Buick Vs Cow

A Buick struck a cow around 8:24 p.m. on Hwy 211 (the main route to Ferndale from Hwy 101.) The vehicle continued off the roadway and about 25 feet into a nearby field, according to the California Highway Patrol Incident page.

An ambulance is on its way. Please be careful in the area.

UPDATE 8:47 p.m.: The vehicle’s driver was extricated and is being taken to the hospital.

UPDATE 8:54 p.m.: According to the California Highway Patrol Incident page, the property owner is going to dispatch the cow shortly.

  • Laytonville Rock


  • Dispatch the cow??yikes

  • Rather than murdering the cow, how about some genuine punishment for the idgit who let the cow run loose, not giving a rat’s rectum if that caused someone to be seriously injured.

    • Cows are natural born idgits. No rancher I know lets their cattle run amok knowingly. Can be very costly in many ways. Clean up the mess and fire up the BBQ.

  • about 7-8 years ago, my family and i were heading home from a bon fire at centerville beach, as we came around the last curve towards the creamery there was a cow stopped in the road (all black too) the car in front of us didnt see it and plowed into it, the cow was killed and the car totaled, we pushed the car off the road but not before another car launched from the cow and landed in the field, three more vehicles hit the cow as i was trying to slow traffic down with a flashing spot light, ferndale police arrive on scene and had no idea what to do, i told the two lames to open their trunk and deploy flares to avoid further accidents, turns out the rancher walks his cows across the road every night but left one behind, as the two lames were getting statements from the other motorists i climbed back into my vehicle where i had parked safely with my family safe, i got in and drove home before i had to answer any dumb questions… true story.

  • A similar unfortunate event happened to me as well. I had to turn into a field, through a barbed wire fence that ripped my car’s sides.. eventually totaling the vehicle. The farmers DO know when fences are down and cows are not secured. This was a neighbor who did not compensate us, and we would have had to take him to small claims court which we chose not to do, for the sake of being neighbors. I do not believe that these stories above are cases where the cows have free range. I think the only real free range is elsewhere, not mentioned here bc the PETROLIA /wildcat folks also get in an uproar about this issue of free range…. yet, when one is on the other side of the fence and has to decide whether to hit a cow, hit another cow or drive into a field, or off of a ledge well… PS. my accident happened less than 1/4 mile from my house and I was barely driving 25 mph since I had just left my driveway in the fog..

  • Any update on whose cow caused the injuries, and which law enforcement agency people people should contact the next time a cow is wandering loose?

    Or is there no law and we’re all on our own?

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