18-Year-Old Attempts to Conceal Firearm by Standing on It, Says EPD

Capture1 Another firearm was taken off the streets of Eureka today, say police in that city. According to their spokesperson Brittany Powell, “An officer was patrolling the area of 9th and L Street when he spotted a man who was wearing blue gang colors and a gang tattoo.” The officer approached the subject. “While contacting him, saw the male was standing on a firearm,” said Powell. “The firearm was found to be loaded.”

18-year-old Juan Olivares of Eureka was booked on charges of possession of a concealed firearm and possession of a loaded firearm.


All photos provided by the EPD.

“[Officers] are attempting to contact the registered owner of the firearm right now to determine whether it has been stolen,” she said.

UPDATE 4/13: Photo of Juan  Olivares provided by EPD.

Olivares, Juan

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Mercy Me, Mabel!

    If that kid thought he could hide that gun underfoot those must’ve been some Shaq-sized shoes he had on — or he was angling for a mention in the “Least Competent Criminals” section of “News of the Weird.”

  • Young punks with a gun bad things are a foot in pukereaka good job EPD

  • Scary shit for sure. There are a couple drug rehabs in that neighborhood looks like he might benefit from them.

  • Thanks kym un believe able .it is just plain scary . It used to be scary to go out in the woods certain times a yr . I think it a lot scaryer going to pukereaka . Might get Robbed or shot . And it might be the police that shoot you. ,and I speak the truth. Id much rather take my chances in the woods .God bless America.

  • Hey parents of teens, get the cops to tell you what gangs are present and what colors they wear and make sure your teen isn’t wearing them, it’s no joke. Really.
    I think the cops should be letting the public know how immense the gang issues are here as well as the colors they fly.

    The ever changing grapevine says that these guys are bringing lots of guns into the black market here from cities to the south, Sacramento and LA more than SF. The cops and feds really need to be doing more.

    I second the above quote, I feel safer in the woods too but then again I don’t have Mexico cartel or Bulgarians (notorious for strong arming neighbors to leave) in my neighborhood. Its so frustrating to see the police seem so inept, they know about these problems.

    • sharpen your pencil

      Your must be wearing a foil hat. None of the issues you bring up are a real problem. Bulgarians don’t run off neighbors…. the only people who get ran out of the hills are people whom deserve it.

      Also we have a gang wannabe issue. These junkies think they are gang members. If these clowns went to a city with real gangs they would get their little asses stomped into the curb!

    • Just want the end of the story

      You’re assuming the parents of the teens are present, are not gang affiliated themselves, or even care what their offspring is up to once the welfare payments stop….

  • Aww look at poor dumbo the 18 year old junky..wow.

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