With a Little Help From a Humboldt Man, Wounded Dog Gets Home to Family


Don Shepherd reunited with, Charlie, the dog he saved.

When a small dog is struck by a large truck on a busy road, what do you do?

When Fortuna man, Don Shepherd, was faced with dilemma recently, he didn’t hesitate. He jumped out of his car and got the dog to safety. Later, he helped track down the owner and reunite the wounded pet with his worried owner.

Several weeks ago, Don and his wife Sherry were in Napa. To their horror they saw a small brown and white dog run out into the highway where a large truck hit it. “I acted without even thinking and stopped to pull the dog out of the road and to safety,” Shepherd said. “The dog ran into the side of the tire and took out three teeth. [It] knocked him out. That’s when I darted in and snatched him up before the hundreds of other cars ( literally) hit him.”

The small canine was badly injured. “It was heartbreaking,” said Shepherd. “We comforted Charlie and I massaged his legs… As soon as I felt him snap out of it, I put him into [another witness’s] car and she took him to a local vet.”

But Shepherd wasn’t ready to leave responsibility for the dog. He began tracking down the owner. “There is a kennel on that road that I called to find out who had a dog like that in the area,” Shepherd said. He was told that three families in the area had the same breed of dog (a King Charles Cavalier.)

Shepherd then called the vet where the dog had been taken for surgery. “They said he had a chip and his name was Charlie,” Shepherd said. “Bam! I called the kennel back and she put me in touch with David the owner of the dog.”

The owner and Charlie were reunited and Charlie began healing.

Just recently Don and his wife got to meet both Charlie and his owner. Charlie’s owner flew to Fortuna and gave the couple a tour in his small plane.

The little dog is happy and healthy thanks to a man who rushed into traffic to save him.


Charlie and his companion looking out of their owner’s plane. [Photo provided by Don Shepherd.]



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