Woman Shot in Covelo Area

MendocinosportsplusMendocino SportsPlus, a Facebook based news, sports and photography site, reports that scanner traffic indicates that a 45-year-old woman was shot in the Covelo area tonight. He writes,

The Round Valley Fire Department & ambulance was dispatched (8:03 pm) to an area off CA-162 (Barnes Lane & Mendocino Pass) for the report of a 45-year-old female suffering a gunshot wound….

Dispatch said (8:12 pm), “The [patient’s] condition is rapidly deteriorating.”

Medical was at the scene 8:15 pm.

A first responder said conditions for an air ambulance landing at Round Valley Airport were unfavorable – there were low clouds and it was starting to rain.

The patient was being transported “Code 3” to Howard Memorial Hospital in Willits @ 8:21 pm.




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