Another Debris Fire Escapes; This One Consumed 5.5 Acres Near Blocksburg

Cal Fire CDF BlurThree days and at least three escaped debris fires. Careful with the burns, folks.

This afternoon, a permitted debris fire took off near Blocksburg when the wind picked up, Cal Fire spokesperson Laura Coleman said. Bridgeville and Cal Fire ground crews responded. High Rock crews inmate from the California Department of Corrections run by Cal Fire Captain also arrived to mop up.

The fire was contained by 5:30 p.m. at 5.5 acres. As of that time, there were still two Cal Fire engines and a Battalion Chief at the scene.

Coleman is surprised by the number of escaped debris fires recently. “Everybody burns here every year so this isn’t anything new,” she said. “To have three that’s unusual.”

Nonetheless, people should still get rid of their debris on their properties before fire season really kicks in, explained Coleman. She said that people should “continue to clear fuel and brush from their properties and use the correct permits. We’re just urging caution.”

She suggests people look at their permits and follow the instructions there because different areas have different requirements.


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