Two Dead and One Arrested for Homicide

This is a press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guiltyTCSO:

On April 4, 2016 at approximately 11:30pm the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received a report of suspicious circumstances in Hayfork, CA. When Deputies arrived to investigate the report of suspicious circumstances it was learned that two people had been murdered in the Hayfork area. Investigators have arrested a Jason Brady in connection with the murders.
No further information will be released until families of the victims are notified and Investigators return from the scene.

UPDATE 4:25 p.m.:BRADY
UPDATE: Press release from the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office:

On April 4, 2016 at approximately 11:30pm the Trinity County Sheriff’s Office received a report of suspicious
circumstances in Hayfork, CA. The reporting party stated they had been contacted by a Jason Brady. Brady had told the reporting party that he (Brady) had killed 2 people at a residence on Carter Gulch Road in Hayfork.

Deputies responded to the residence on Carter Gulch Road and upon arriving at the residence Deputies observed a subject inside the residence. The subject ran out of the back of the residence in attempt to escape.

Deputies pursued and captured the subject identified as Jason Brady a short distance from the residence. Deputies detained Brady and checked the residence where they found 2 deceased bodies. Detectives were contacted and responded to the scene. Investigators interviewed Brady who admitted to killing both victims.

Investigators are still trying to contact the victims’ next of kin and we will not be able to release the victims’ names until that is completed.



  • I heard the dead are young folks out there .Also this could be in Trinity Pines as the pines has the same zip code

  • Again perps someone they knew, let’s have a fight club or dance competition or something to work out our differences instead of turning to pulling guns!

    Tho there are many reports of “bad” drugs on the streets all over nor cal, east & west sides. It could explain some of the irrationality in these situations.
    People are getting desperate as the economy tanks so pay your workers before you vacation and don’t screw people over in deals be it pot or a car or rent or whatever

  • This was right in town, not in the Pines.

  • This is extremely sad, devastating,and heartbreaking for our town. These two people had friends and relatives here that are suffering greatly. They were well known and well loved. We need to find a way to take back our town from the rotten tweakers that are perpetrating most of the crime here. They are running rampant…stealing anything that isnt nailed down..and if the person arrested wasn’t a meth head I will be surprised. If anyone out there thinks you are safe from these bastards..think again! Rest in peace dear ones. You did much for many and we will grieve for you forever.

  • I see nothing has hanged in hay fork it was a tweek hole shit hole 15 yrs ago

  • Murder is such sad news for everyone. Apparently the Humboldt haters come out to say, “ya, told you so” about how terrible our county is. I feel that if you hate it, pack up and make a new life for yourself. Why hang with us losers among the redwoods, beaches and lagoons?

  • Wow. Check out the Google satellite image of that road. Can’t find a single house not growing and they are blowing it up pretty big and obvious over there. So yeah, gotta figure there’s some valuable merchandise or stacks of cash hanging out…and that’s what tweakers feed on. Connect the dots. Sorry for the families and the victims. Life is worth much more than money.

  • Don’t trust strangers, transients or the mentally wandering about.
    Bare arms, be prepared for the worst.
    And lock this animal up and away!

    • Trump is a transient

      Don’t trust strangers and transients? You are quite sheltered obviously. mentally? Don’t let your kids go with strangers maybe.. Or you could just vote for Trump, he’s a star.

    • Trump is a transient

      BTW, hayfork is Trinity county. It’s a whole stae, country, world problem, not just Humboldt. Our need sources, as good as they may be, only publish what the cops give them to publish and anythign else that they feel they should report on,sadly crime is what people seem to wanna know about. We are all reflecting the world back to ourselves so lets try a little love and understanding. For all, the tweakers and big growers alike. AMD that word transient. Do you even know what that means or do you just call anyone on the streets a transient? I’m transient every day I drive to work, transiting from one point to another. There are Street kids, gutter punks, tweakers, tour kids, hippies, etc,but we are all transient. And out time here is precious, so maybe treat tweakers and homeless more kind before one of em goes crazy on you!

      • Transient:
        noun – a person or thing that is transient, especially a temporary guest, boarder, laborer, or the like.
        adjective – not lasting, enduring, or permanent, staying only a short time (transitory) : “the transient guests at a hotel”.

        It’s not related to ‘transportation’ – you don’t ‘transient’ from one place to another – you travel.

        • Trump is a transient

          I’m just saying. It’s a word that getsvusrd too much. We are all transient on this earth . so there

  • They were friends [edit]. Don’t assume when you don’t know anything. He also has PTSD and drug/alcohol issues.

  • RIP Cousin, no one should leave this world that way!

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