‘New Beginning Is Earned; Its Not a *%#@* Right…!’ Says Open Letter to Marijuana Community

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I would like to invite EVERYONE to set aside Patrick Murphy, Ted Simpkins, Luke Brennor, Woods, Emerald Family Farms, True Humboldt, CCVH, the other lady making your tincture, the indoor grower, the outdoor grower, the person that picked a name too similar to yours, and all other people and entities that are in the mix, just for a moment.

Marijuana heart (1 of 1)The little known fact that the benefits of participating in the black market, high end cannabis industry FAR out weighed the possible consequences in MOST cases has attracted a certain kind of brilliant person throughout the years. This type of person has an above average IQ. This type of person is remarkably resourceful, gifted, talented and self sufficient. May I say that Humboldt is full of beautiful men, women and children? It’s a remarkable gene pool of humans. Pioneers in all of our glory.

We are the type of people who are willing to take some risks AND pay the consequences (so many), to have an opportunity to earn a degree of REAL freedom most human beings have and NEVER will experience on this planet.

The fact that the neandertholic War on Drugs is BEGINING to end, starting with Cannabis (how healing is that?) is beautiful. It is also very sad and scary for many of us who have benefited from this refuge that the laws had created for those of us brave enough to fight for what we believe in.

What ever the reason that we ALL have ended up in the black cannabis market, no matter what year it was, or just rural living, is really the same: that what ever our alternatives were, it was unacceptable enough to us to have the courage to forge out another way of life. I cry over the loss this. It breaks my heart.

But the fact is, what ever role you do or don’t play, we are all effected by this transformational event in history, and we are all fortunate enough to be living in interesting times. GrowersWe are all in this together, whether we like it or not.

We are NOT in competition with each other, despite our beliefs on this matter. We are in competition with TIME. We are already nearing 6 months into a two year race against time and it seems like the majority of people are squandering it away criticizing and condemning (FEARING) when we should ALL be working together like our life depends on it…..because it does.

The laws passed could have barred the majority of us for life by simply saying that anyone with an arrest in their life was ineligible to participate in any way. Or scrutinizing our fiances and having to prove every penny of where we got our start up money…Then what? I am not so concerned with HOW things where passed, because what DID pass doesn’t bar any of us from having a strike at this, if we are willing to do what it takes to make it happen. One of these things is being REALISTIC.

If we are not willing or wanting this, and value the freedom and elitism of the fading life style, if we are true back to the landers and will not participate in this system, all is not lost! There are other illegal medicinal drugs to be cultivated such as mushrooms. There are dairies aplenty to supply grow medium (oooh, its good for the environment! You can upcycle dairy waste!!) Paul Staments has several books that could help you in this endevour. Or possibly some toads could go into the green house and DMT could be your new thing? It will probably bring the Heat after a few years, start a whole new cycle of cops and robbers and we could be back to the old days in no time…

It surprises me that people are expecting our entrance back into the corrupt system that we purposefully left to be virginous and snow white upon our re-entrance, like we are so special!

We need to BE the CHANGE we want to see…we must be present and participating…its the only way that works. There is HUGE business coming in. Together, we have the ability to out produce any of them, but not by shit talking.

We already are a huge business! We need to make the new market understand that we DON’T need huge monsters to provide what they need….because we can and we are way cooler! A consumer culture doesn’t really care about anything MORE THAN consuming. We can emotionally appeal people all we want, if we don’t want anything to happen.

Let’s have a great future by showing that all of us ‘little guys’ TOGETHER can meet the consumption needs of our state, SUPERIOR to the ability of a corporate giant….we may even need to look similar to those corporate giants so people comprehend what we’re doing because they’ve never seen anything like it before, or maybe we can just rock it our way?

If you don’t like how the current players are doing things….please, I
tomato and bud beg of you, to step up to the plate with a better way! I don’t recal Luke forcefully grabbing the mic out of anyone’s hands or anyone taking it away from him. A better and more mature way to challenge Patrick and Ted or True Humboldt or the other lady making tincture, is to give them a run for their money where it actually means something…as a competitor. The opportunity is there, but the time is running out. We need shelf space and products out there in mass so we don’t get FORGOTTEN. If we don’t do this we will be lucky if we get a Ben and Jerry’s ice cream named after us.

