Jaws of Life Used to Extricate Patient from Early Morning Accident

Four people were injured in a vehicle accident on Hwy 299 that was reported a little before 5 a.m. today. A solo vehicle crashed over the edge of the embankment a little over three miles southeast of Willow Creek near Hodgson Road.

“One patient was trapped over the embankment,” explained Nathan Falk, Willow Creek Fire Chief. “We used our jaws of life to extricate the patient and our rescue ropes to bring the patient back up to the waiting ambulance.”

Falk confirmed that three patients had minor injuries and one had major injuries.

Willow Creek Fire, Salyer Fire, Hoopa Ambulance, Hoopa Tribal Police, the California Highway Patrol, and the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office all responded to the scene.



  • we are very lucky to have such an active fire and emergency response community out here in willow creek

  • william tillman

    I hope everyone survives but another single car accident.

  • Robert Ulibarri

    They are also lucky that Hoopa Ambulance has a station in Willow Creek. Partially funded from Measure Z funding, having a local ambulance has proven it’s worth.

  • Thankful for services

    Prayers to all involved. The Hoopa ambulance is funded by the Hoopa Valley Tribe and have amazing staff.

  • Thanks again to Willow Creek VFD! We’re lucky to have you!

  • We are so fortunate to have the Volunteers of the Willowcreek and Salyer fire departments,who often work together helping people in trouble in our small communities,trinity river rescues,and hwy 299 and hwy 96 accidents,and not to forget fires——along with there counterparts,Hoopa ambulance,Cailf.hwy Patrol and Humboldt county Sheriffs department——THANK-YOU for being there in our times of need.

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