The Hayfork Homicides: What We Now Know


The two victims on a vacation.

On April 4, James Jachna (age 41) and Amanda Patton (age 21) were shot to death at their residence on Carter Gulch Road in Hayfork. At approximately 11:30 p.m., an individual contacted the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office telling them that the two were dead. The unnamed individual reported that Jason Brady said he had killed the couple. Deputies were dispatched to the couple’s residence. When they arrived, according to a press report released by the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office, they observed an individual moving around in the residence. The release states,

The subject ran out of the back of the residence in attempt to escape. Deputies pursued and captured the subject identified as Jason Brady a short distance from the residence. Deputies detained Brady and checked the residence where they found 2 deceased bodies. Detectives were contacted and responded to the scene. Investigators interviewed Brady who admitted to killing both victims.

12968810_1278658608814920_1480496062_n (1)Next door neighbor, Summer Bashore said she and her husband had not heard anything suspicious and were only awoken by law enforcement moving around the victims’ home. According to her, Brady, was working for the couple. Amanda Patton, Bashore said, “was born and raised here–Mom, Dad, sisters and nieces, [and] nephews all here.”

Bashore noted that the couple were nice neighbors. “James…always tried to help people who needed a leg up,” she said.

Another Hayfork resident, former schoolteacher, Tom Garten said, “I knew Amanda and her family from school and she was a great, sweet kid.”

In Garten’s opinion, crime in the rural town is increasing while school enrollment is down. “I have resigned my teaching job and put my home up for sale,” he wrote, “[W]e had to use guns to chase off intruders several times this year and both of my dogs have been shot and wounded. It is very scary here now.”

“Hayfork is still a tight-knit community oriented town,” said Summer Bashore. “We do have more property theft now. The majority of our property theft problems are related to the local tweeker population… But, some of the larger crimes are becoming more common.”


The residence of the deceased couple was surrounded by police tape yesterday.

Earlier Chapter: Two Dead and One Arrested for Homicide



  • Amanda was 210 years old huh?

  • You are a sick SOB…

  • Thank you for deleting that comment Kym. That was an awful thing to say

  • Don’t be mean to kym who ever called her a sob .she is one of the best people in Humboldt .boo to you.

  • So awful.God bless the family’s.sad that good folks are moving from here.We need more law enforcement and for them to open up that can of whoop ass!!!BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER.

  • I knew amanda.. I went to high school with her older sister and she regularly cheered for our softball team. She didn’t deserve to die. She was one of the kindest funniest people I knew in hayfork. I hope in this time people would worry more about what her family is reading and less about typos, or arguing with each other over things that clearly don’t matter. My heart is with the family.

  • This two were the kindest my sweetest humans i have ever met. I only knew them from being there server at a resturant when they would come to redding. My prayers go out to there families.

  • My brother was murdered 3 years ago. The crime is Not the local tweekers, it is so much bigger. Don’t sugar coat Summer, it’s a scary place now. Grew up there, raised son there, half my family died there. No longer live there.
    I hope & pray Hayfork can survive this new economy….
    Blessings and strength to all the Red & Black!!!

    • I am sorry for the loss of your brother. I grew up in Weaverville. I agree with u on the bigger things. We live in a world of pure hate. I used to go to hayfork back in my day, stay out all night not worrying about a thing. I haven’t been there in over 12 yrs. Weaverville is even scary to be out at night.

    • Summer doesn’t ‘sugar coat’ anything she says or does. Keeping’ real is all.

    • Lights on; Watch the Tweakers run

      Sad situation. Both of these people were well liked. Hayfork is a very special place and James knew it. James gave everybody a chance and was always willing to help his neighbors. Both James and Amanda were the type of people you wanted in your community and as neighbors. Several years ago James had helped me when I was enduring a tough time in my life. I’ll never forget this man nor his acts of kindness I have witnessed. I pray his children will remember that their father loved them very much!