Success is not a place with limited room for few…but if people aren’t stepping up, there may be only a few there by default…if we are going to do this everyone of us is needed…the legal war is ending. Now we can be warriors on a new front! We can change how things are done by showing the world how we’ve always done it….a little bit better and way more interesting.

I urge everyone in our community to accept how immensely valuable you are!!! Courage is doing something even though you are affraid. We are all needed for all of our unique qualities and gifts, if we are to survive. We have 100,000’s of years of indigenous knowledge together….what’s that worth to us?

We need to be activating, not hating. If you don’t like what you see, then do something different/productive/effective and please let us know so we can vote through our CHOICES. Choices are good along the journey. How are we going to kick ass in the real market and enjoy the biggest pay off ever????…a truly perfect crime???????

If you just want to keep things how they are and your time share in Costa Rica with out upping the game, just grow some mushrooms or raise some toads instead.

I look forward to seeing people’s fresh ideas and business strategies out in our community as soon as possible.

If you are an archetype hater, please stop draining the precious little time and energy we have to make SOMETHING work. If you are turning who we are and what we stand for into a gimmick, I beg of you to rethink what you are doing to all of us. But for Christ’s sake, if you are doing NOTHING, please start rowing or get off the damn boat already!

Please people! LESS ASS and MORE INTELLIGENCE!!!!! We are being ‘watched’ now more than ever before…let’s show our strength, not our weakness! I want a happy ending to tell my grandchildren, don’t you? That ending/new beginning is earned, its not a fucking right or a privilege!

Namaste, Jennifer Bruce



  • I came to this place from a “real farming” background, and while I agree that most growers need a reality check on the scale and cost structure of what they are doing, I much prefer the sentiments of the letter writer. We don’t want a race to the bottom but we do need to be proactive about this change, both intensifying and diversifying what we do.

  • WhoAreThesePeople?

    Greed has already taken over the cannabis industry, so corporate control is inevitable. You want to stand out? The strains won’t do it; one of Humboldt’s favorites is New York Sour Diesel. Organics? Environment? Sustainability? Only in some of the backyard gardens. Price? Why does a gram cost the same here as it does in Wisconsin?
    Most cannabis users aren’t rich. The rich wrote those laws, remember? So you want to stand out, Humboldt? Make your product affordable to the people who need it. Remember that it’s medicine. Grow organic. Stop cutting down the fucking trees!
    You want to stand out, Humboldt? Drop your prices, chemicals, and arrogance.
    Drop your greed.

    • High ticket commodity

      That’s not how business works.
      With legalization comes regulation and a cost to operate. Businesses require minimum profit margins all the way down the line from the manufacture to the distributor to the retailer in order for any of this to work the way it’s been structured. Then you have government agencies all wanting their cut as well.
      The only place the cost of herb can go in a legal market is north.. Way north.
      Be prepared to see $30 grams at the retail level once all this takes shape.
      This isn’t about medicine, this is about product and profit.
      Nothing more.

      • That’s just plain stupid… The cost of weed should not be that high. Keeping it at that price insures a thriving black market. It’s a weed. It’s easy to grow. Should be a commodity just like everything else farmers grow. You’re not a real farmer if you grow pot, plain and simple…

        • I agree. As a homesteader who does grow a few plants a year and raises all our families food, except milk and grains, I don’t even consider myself a “farmer.” But growing in pots with liquid nutrients is not farming. Horticulture maybe, bit farming is must richer a word than we give it credit. Growing pot and having three chickens doesn’t make you a homesteader or farmer either. These “farmers” are a joke. Come get messy in the animal stalhs and plan your food all year then tall about farming. And sustainable farming means little to no outside input. Our costs to run our farm are minimal because we recycle nutrients, including our wastes. (All of it) so at least stop calling ykurselves farmers!!

          • Even the best . Astaxanthin is grown on pure chemicals.now bat guano, usually connects with petroleum.mined phytoplankton not.fertilizer business (pollution source) dominates here.organic food is from , usually , granulite.yuck (wacala).

        • You are mistaken. Dirt weed is easy to grow, but growingt the organic kill of all time takes a trremendous committment.

        • To grow it organically or vegaically, concisely, and IMHO correctly, it is not “easy” to grow. It requires knowledge, microbiology for an example, to culminate all together the best medicine you can get to give. It’s a easy weed to grow if you don’t give a flying rats butt, but those who think it is usually theirs goes to the rats.

