Searchers Needed to Look for Man Missing on the Trinity River


Paul Martin with his sister.

Today’s search for a man who was swept away by the Trinity River on Wednesday continues tomorrow. Friends and family of the missing man, Paul Michael Martin, are asking for help.

Eric Fisher posted on our Facebook page, “Looking for anyone and everyone willing to help us look for Paul Martin along the trinity river near Tish Tang. If you have a boat and have experience in the river it would be very helpful as well.”

Martin, his brother, and a friend went swimming in the Trinity River on April 6. All three were swept away. One man managed to get out and call for help. Another one was located by Hoopa Tribal Police but Martin has not yet been found.

Searchers are gathering at 7 a.m. at Tish Tang Campground near Hoopa on April 9. If you would like to help, please contact Candy Maynard at 707-499-0291 to meet up with the search party.




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