    • sorry about your brother Debbie I knew him up on the hill.

  • Shut up anybody with a negative comment. That’s my nephew. Quit being insensitive about the little things.

    • Jane, I knew James and had the privilege of training with him in Eureka when he lived here in Humboldt. Myself and our mutual training partners are not taking this easy. Do you by chance know if there are going to be any services or memorial held for James and Amanda?

  • My children are next of kin to James. My heart breaks for the two boys now that have to live without a father. And for Amanda’s family she was so young and innocent. I am so sorry this happened. James and I had a hard road together ,but all set aside he did have a heart of gold when he cared. And I will forever love him and my children will remember our times together. He taught them to hunt fish and survive and be smart with investing. And never give up on family. Now only memories. Lord bless everyone’s hearts and keep my babies minds strong like their father. He will be missed. Rest in heaven you too and no more pain James. Keep angels around the boys+ amen

    • Copy that very nicely said

    • Amen love, to you and the boys..he will always be the boys angel!!!… R.I.P James…..R.I.P Amanda…my prayers for all friends and family involved in such a heart braking end….

    • Jessica,

      Although you know how I felt about James, I do feel very badly that your sons lost their dad. I hope they only retain good memories of him.

    • My condolences jess

    • So sorry for the boys loss. I saw first hand how James loved his boys. May he forever be in their hearts. Much peace and love to them and all who are suffering ❤

    • This is my brother you are all talking about. Thank you for the kind remarks and wishes. JZ

    • Hey Jess, Sorry to hear about James and Amanda, you have our condolences. Try to get a hold of you, if can give us a call here on the Big Island 808 965 6046. Duke and I are waiting for your call. Love you, give the boys love for us.

    • Jessica this is Jay from the Hill Texans I am deeply sorry to hear about what happened Erin and I would love to talk to you and the boys please call me 530-739-9404. We love and miss you all

  • Why the frick do my comments get deleted I guess there is no freedom o f n speech on This site. That just sucks . Probably get deleted too

    • sharpen your pencil

      Not if they deem your activity to be rude, or that it has no place on the site. Soooo mind your p’s and q’s and maybe you won’t get censored.

      This is so sad that these dirtbags get jobs from people, take advantage of one’s good nature and try take them for everything they have. This is the point in case. Nobody wants to work for their fortunes they just expect it to fall in their lap!

    • Email me if you want to chat about what happened.

  • RIP. I am so sorry for this young couple’s family….so wrong and unfair ❤️

  • Is Amanda shawns’ daughter

  • i use to babysit the pattons when i was a teen growing up in hayfork , ca. i hate to hear this has happened . the pattons are nice people . my prayers go out to them .

  • Amanda was Glen’s daughter.. A sweet girl. I have lived in Hayfork for over 50 yrs..Mrs. Bashore would like to believe that crime is due to tweekers only thats because she profits from the pot growers moving here…but GREED is the true addiction

    • what she said. “The majority of our property theft problems are related to the local tweeker population… But, some of the larger crimes are becoming more common.”

      what you say she said. “Mrs. Bashore would like to believe that crime is due to tweekers only”

      any questions?

      • I read what Summer said, i was not quoting her. I agree that some property crime is by locals. I am horrified by the population explosion of people coming here to buy property, import their workers . All of whom get consumed by greed. People with no values and no value for the enviornment and no value for others lives. This is the major crime..

  • Hey Tom, Eureka area isn’t getting any better either. Don’t come home… Love you bro! -Zippy

    Woo-Den forever brother!

  • If the perp was a tweek what we’re these nice people doing around him?

  • obviously drug related

  • Mogtx—these nice people were trying to help the pos that killed them. He was a childhood friend that James thought he could help get straightened out. Not the first person James generously helped get their shit together. Unfortunately, this one was his last act of kindness. I hate Jason Brady for what he has done to my friends, my heart, our community,James children and amandas family. We can only hope this monster stays behind bars until he is dead!!!!!!