          • How does any of those methods add value to a legal market?? No consumer gives a shit.
            They want “fire” that has consistency.
            That’s it, nothing more.
            Educated botanist will supply that need under strict FDA standards that your cost/time consuming practices will not meet. Practices you praise as being a higher standard will have no place in a legal market.

            It’s not.
            Your ideology is inebriating your common business-sense.

            • WhoAreThesePeople?

              You have made my point. Money. Greed. Corporate control is inevitable.
              Humboldt growers lost their chance to stand out, because they are exactly the same as the greed whores everywhere else.

          • Microbiological, or miraclegrow, and low IQ.

      • Without Ca. black market supplying the market the Giant organic desert grows will create a surplus and 100lb prices by 2018.

        • Oh come on…do you ever get out of your house….California grown cannabis has killed ‘zoner’ aka Mexican imported weed, that hasn’t sold for $100 lb in years. Fear tactics are political bullshit, turn off your news mentality and think for yourself, this California industry has thrived for decades, it is leveling off, and always will, like any other economy.

    • It’s the 25 plant limit in Mendo that has kept the lid on what Humboldt is experiencing. Sure, there are the interlopers who blow the program, but the 25 plant limit has, in many ways, forced folks to use the best possible practices within that limit. Twenty-five FIVE pound plants can do a lot, like send the kids to college…upgrade the power systems,…the necessities.
      I mourn for the old Humboldt, the used-to-be shining star of Freedom in the Redwoods. The 100 plant limit up there started up the greed machine in the first place. And that became the “Normal.” So sad. Such a loss. I don’t understand what the Humboldt Bureaucrats were thinking with your 100 plant limit, but I suspect the result was/is predictable. Give people enough rope, and they WILL hang themselves.
      Never have I been so grateful for the slow and ultra-conservative acceptance of Cannabis in Mendocino. It has maintained the price supports AND protected the environment. In retrospect, it has saved the “m&p” livelihood, back-to-the-land culture and, most importantly, the local freaky neighborhoods.
      And yes, the Commercial Factor with the big, white, fancy trucks and snot-nosed punks with dollar signs in their eyes and a vacuum in their brains exist as well, but they’re easy pickings for the cop-squad ’cause they stand out. Old neighbors resent them. And that’s what really makes their operations unsustainable. af

      • I live in both Humboldt and Mendocino counties. I know many people in both counties and I agree with everything you just said. Mendocino County’s committee is putting forth an ordinance that allows up to 99 plants. Inland we can pull 10-14 pounds off of each full-sun full-season plant started early and done right. I’m okay with 1000 pounds! Who wouldn’t be?!! But in Humboldt CCV-H pushed for and got up to an acre. This same CCV-H pushed for those limits in the statewide bill. A couple of my friends in CCV-H have mocked the Mendocino limit as being “too small, unrealistic”. So, not wanting to go negative but I see a real need to address this unfolding situation with critical vision….Smaller limits allow more of us to survive! I’m not rich and never wanted the Costa Rica /baller-style life. I love living cheap in a beautiful place and working outdoors, restoring the logged-out environment in my extra time and staycationing with hikes and river time. I do not appreciate the drive to enabling bigger grows because I know that when we hit market saturation it will be the smaller mom and pops that go belly-up. This is a very nicely-written article but let’s be honest and let’s be critical. The laws and limits that are presently being written will largely determine the outcome! And there are sharks circling. There is major money in play if they can marginalize you and concentrate the production or distribution. The next installment of this incredible story should be a popular uprising against these greedy forces, not passive acceptance of corporate dominance. There is still time and we can still roll back the beast. No, the insane profits will not return but perhaps we can be satisfied living small, self-reliant lifestyles in a beautiful place.

    • Its sour diesel. The NY diesel is a related strain.

    • Reality check. Economics 101: Humboldt doesn’t set the price of weed; it accepts the price the wholesale buyers are willing to pay in the dominate Black Market, which so far has also influenced the price of legal medical marijuana.

      We’re the producers (farmers by definition of what we do), the layers of middle men: the wholesale buyers, smugglers and distributors, are bound by the “Invisible Hand” of free market economic law to buy our weed as cheaply as possible and sell it to the consumers for as much as the market will bear.

