[FOUND!] Hunting this Handsome Hound; Have You Seen Him?


Yesterday, this handsome hound ran off while on a walk on Paradise Ridge Road. According to his owner, “He is very well mannered and will NOT attack livestock but I am worried. I don’t want him to be shot, ran over or attacked by an animal.”

If you see this 4-year-old neutered male Walker Coonhound, please contact his owner at 707 273 9445.

UPDATE 5:47 p.m.: The handsome hound is on his way home! Thank you to everyone who kept an eye out for him.



  • I have only a small amount of sympathy for anyone who lets their dog run loose. Especially a hound. Catch a scent, gone like the breeze

    • A lot of the time if you leave something like a coat on the ground with your scent on it a hound will come back to it. Sometimes that doesn’t work because hounds can cover a lot of ground and they get foot sore and lie down when it gets too painful. Usually when they have worn their nails down to the nub. Hope he’s whistle or horn trained. A phone number on the collar is good too. I have had worn out hounds come up on my camp fires three times in my life. They go to the first smell of food after a good run. Check with any campers in the area. Good luck.

  • He’s lucky to get him back safe n sound.
    I’m surprised that the owner didn’t offer a reward. My friend found him out Paradise ridge and brought him to Redway and the guy didn’t even offer a reward. Lame.

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