54-Year-Old Eureka Woman Arrested For Today’s Four Car Accident Near Myers Flat

CaptureThis is a press release from the California Highway Patrol. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

On Monday, April 11, 2016, at approximately 11:31 a.m., a be on the lookout for a reckless driver on southbound US 101, near Rio Dell was broadcasted.  The reckless vehicle was a gray 1997 Honda Accord driven by 54 year old female, Kelly Winchester of Eureka.  She drove past California Highway Patrol Officer Hindley near Jordan Creek and he initiated an enforcement stop.  The vehicle failed to yield and reached high speeds as it fled.  Officers of the Garberville Area were notified of the pursuit as it continued to head south.  As the pursuit continued CHP dispatch advised the Fortuna Police Department was taking a stolen report on the pursued vehicle.

As the vehicle was approaching Myers Flat, Winchester made an unsafe pass and she drove the Honda into the opposing lane, which resulted in a four vehicle, property damage only collision.  Winchester was taken into custody and DUI in not a factor in this collision.

Due to the collision, US 101 were temporarily closed.  Traffic control was provided by the California Department of Transportation, Cal Fire and Garberville CHP.

The California Highway Patrol Garberville Area is investigating this traffic collision.

Video of the aftermath:

Earlier chapter:  Four Vehicle Accident Near Myers Flat on Hwy 101



  • Wow crazy shit going on out there .she is probably going to lose her license lol no

  • I drove past after it happend. So glad no one was hurt!!
    People seem to be getting worse and worse at being able to drive!! WTF lady!?
    Endangering not only herself but everyone else on the road!!
    I hate selfish drivers. 🙁
    Again so glad no one was hurt!!

  • She didn’t drive into the opposing lane. she hit my dump trailer that I was towing in the southbound lane 2 and made me jacknife. Then she spun into the opposing lane, and hit the rv. She jumped out of the car, and started to run away. The cop then tazzed her and tackled her.

  • High speed pursuits are extremely reckless behavior on the part of law enforcement in the age of radios. This could have been avoided. The property damage here is going to be amazing. More amazing…no one injured. CHP use radios, do not engage in high speed pursuit. YOU caused this accident

    • Ya my friend who lives in the bay are said the police don’t even Chace them down there they send a helicopter to follow them and wait for them to run out of gas. This totally could have been prevented.

    • Baloney! The fault is all hers!

  • Thankfully nobody got seriously hurt or killed! I hope our DA files some charges on this woman that will slow her down and cause her to reflect and change her ways.

    • The highway patrol man shouldn’t have been chasing her either. Like I said get a helicopter and let her run out of gas or throw out some spikes and slow her down. 2 vehicles going that fast on that highway is extremely dangerous.

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