      Emerald Triangle growers are bound by the same supply and demand economics as any other agricultural commodity. The only difference between pot growers and corn growers is that the bulk of our industry operates, to a large degree, outside of the “Visible Hand” of government regulations that control free markets and effect prices when they take their cut in fees and taxes. Government control in the form of law enforcement busts has never had the ability to affect the market as far as price is concerned. We’ve always been lucky in that demand for our product has been greater than the amount we could produce, even minus the pounds the cops take.

      Our industry has never been static and right now our industry is transitioning into a semi-regulated market that will try to compete with the Black Market. But don’t expect that Black Market to go away until all 50 states adopt post-prohibition regulations to open legal markets for consumers in their jurisdictions. The states that don’t legalize or too tightly regulate supply by restricting licenses to farmers will continue to import Black Market weed. The Black Market because of it’s long established culture will continue to compete with legal weed that is burdened with government regulation costs and taxes, both of which are passed on to the consumers.

      If you want “cheap” weed the only way you are going to get it on a nationwide scale is for the government to totally take over the market from seed to retail sale and sell it on a production cost basis, as in the Uruguay model, which once dreamed they would be selling government grown pot for $1 a gram (hasn’t happened). Hell will freeze over before the United States ever gives up the capitalist economic profit dominated business model for a communist model.

      • I largely agree with you. However, back in the ’83-85′ era of CAMP, the start prices for 5 pound lots (down here in Mendo) was $3500 per pound, delivered to SF. We will never know what the thieving cops got, but life was pretty good with what they left behind. af PS: WE set the price, not the buyers… The product was that good.

        • All true. Anon Forrest; I was there. Those were the prices everyone wanted. Allowed small grows to prosper and folks to do something besides grow weed!

  • The fact of the matter is that any professional farmer in the valley will eat the lunch of the Humboldt growers and they’ll be able to do it sustainably and organically if they so choose.

    Cannabis isn’t hard to grow. If it was, there’d be far fewer knuckleheads driving grow dozers around. Illegality has kept people in business here in Humboldt. Other than niche, boutique markets for “Humboldt Bud”, most will dry up and blow away.

    The attempts by local growers to moralize in an effort to control the commodity will fail. At best you’ll just be another competitor in a huge market.

    • I’ll be a buck the so-called valley farmers will not grow an organic product in that shitty soil with that shipped in water.

  • At one point much of the ‘”skill” was simply to not get raided.
    Hiding and riding the line between a good yield and total loss due to a raid became a real art.
    And yes, now any clown can, and does do well in this field.

  • I do agree that it’s the same 20-30 people out promoting the path for people interested in entering a legal market right now in Humboldt County. I was just having this conversation the other day. You go to any event and it’s the same folks. It’s also the people that are setting up business structures and putting themselves out there. I do commend True Humboldt and others for getting their business structures organized and offering an umbrella for farmers not interested in branding themselves or Emerald Family helping small farmers market under an umbrella to make it more affordable and gain larger exposure. Getting to market is going to be a challenge for anyone trying to do this themselves as you know. I personally think forming marketing co-ops and forming distribution plans united is the only way this will work for those trying to move forward in the legalized market. Distribution and cost of living are expensive in Humboldt. Distribution is a challenge for every local business not just Cannabis businesses. It’s going to be impossible for Humboldt to be competitive price wise. The only way we’re going to be able to compete is with our story, heritage, experience, strain value, brain trust, sustainability, innovation, and quality. However, much of our inventory has PM and spider mites etc. How are we going to up our game to produce high quality and organic products? How are we going to compete with corporate cannabis? I agree, everyone is going to have to work together. It’s not working against Emerald Family Farms and True Humboldt though. I believe it’s working with them and those organizations working with each other. The regulators working with the farmers. Our County implementing different licensing tiers so smaller businesses can afford the process. Facilities being implemented that will allow smaller businesses to rent commercial space. Mentorships from business people helping these small businesses move forward… OR our black market stays alive. I don’t really see any middle ground here. As a business owner, I’m truly scared for Humboldt’s economy. I really love the cannabis industry and I love the way of life we’ve all had here. Things are already set in motion to change and like it or not things are going to be different. Hopefully, Humboldt farmers and community do unite and we join together as you suggest. We have some of the most innovative people I’ve ever met and together we can figure out a solution, but it’s going to take everyone! We shouldn’t be looking at each other as competitors. We need to help our community thrive!

