Heads Up, Trinity County


Image from a tweet by the National Weather Service.

The National Weather Service just issued this warning:

...Significant weather advisory for northeastern Trinity County until
800 pm......

At 713 pm ......DOPPLER Radar was tracking a strong thunderstorm near
Carrville...OR 23 miles northeast of Weaverville...Moving north at 20

Nickel size hail and winds in excess of 40 mph will be possible with
this storm.

Locations impacted include...
Carrville and Trinity Center.


  • there was a little thunder here in lewiston, beautiful dark clouds .

  • Geeze take cover.be alert,drive safe

  • just another day in Trinity.It would be nice if they didn’t spray chemical lines in the sky.And It seems that the stupid generations before us raped these mountains and cashed in, and now my generation has to clean and fix everything and we get into trouble if we cut a tree now.

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