    • James was a great brother I grew up with them both and can’t even understand why jason did that …greed…and he had a problem with alcohol and depression but brothers shouldn’t kill ya James rip my lifetime brother

      • Todd, thank you for being a good friend to my baby brother! My family is crushed at the loss of James. His girlfriend was a lovely person, sadly only saw her twice. We are also sad for the loss of Jason. His actions took him out of our lives and away from his family too. Three lives are lost, and three children are without fathers.

    • None of you really knew James… if you did you would know his true colors! Yes he could have a heart of gold at times… James and Jason had many negative encounters through out their lives and James was not always innocent. Rest in peace Amanda. No tears from me for James…

  • Thanks I agree let’s hope they get justice for all

  • Does anybody know why they were killed ? Was it a love triangle or money or drunken stupor ?

    • OnlyOneInTheRoomWithAGasmask

      I know this reply is super late. But, the killer had stolen and used things valuable while they were on vacation. The [edit] was afraid of James and Amanda getting angry with him over it, and whatever other repercussions, so he decided to take their lives so he wouldn’t be caught. Sickening. My Amanda…

  • Sounds like to me they invited a mentaly un balanced tweeker .into there lives ,and sadly he decided to murder them ,for money and drugs .you would think James would have a gun to protect themselves .who knows what really happened .what a unnessary tragedy.

  • I think that a man dateing a woman half his age .is creepy.

  • Has a motive been established?

  • Bad things happen to good people and bad things happen in small towns! These two beautiful souls were taken from us and the entire community is mourning. Don’t judge them. They were amazing. James was a wonderful dad to his boys. They were his life. He lived an island style life with a huge heart and a welcoming home. I watched Amanda grow up. She was a beautiful woman inside and out and loved life to the fullest. Her family, friends and James were her world. I became great friends with her through softball. She was always positive and encouraging. They will be terribly missed. And the man who took their lives deserves to rot in a prison cell and never be able to have any contact with his loved ones. He doesn’t deserve the love he stole from all of us.

  • Alfred(Wayne) Lauri

    I am old Hayfork, but had to move north to be near a VA Hospital. Played football with the Patton boys,(Glen and Mike), my heart goes out to all whom are effected and people, think before typing please…

  • Heart is breaking. Senseless loss of life. Too painful. So very sad over this. Cant even make proper sentences. We didnt know James but AmandaPandaPoo was our second cousin and felt much more like a niece. She will be greatly missed. May God catch every single precious tear and gently recieve the newest Angel.

  • My husband I just met the couple at our house in “Baja just before leaving. They stopped to say welcome to the neighbor. They well be dearly missed.

  • So what did james do for a living to hangout in baha . ?

  • Ah yes that is the question. When I see pics of people from this neck of the woods in Baja and Malaysia and Southeast Asia I become curious as to the means by which these people enable themselves. It would seem so far that the neighbors with which Jamea works are quite copacetic.

  • It is so sad that something like this can happen to such kind and beautiful people. Because of other people’s actions with no thought or remorse, can cause much heartache and pain for others who knew them well. We will miss you very much James and Amanda. We are very happy to have known you, and wish we had more time. But for now Ahui ho’…until we meet again. We love you….Big Island Braddah…

    Love always,
    Braddah Duke & Da Ferreira’s


    So sad for the family’s…..RIP Both.

    As for Tom Gardner the former teacher who commented here that he supposedly resigned from teaching here …..insinuating due to the local crime he’s been forced to resign and put his house up for sale.
    Well let’s just keep it real. You were suspended from your job for illegally searching a student in front of his peers. Not to mention I’m sure always running your mouth in front of students about inappropriate things didn’t help you out at all.
    Sometimes saying and doing less is better …than running your mouth about things you have not a clue about

  • Sending you Jessica and the boys lotsa love and aloha from Big I. Call me if you want to, would so love to hear from you. (333-4802). Condolences to the families. Kazume

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