  • River Runs through It.

    Out of CCVh came other entities, those entities are leading the way because they did the work!!! They are also educating and helping a lot of people. I think its fair game that there will be a small number of leaders in the industry in Humboldt, just as with the Wine Country with Wine, and the dairy industry with dairy. Its just the way of things. I commend those efforts of our locals who have stood up to allow more voices to do the same.

  • I really liked the writers spirit and tone. As the license plates in Quebec all say roughly translated into English,
    ” We shall never forget! “. That was in reference to their culture being defeated and absorbed by the British side of Canada.
    They are very serious about keeping their identity separate and different from non Acadian culture.

    • As someone born and raised in La Belle Province of Quebec, I can genuinely say, “pffft!” to your comment. “Defeated and absorbed”…not by a long shot. Quebec, the most fascist province in all of Canada. Screw that place. Fine citizens of the USA, take note: Canada is not Lotus Land! Every time I hear someone say “I’m moving to Canada!”, I laugh.

      • America is full of entitled fascist, they’re called the 99% and most likely jack off to Bernie Sanders paraphinella.
        The only success stories you hear nowadays are of those who fought to be a American citizen from a land of economic suppression.
        Let em all move.
        Good ridance.

      • touche’!

      • Lot’s of Canuks that are not Francophiles resent Quebec.
        Prove you are not a troll and spell said phrase in French.

  • How about growing up and doing something that actually matters?

  • It is going to be hard to compete with high temp. low humidity desert grows of the future. A couple of dozen giant organic corp. desert grows will drive the price below 100lb. Land is already being leased for the grows. By 2018 it will be hard to give it away there will be so much produced compared to the demand. A now common good $1.00 bottle of wine was unheard of not to long ago.

    • Molds and fungus have made me wonder the same thing.
      There is still all the various species of mites to deal with.

      • Fungus. Monoculture.inperfect fertilizer.incorrect amount of elements.just like moldy garlic production.

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        Growing outside in full sun will reduce much of your mold, fungus, whitefly, etc, problems. Cheaper and organic. One cycle per year except for light dep.

    • I love all the peoe on heatand kmud with their self righteous ideas about what will and is happening
      Just goes to show your ignorance of the black market and who and how things really are. Why do people buru weed? Cuz they don’t know anyone to buy it cuz ganja is for the family and the family won’t ever be rid of. Built to last mktherfuckers

  • If breaking the law, avoiding paying taxes, harming the environment, terrorizing the neighborhood, and spending winters in Costa Rica is her idea of brilliance, I guess I missed the boat.

    • What is with the vacation obsessions?

      • That is what I was thinking. Raising a family in Humboldt poses it’s own problems. Our kids end up w limited exposure to other cultures, diets and customs. It has been a priority of mine to take my children out into the world to immerse. At all costs. I have done it on a $10 an hour wage and when making plenty of $. It is one of the foundations of our annual budget. Of course Humboldt likes Costa Rica. It is green, biodiverse and wonderful. Just like our home only hot and with monkeys instead of tweakers. (An actual quote from one of my kids) . One of the absolute worst things I could do to my kids is to raise them without ever challenging them, ever showing them the way other cultures eat and live, and leaving them thinking Humboldt was all there is out there. Travel, at all costs. As often and for as long as you can. (Full disclosure- I LOVE Costa Rica and Mexico and Jamaica and Hawaii and anywhere else w warm water and coconuts) put that shit on a credit card and figure it out. At least you can make memories!

