How Will Measure Z Funds Be Spent? Check This Out!

Measure Z 2Press release from Humboldt County:

The Citizens’ Advisory Committee on Measure Z Expenditures this week finalized its recommendations for projects to be funded in Fiscal Year 2016-17. In total, the committee recommended 13 new projects to be funded, in addition to projects from last year that require on-going funding. The final recommendations will be included into the county’s proposed budget, which will be presented to the Board of Supervisors on June 7.

The committee is recommending $6.59 million in expenditures, including $2.2 million to the Humboldt County Fire Chief’s Association for equipment; $1.5 million to the Department of Public Works for roads resurfacing; and $1.2 million to the Sheriff’s Office for seven positions and a rescue and recovery vehicle, among others.

It is expected that $5.93 million in Measure Z funding will be available next year. While the tax is expected to raise $9.86 million, there is an ongoing cost of $5.16 million due to projects that were funded last year, like hiring Sheriff Deputies, Deputy District Attorneys and Probation Officers. In addition, roughly $1.23 million in one-time funding was rolled over to FY 16-17, adding to the available funding.

The committee made its recommendations realizing that the total expenditure amount will need to be trimmed in order to balance with projected revenue. County staff will seek direction from the Board during the Third Quarter Budget Report on May 3 on how to balance the Measure Z budget.

In total, agencies submitted 43 applications requesting more than $12.5 million in funding. The committee held six meetings, including one public hearing, in which it took public input and evaluated proposals that sought a share of these funds.

The committee sorted these applications in to three categories: “must have,” “need to have,” and “nice to have.” The committee further developed two lists for projects to be funded. The primary list below includes projects the committee recommends be funded first, and is comprised of “must have” projects. The secondary list includes projects that should be considered during the mid-year budget review. If applicants cannot or do not expend their funds during FY 2016-17, the committee is recommending that projects on the secondary list be considered.


Primary list

Area 1 Agency on Aging Elder ombusdman $10,452
City of Arcata/Sheriff’s Office Student Resource Officer and juvenile probation diversion $428,937
Eureka Police Department Homelessness/MIST $459,140
Fortuna Police Department Drug Task Force officer $180,665
City of Trinidad Deputy $75,317
District Attorney’s Office Vehicle $26,588
Fire Chief’s Association Equipment, Dispatch, Planning $2,231,397
Public Defender’s Office Alternate request for staff, elimination of Alternate Conflict Counsel Office $43,346
Public Works Illegal dumping $10,000
Public Works Road resurfacing $1,500,000
Sheriff’s Office 7 positions, rescue vehicle $1,261,316
Hoopa Valley Tribal Council Willow Creek ambulance $267,543
Humboldt Waste Management Authority Illegal dumping $40,000
Total Recommended Funding $6,591,566

Secondary List

Organization Funding
Public Works* Road resurfacing $1,000,000
City of Blue Lake Part-time Deputy Sheriff $77,250
Ferndale Police Department Radio repeater and patrol $35,308
Rio Dell Police Department Clerical support $33,649
City of Trinidad Deputy Sheriff $75,317
City of Rio Dell Community Service Officer $73,325
County Administrative Office – Information Technology Enhanced technology $157,000
County Counsel Code enforcement $40,000
Public Works – Aviation Transportation Security Administration (TSA) mandate $140,000
Yurok Tribe Department of Public Safety Upriver volunteer fire $215,000

To see the full breakdown of proposals and all of the applications, view the Measure Z web page.


Note: Part of the Measure Z image came from here.



  • How does road resurfacing fit under measure z?

    • … Is road resurfacing fit under measure z?

    • I have the same question. Public safety not vehicle safety. I know you can s-t-r-e-t-c-h the definitions a long way but, essentially, we voted this in for our safety. I’m also not convinced “clerical support”, no matter how essential, is in the intended uses. Eventually, Measure Z money will run out and those positions will have to be funded and clerical support, if needed, should be part of the City budget.

  • Drive the Alderpoint road from Garberville to Alderpoint, and you’ll see why road resurfacing is important to public safety. They might want to fix a couple of slip outs too.

  • . . . . and not a penny allocated for Southern Humboldt!

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