Be Extra Careful Burning Debris

CfeAjOFUAAAKYgx (1)Press release from Cal Fire:

The Humboldt-Del Norte Unit of  CAL FIRE Urges Safety During Outdoor Burning – after three debris burn fire’s escape in the last three days. CAL FIRE is urging the community to use extreme caution while clearing property debris.

CAL FIRE has not suspended burning nor is requesting permits.  We are suggesting that you follow the instructions on your Air Quality Burn Permit to assure it is a “burn day” at 1-866-BURN DAY/1-866-287-6329.  Before burning, we urge the landowner to be aware of the fire conditions including wind in their area.  We support the land owner in cleaning vegetative material from their landscape by providing 100 feet of clearance around structures, which provides the defensible space needed for fighting wildland fires along with ensuring firefighting safety.




  • Might want to clarify that Cal Fire may not be requiring permits but North Coast Air Quality does.

  • Dyerville Loop is Not Alderpoint

    What in the sane hell does REQUESTING a burning permit mean? Dont those two entities always REQUIRE burning permits.? I sure miss the friendly/ sane ole CDF. Since cal fire put the illegal black hand on our property taxes they are way serious now, throwing all that 100 s of millions away on this kinda bs advertising…. look at the picture of that guy with the fire, he doesnt even have a ring around it…. just burnin a pile of stems in the woods… no wonder a little breeze gets them jumpin in the neighbors ranchette. Alot of CAL FIRE hired from the city instead of local kids lookin for a real summer job.They have fear in their eyes.[And whats with the blue uniforms and Dachau hair cuts?] I cant tell you how many people [ last year when the fires were raging for three days with nigh a helicopter in sight ] said to me: “Sure glad were pain all that cal fire tax money sos they can use it to put out all these fires.” Gasp lord have mercy …. Look out all you Aries fire bugs !!!!!

    And to wind up this windy hot air fiery billious rant …. Thanks to all the guys and gals and cons on the ground and in the air that saved our places…. your all heros ! And a HUGE special thanks the locals and local volunteer fire depts who showed cal fire how to get to the fires. We would all be lost in the woods with out you, as was cal fire. Showed em where the scarce water was ta boot…. P.S I wore out my copy of the Smokey the Bear comic book… that book taught my generation how to respect fire.. Suppose CAL Fire hands em out to kids anymore?

    • Yes, I got a copy of the Smokey the Bear comic book for my kid last year at the fair in Hayfork…but it was from USFS. I did get my Smokey the Bear daily planner calendar book from CalFire this week though.

  • Burn when it’s Raining and you won’t have so many problems. If you can’t start a burn pile in the rain, you aint lived around here long. NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION!!!

  • Does Cal Fire have regulations re: the SIZE of a “debris” or “slash” fire? I saw one pile in our watershed stacked two stories high: whole trees jumbled up with the help of a dozer. Beyond the waste of usable wood, a burn that size seems extremely hazardous.

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