  • Long article. Not sure what they’re saying……

  • the ccvh and its board is filled with people who blatently broke the law for years, making hundreds of thousands of dollars on the black market and still doing so as we speak. 100light indoor grows 20+ 20×100′ light deps…hundreds of full term 5+ pound plants…these are the very same people who voted against medical in support of the black market, and spurred campaigns to stop legalization at the ballot box last time…what have we all forgotten the pics from island mtn in loco last yr? that was not medical by any means.you only grow that much O.G. for the east coast market not instate legal business..this has been a scam for these people since inception..hiding behind scrips to make millions…they have no intention to go legit, just put one farm on the books, or in patrick from emerald family’s case a couple of em and a processing center for butane hash yet using the scrips and liscense of the many grouped farms for legal protection of the leaders.. the ccvh board has been bought by the worst of the industry. how did 80light indoor farmers with 15k plus per month elec bills become board members of a wholesome mom and pop cannabis organization? well how’d you get on there ryan? and do you have any intention of going 100%legit..? well? do you? luke has a good heart and vision, but he is just one guy in a room of vipers and criminals…shame on you bonnie neely…you took money and gave privilege to criminals who only 1 year ago were under investigation. i see you in the back of a dark room with the board and their deuchbag friends taking money and striking deals on a random sunday in eureka celebrating victory in a setting closed to the public..shame on you. has anyone overlooked the fact that all of this is still illegal currently regardless of what the county says…so what i can pay my water board fee, file a permit application to get in line for 2018, and that is a cart blanche green light to grow an acre of canopy? this is all black market…fu$k you humboldt..for 20 years you have raided us , took our houses, cars ,kids, and cash. put us in jail, ruined our lives all the while saying “we dont do that here” “we are ranchers, loggers, fisherman,and miners”…then the state gives you a greenlight to tax the grower and you flip a 180 hand out holding your collection box and thumbs up with your ear to ear grinns all the way to the bank…now claiming “we are growers” “we have the experience””we grow the best”….call a spade a spade…i did time over your hypocracy and tyranny only 4 yrs ago and i had scrips…thanks paul g….prosecuted me for 2 lights and 15 indoor plants valid scrips on the wall in a 5’x10’…yet let the good ol boys at the angelina sell 350 pounds a week to the bay area all the while funding Cliff Clendennens campaign, or jodrey and his 30000 cuts and thousands of dollars in political contributions…pay up boys.. the tax man is coming…it only gets worse from here…and to the Humboldt County B.O.S….burn in hell you hypocrits…you are just sluts for money as well…

    • So, your not going legal? Chapped because you played the game and got caught? Couldn’t have done that much time for 15 plants.

    • Back to the Land for Answers

      Umm I was on the board and I am not a big grower..FYI, I don’t even grow. I know hard to understand, but there are groups of people in this county that want to save the economy here and have a lot of forsight to how the state leg will affect us. If you really knew anything about the entire CCVH board you would know that there were some big growers, medium, small, and some that didn’t grow at all. Do your research before you come on here making these accusations. People have stood up to help folks like yourself and your level of cynicism and bitterness only shows you have not been paying attention. If you hadn’t noticed the CCVH ordinance had much stricter regulations written into it, its the county that has altered things to what they are now. But I forgot you aren’t paying attention!

    • Lost Croat Outburst

      You’re nuts, but you have every right to be. I salute freedom.

  • the B.O.S. and its money hungry constituents just put the permits into the hands of the very people they have told us were the for profit black market growers. the very same people who have been the “problem” all these years according to those in the know,”gallegos,farmer,downey,ect). these are the people who cut down the trees, and bulldozed the hills..those who evaded the law, or even got caught up in it…thats who will get the most profitable permits…the mom n pops are screwed…

    • “the mom n pops are screwed…”, how? where does it say you must be a certain size? The smaller the grow, the easier and cheaper it is to get permitted. The smaller the grow the less cash flow is needed. And everyone preaches the smaller the grow, the better the product.

  • Oh small town bickering and gossipping. Classic.

    I for one am happy that ccvh, cal growers and humco folks are trying to create a future for local farmers. No one else cares about us, in fact to bay area and la big biz think that we are hillbilly hippies that have no place in the future of this industry. We desperatley need representation and advocacy and a few people have had the guts to stand up. Do they have their own interests at heart? Probably but if they are in line with protecting our future, what is the big deal?

    This crabs in a barell mentality does not serve us as an industry nor as a community. Stop the in fighting and move forward together! I know this is wayyyyy easier said than done but it is necessary for a prosperous future.

  • Lost Croat Outburst

    Are you knocking Neanderthals? Neanderthals had nothing to do with the drug war. Neanderthals have been discriminated against since day ONE!

  • Lol… Ya, I could just grow some mushrooms and afford a property whose value has been jacked up from all those super intelligent growers that Bogart multiple properties to grow weed and then leave those precious properties vacant every winter because their only there for the $. The only way this will become a great place to live is if every one who owns hella properties stops being such a greedy waist of space.

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