[UPDATED With Good News!] Local Band, NPK!, Was Robbed of Their Means of Making Music

12923370_1158016954210036_5530580010749104821_nOn Wednesday night, sometime after 10 p.m., local band NPK! lost many of their instruments when a robber or robbers broke into their studio located in Sprowel Creek across from the Garberville airport at Gregg Gratzel and Carin Green’s house.

Included in this post are photos of the drums and guitars which were taken. (Some of the images are pictures of similar instruments. Others are photos of the actual items.)

These musicians are known for playing non-profit events for free.

Here’s a list of the known items taken.

1. Black Gibson Howard Roberts model modded with bigsby
2. American Fender Stratocaster tobacco sunburst
3. Epiphone Emperor Regent
4. Epiphone Dot
5. Warwick 5-string fretless bass
6. 69′ Gibson Black Les Paul

also –
G4 Apple laptop
African American Drumset and other assorted drums
bag of effects pedals
2 Joe Meek pre amp compressors
roland pdx-8 vdrum,
drum mics in a case
42″ Panasonic flat screen

If you have any information, please contact the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office at (707) 923-2761.

epiepiphone b&wguitar2epiphone emporer regentstratvdrums

UPDATE 4/10: “We were able to get the guitars, the drumset, the effects pedals and the mics back,” wrote Tanner Speas this morning. “Still missing are the 2 Joe Meek pre- amps, the laptop, and a few other misc. items.”



  • Well that really sucks.

  • Come on people – bring the instruments back, please!

  • very very bad sad

    That stinks!!! This is going too far, time to do vigilante patrols and get our Ole style security culture back, stop cars on our back roads and ask who they’re going to visit. Oh I know folks complained cuz their friends didn’t think it was “nice” and that it felt “exclusionary”; sorry it’s time to not be so nice.

    Has npk started a gofundme?
    These guys have given so very much to our community, let’s help them find their stuff &/or get some new equipment.
    The cops must have some idea of where thieves are stashing stuff, they may need to search all the hotel rooms (like they would), homeless camps, and the family in briceland whose name we all know.

    After multiple break ins myself I learned you gotta take pics & serial numbers if you have them to no hum pawn shops and crescent city as well as shops to the south, Willits down to Santa rosa.
    The sheriff’s will take a report (i had to go to the jail to give mine) with those pics&#’s to check against stolen stuff they recover. Get the direct number for the sheriff who runs that room and call once a month, don’t wait for them to contact you. They “lost” my report three times so call often to make sure they still have it.

    A lot of stolen stuff gets put into storage units to pawn/sell later so make sure the sheriff’s keep your report on file, sometimes they bust a few storage units at a time.

    Good luck, so very wrong that this happened!!!!!!

    • Whoa…hold up there a minute. Everything you just mentioned is what we complain about when the cops do it. Can’t have that happen. Harrassing homeless camps, drug houses, and accusing peoiple when there is no evidence is just not acceptable. There must be a reason someone stole that stuff. Maybe they don’t have a job, maybe they were hungry, maybe they are drug addicts, so it’s not there fault that they have these habits of stealing. Show some compassion…..oh yes that is sarcasm.

    • Ole style culture is something of the past that will never come back unfortunately. Times have changed, it’s part of life.

      When a town makes a living selling drugs, it is going to attract bad elements. Taking a locals only/bully attitude only makes things worse. That type of behavior is similar to LA gang member mentality I saw as a kid.

      I hope these instruments make their way back to their owners. As a musician myself, I know that some instruments cannot be replaced with money.

      • Sadly, This problem is nationwide and even international in scope and is occurring in hundreds of towns that aren’t known for cannabis productions. It’s a combination of meth and heroine use, broken schools and families, dysfunctional economy and more. Until we realize this problem is 100% not unique to the Emerald Triangle, we will not be able to fully take it on. This behavior is now everywhere. A sign of the times that must be repaired if we are to survive.

        My heart and empathy go out to NPK and yes, I’ll donate once a page is set up.

  • We smile and wave at everyone. If the driver scoots down in the seat, and looks straight ahead, it registers. We have cell phones…We know our neighbors’ numbers. Other strangers might get “Hi! Are you lost? Need a hand?”
    We are our own security system, and it has paid off on more than one occasion.
    The idea of it not being “nice” to protect one another has never been voiced, and I’m certain that the proffer would be laughed off the Mountain. Exclusionary? You Betcha! af

  • They are gonna trade it , for dope check all known dope dwellings ,and hang outs it will show up. So sorry I am a fellow musician. I grew up in the 60s and 70s sprowl creek. We never worried about shit LIke this .all my neighbor were my relatives ,but those days are long gone .

  • I hate this loosely affiliated group of tweaker thieves.
    That is the most plausible theory I have heard anyway.

  • Really. That sucks. I heard NPK many years ago and loved their music. I hope they get their equipment back soon.

  • Interesting hate accusations that encourage violence gets left up, but point it out and that gets deleted? Im done with this site!

  • Kym Kemp for president

  • So that’s it, we are going to start up patrolling, all thieves will get brought to justice! Hillbilly style

  • It was probably an inside job. Which one your band members are into the drug scene?

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