Hey, Folks, Swimming Can Be Dangerous

Humboldt County Press release:

HCSO Humboldt County Sheriff's Office BlurThe Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office would like to remind the public of the dangers of swimming in rivers in Humboldt County. River currents can change quickly, sometimes daily, or even by the minute. This combined with unknown and quickly changing depths of the river can be deadly. Very hot and humid days combined with low water temperatures in late spring and early fall can lead to quick cramps. Every year, Humboldt County experiences a tragic death due to swimming in the rivers and falling victim to a strong current.

To reduce the risk of injury or death, remember:
• Life jackets are always recommended, especially for children
• Swimming and alcohol/drugs never mix. These substances can impair judgement and slow reaction time
• Only swim when and where it is safe to do so – avoid strong currents



  • Words to live by!

    • Life jackets are always mandatory, especially for every one in the river period this time of year. There is no reason not to be having fun safely.

  • The locals up here along the Trinity ( at least us long time residents) have always had the rule of not going swimming in the river until after school lets out and three people drown. The river owns us and makes the choice to let you in and back out. Respect the river. I feel for those affected by this tragic accident, but no one should be in the river unless you are a professional right now.

  • Jimmy Kwan, we still miss you!

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