[Road Open-Photos Added] Semi Stuck East of Alderpoint

A 50 foot semi wound itself up in the S shaped curves of Alderpoint Road and got stuck about 2:30 p.m., according to the California Highway Patrol. The semi is stuck east of the Alderpoint Bridge. It could be 5 p.m. or more before it is out of there. Sorry, folks!

UPDATED with photo at 6 p.m.fcb21aaa-32bb-4aa4-bda5-829cc62ceac7

UPDATE 6:34 p.m.: A CHP spokesman estimates the road will be clear around 6:50 p.m.

UPDATE 8:50 p.m.: The road is open.

UPDATE 8:53 p.m.: More photos of the incident by Zach Harrison.

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  • When will they ever learn!gotta change GPS so these poor folks know not to take those big rigs up there.

  • Rookie driver.

  • Why does ANY big rig go up there? That is a road for small vehicles like pickups and cars. Oh Well. Sad that we get amusement from reading about these big trucks getting stuck over and over again. And yeah, like the earlier guy posted, NEVER depend on your gps to give you the right answer 100% of the time. When in doubt, stay on the main highway.

    I wonder if it was hauling a load to or from a big grow?? HMM…

    • was thinking it has to be tens of thousands of bags of potting soil for all the grows
      no other reason for them on that road

      • howmanythisyear?

        tens of thousands of potting soil bag can not fit in that trailer. 20 pallets tops. 1600 bags at most. If its all totes of compost then your looking at 16-20 bags. If its amendments the bags are most likely a mix of plastic and paper

  • The GPS tells them that is the fastest way to get to north 101 from I5. There are numerous signs along the way telling the drivers that they can’t go that way but, as we have all seen way to many times, they do not listen. I think the fines need to be bigger, because we have seen the same trucking company multiple times.

  • The truck was going from Modesto to Dazey’s in Redway. It is fully loaded with soil and almost tipped in creek. Seems the store manager should be instructing their delivery drivers on better directions and the proper sized trucks to access the north coast. heard it from the personal on scene.

  • That’s the turn across the creek just before you get to the Eel River Bridge, and it is a really tight turn. Another is the bridge entry just south of Blocksburg. Do you suppose we can use some Measure Z money to put up a couple of signs suggesting these guys not use this road with those large trucks?

    • howmanythisyear?

      Was there not one of these just a couple/few weeks ago? I remember someone posting a picture of the sign stating the length limit. Can’t the look at a MAP of the area they are going to first? A small squigly line usually means a twisty road. The people placing these orders and not telling the shipping people about the road situation should be fined!

    • The Locals tear down all the signs from the Alderpoint Bridge to Zenia and Kettenpom. Think it’s gonna slow down Law Enforcement or something. ( Note to those rocket scientists, it DOESNT). Every time the county posts those roads, down come the signs within a day. So, when this happens, as it does about every 8 weeks, a GPS Unit fail, I just laugh at those same locals who bitch they cant get thru…

  • I see lots of comments about signs but people don’t read them because I hear they exist . Havnt seen them myself but here’s my suggestion . REAL BIG SIGNS IN ALL CAPS ! With red lights flashing ! And dates of prior instances like in shelter cove . Then another sign that says you will be fined and charged for a tow ! BTW a tow out there is pricey ! Especially for that monstrosity . If that doesn’t work …put an iron barrier somewhere near a turnaround that is too small to pass with a semi ..I realize all ideas have their own problems they create but this has to stop somehow .

  • So damn funny…all the comments…THOUSANDS of log trucks just as big used that road for 50 years with very little problem. See the mudflap? Illinois is flat. LOL

  • Are there fines? Any idea what the tow costs actually are and who’s responsible for paying it? Is a “Clearance Warning” sign suspended across the road by a cable possible?
    At first glance, I thought this story was a re-run. Turns out it is.

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