’s probably push button start so if the key is in the car you can just simply push the button and your off. That is one reason why you can’t be a new driver and own such a new vehicle. Unless they are aware of the technology, or they aren’t spaced out like every other teen these days.

    • This is what is normally not mentioned in these cases. It would be nice for the rest of us to know if there is a car thief, who is skilled enough to bypass modern security systems.

      • Be aware! There will always be a car thief who is capable of bypassing any modern security system. Now you know.

  • Insurance covers personal property that was within the vehicle

  • Something sounds suspect about this story…

  • 1. It may have been their parent’s car. I have had almost all my children, stepchildren and foster kids go to CR using my vehicle.
    2. Even if insured there’s a deductible to meet 1st, which may be anywhere from $100 to $1000. And it takes a while for insurance money to co,e through
    3.why not just quit judging and be kind?
    4.maybe the young person owns the car because they work hard when school isn’t in session. When I was in college I took between 20- 24 units per semester and worked 25+ hours a week and finished my degree in time. I did get help from my grandparents and in laws in the form of beef from the ranch and vegetables from the garden.

    • They should be working hard to invest thier money in something that wont depriciate so quickly. Wasting your money on a car that new is worse than hiding it under the mattress. More likely, they are using thier financial aid money (from taxpayers) to pay for this car.

      • meh yourself...

        A newer car, especially a Toyota, won’t break down repeatedly or need much maintenance. And it can get this person to and from a job reliably. It’s a better investment at this time in his/her life.

        Again, stop judging.

  • Without the key fob that goes to the car it won’t start . Unless you hot wire it somehow ,bur I’m no car theif .plus it has a alarm fob activated . Just saying.

  • Cheap car and investment wise probably cheaper than a decent used car. In 2003 my 16 year old son bought a brand new Ford Focus for $10,000 total, because it had, of course, New everything instead and a 5yr warranty instead of buying a fancier used car. He still drives that Focus and I would estimate that over the almost 13 years he’s had it he’s only put maybe 3 grand into keeping it running including tires and regular maintenance. Amortized over 13 years that is less than $100 per month in car expenses excluding gas and insurance. Not a bad investment compared to buying a 5 year old car with no warranty. And he’s got nearly 200,000 miles on it making his cost per mile excluding gas at less than 7 cents a mile. Pretty cheap driving.

  • Check Palco Marsh

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