Man Arrested for False Imprisonment, Sexual Battery and Brandishing a Knife

12923207_1162394570467328_2156010658826061104_nInformation from the Fortuna Police Department’s Facebook page.The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

Fortuna Officers this morning arrested Richard William Matusak (age 31) of McKinleyville for, Domestic Battery, Sexual Battery, False Imprisonment, Brandishing (knife), Preventing Victim from Calling Police and Violation of Domestic Violence Probation.



  • What a douche.

  • Are the police even checking for violations of restraining orders? Hearing a lot about women reporting violations and nothing being done. If this guy was on domestic violence probation, does that mean he basically violated a restraining order based on conviction?

    • Mercy Me, Mabel!

      I think it depends on who/where the restraining order said he was to stay away from; if this was someone/someplace else, wouldn’t be a violation.

  • I can’t stand women beaters . [Edit] I think they are the lowest form of a man there is.

  • Michael R. Ross

    Anyone convicted of serious domestic violence will become a partner in the eugenics program — they get permanently sterilized! Along with illegal aliens; anyone on welfare who has more than one child and anyone convicted of a serious crime of violence.

    Elect me dictator and things will be straightened out in short order!

  • I remember meeting this guy at the motel across from the jail when he first moved to the area with his pretty girlfriend. I guess humboldt got the best of him.

  • My mom spent 2 years in the hospital thanks to my father he beat me as I was trying to protect took years to sleep again,every time I closed my eyes he was back.Please please never lay hands on a woman,or so glad they caught this guy.back when this happen to us they didn’t lock him up,back then it wasn’t talked about.and a restraining order is just a piece of paper.please be kind to one another we only have this one life and I’d like to.make the most of it

  • The one thing imates can’t stand right next to a pedi file .is a woman beater .have a nice time in jail heman.

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