[Road Open] Sigh….Big Rig Blocking Zenia Bluff Road

Once again a big rig’s trailer is dangling off the edge of one of our narrow country roads. This time the semi got stuck about 5 p.m. on Dobbyn Creek bridge. So Zenia Bluff Road (Fort Seward Road) is blocked in both directions.

The 48 foot vehicle is loaded with dirt….and its trailer is hanging over the side of the bridge.   Sorry, folks.

UPDATE 9:30 p.m.: Photo provided by a reader. The road is still blocked.12985453_1263671316995249_2978763004226152880_n




  • Fort Seward Road / Zenia Bluff Road ?

  • I guess the county should consider a sign? Oh wait, that solution would be way too easy.

    • There are signs already!

      • Upset resident of Zenia

        There are signs up along the Zenia Bluff Road!!! Maybe the truck driver should learn how to read!!! Or maybe the GPS companies learn what road a big rig truck can use around here. Or better yet maybe the truck driver need to go back to TRUCKER SCHOOL to learn how to drive in an area like this.

    • So tired of this

      There are multiple signs, the drivers don’t pay attention to them. Even if they say they can’t read the signs have a big picture of a big rig with a circle around it & a line through it. Not that hard to understand. They are using GPS & it says the Zenia bluff rd is the fastest route. They need to stay on the hi ways.

  • Let’s start taking bets on how many will get stuck this year !! A dollar says 10

  • You would think this would be passed around amongst the trucker community by now… But nooooo. Zenia Bluffs and the narrows around the 36 mile of Hwy 36 continue to be truck traps.

  • I’m with Eastside. It could be the Bluffs road, or it could be the Fort Seward road, but it can’t be both. They are miles apart. The picture looks like the bridge the marks the point where the Bluffs road begin to get interesting. Frankly he’s lucky to crash there because going off the Bluffs road can be deadly further along. I’d say he was heading towards Zenia – no, on 2nd thought, perhaps he was heading towards Alderpoint. There is a nasty turn in the Bluffs road just before that bridge. Nice photo. I don’t see the dirt? Did it fall into the creek?

  • Maybe the troll who lives under the bridge got the dirt, Ed.

  • If it was loaded with dirt, I guess the dirt ended up in Dobbyn’s Creek.

  • Poor truckers have been having to cut way too many corners, financially, trying to please the non elected Gods of air, that they can’t even afford the truckers GPS anymore. Maybe we can start a fundraiser to help cover the few hundred dollars extra per app?

    • How about the truckers carry a good old current paper map or atlas with them? You would think by now in the trucker world enough horror stories have circulated about following GPS into remote areas. There’s really no excuse for this to happen over and over again. There are also signs posted , but these drivers ignore them .

      • Lost Croat Outburst

        You’d think there would be a website listing road conditions per geographic area for the use of drivers and managers. I guess that would be too easy, safe, and simple. I also think that, under the new conservative paradigm (gasp), drivers are forced to work harder and longer the same or less money. Am I wrong?

  • Just a thought but, I wonder if some trucks do make it and they, in turn, tell other truck drivers that the road is passable? We only hear about the ones who fail. Just a thought……. Otherwise, you would think that word would get that the road is dangerous for big rigs?

  • I worry about fire season, and emergency vehicles not being able to respond to a call at any time during the year…same thing has happened on Wilder Ridge Road many times. The county road budget has money for signage, but we need to come up with something that will get big rig drivers’ attention…perhaps photos like this one above plastered all over the access roads used…? It would have to be where they could turn around. I think they start out and say to themselves ‘Sure, I can manage this’, and then they can’t turn back.

    • What good are signs?peaple shoot them up for kicks should know that by now.everyone is entitled to a bad day.we are not all perfect..

  • “Free delivery? Cool. No worries, the road out here is great. No problem”

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Lord have mercy. Its UPPER DOBBINS….. Ed and west need to take around their own back yard….. that is the 5th or 6th im aware of… whats it gunna take fish and game fir heavens sake….

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    There are two Dobbins creek bridges… UPPER….. on the Alderpoint -Zenia rd. and….. LOWER….. on theAlderpoint to Bribgeville/ Blocksburg rd.. Wars are lost and won because of this sort of misinformation… looks like the driver nearly lost his life… BRICKHEADS, hope hes ok. Fish will be alright, Mud creek is one of the four tributaries to Dobbins, been spewing mud since the natives got all killed.. So is it Dobbin creek or Dobbins?

  • OmG not AGAIN… They JUST got the guard rail on that bridge fixed. they waited and waited a few weeks to be sure it might last longer then a day, and now this, within 14 days of them fixing the guard rail there… BOOM
    I swear anyone who looks at our road on a map and thinks a semi tractor and trailer over 35 ft from kingpin will make it just needs to hand in their commercial license. They also need to take this route OFF of the GPS that the truckers use…
    By the way, this is right where the bluffs road crosses the creek just before the high road comes down from the winding through the Stewart Ranch and meets the bluffs road. So if you live on the zenia side, you can go to kettenpom store, and take the stewart ranch road (the road that goes past the fire house) and by pass this spot.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    Highroad…. read Wool mt-Kettenpom-Red Hills- Countyline road….[ Cal and Wendy Stewart ranch is 1/2 way to Kettenpomon this road]…. Bluffs road, read Zenia bluff road….. and then there is the Stewart Ranch- Zenia rd……. Which starts 1/2 way from Fire Camp to rd.Casterlin rd.[ on the Alderpoint- Bridgeville rd.] and runs to Zenia, its the old county road and H.C.R.D. still maintains it to the Stewart-Lindsey ranch. And Casterlin school is not on Casterlin rd. …Was the driver ok? hope so. Hope ive made things a little more confusing…AAAHHH FUSSS

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