Stolen Sailboat Reunited With Happy Owner in Eureka


This afternoon EPD came up onto a stolen sailboat and it’s trailer abandoned on top of another possibly stolen flatbed in the 1600 block of Allard. The happy owner of the sailboat was soon on scene to recover his sailboat. EPD remained on scene after he left to deal with the flatbed trailer. DSC00001



  • Just down the street from where we live, this trailer looks like the trailer that was parked just up from the cemetary. Trailer has been gone for awhile, then it ended up back on the street way down by Rudy and Allard with this Sailboat on it. There are a lot of druggies/thieves living in the Apts at end of our street, and also the Fort Humboldt Hotel. These “Wonderful” people wake me up at night by walking up and down the alley behind our house pushing their grocery carts, and or dragging stuff

    • sharpen your pencil

      My wife’s grandmother lived in the area, man did I have my concerns for her. Whenever we would go to visit it was like stepping into a scene from zombieland.

  • If no one drives down that alley maybe you could block it,we did but we asked first.loseing sleep sucks.

  • So allerd is still a tweek hole shit hole area .

  • I lived on McCullen and Glean, it was a nightmare.

  • Howard street still is a shit hole .and it to is in that neighborhood did a kid get shot and killed buy the cops in that area ?

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