[UPDATE] Fire on Bear Buttes

smoke (1 of 1)

Multiple fire crews are responding to a fire on Bear Buttes. The photo above shows the fire from the Salmon Creek area northwest of the scene.

The scanner says that it might be a “slash burn.”

There have been several burns on Bear Buttes the last few days.

UPDATE 8:27 p.m.: Slash pile burning approximately 200 x 50 feet, according to the scanner. There is dozer line around the burn.

UPDATE 9:25 p.m.: This photo from near the Miranda Bridge shows how dark the smoke is.b3aa9246-8834-4fba-a11c-5fc4103ad968



  • Maybe the firewood-for-seniors program could get hooked up with landowners who are otherwise wasting those (green?) logs. Kym, did you see the fuels-reduction fire we burned using the “top-down” method? It burns with hardly any visible smoke and left us with a great pile of bio-char. Not practical on a “3-acre conversion” scale, maybe, but it’s clean and easy once you’ve removed millable lumber, firewood and kindling from your pile. Best wishes to all the crews out there who have to start wildlands fire season so early.

  • If So Hum had a flag I would nominate the Buttes as the backdrop.

  • The fire was mostly contained when Eel River Conservation Camp crews showed up. The fire was permitted and it was a legal burn day. Just a case of the wind gusting all of the sudden. The tractor path around it was an old logging road or the fire-line the residents had made. Good thing they called before burning. Thank you firefighters for not letting it spread over.

  • The Natives are getting restless.

  • That is a good heads up on the current fire danger for the control burners.
    Now I feel waiting for one more light rain to torch the rather large pile was the right call. But I can put more than one hose on it anytime to damp it down.
    What I was really meaning earlier was an image of a ‘ bear butte flag ‘ rebellion.

  • First reported as a structure fire, glad that proved wrong

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