EPD Finding Solutions for the Animals of the Homeless in Palco Marsh

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Celeste Villarreal, EPD’s new animal control officer scratching the back of a new friend. [Photo provided by the EPD]

Today, the new animal control officer and the public information officer for the Eureka Police Department are attending a service fair for the homeless in the Palco Marsh near the Broadway Mall. They are hoping to build relations with people staying there before the May 2 deadline for leaving. Many homeless are concerned that their animals will be taken from them if they aren’t licensed properly by that date.

“Our new Animal Control Officer and I [are at] the weekly service fair today hoping to communicate with the marsh residents that we will not be confiscating dogs based on any license or vaccination status,”  explained Brittany Powell the Eureka Police Department spokesperson. “We will be there to help them find solutions that work for them.”

Powell said that they’ve met a lot of people. “We’ve got to clear up a lot of misconceptions,” she said. “The EPD has allocated $3,000 towards the care of animals from the marsh….We’ve partnered with Humboldt Spay Neuter Network, Redwood Pals, Buddy and Angel’s, and the Humboldt Animal Rescue Team.”

Those partner organizations can provide spay and neutering services, give vaccinations to animals, and provide fostering help if any homeless person chooses to temporarily place their animal with the agencies while looking for place to stay. “Any services that they provide to animals from the Marsh,” Powell said, “they can invoice us and we will pay up to $3000.”

“We just want to make the move as easy as possible,” she said. “The last thing we want to do is take away anyone’s dogs.”





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