‘Anyone Traveling on Hwy 36 Is in Jeopardy of Being Pulled Over’


Christina DeGiovanni from her letter to the editor page.

The luscious visuals of Emerald Magazine usually lure the reader in with promises of relaxation but this month’s letter from editor Christina DeGiovanni offers a warning to readers heading into Trinity County. DeGiovanni writes, “[A]nyone traveling on Hwy 36 is in jeopardy of being pulled over.”

She relates that last month she was headed east from Humboldt County to deliver stacks of Emerald Magazine to distributors in Trinity when she was pulled over by several Forest Service rangers. In past years we’ve heard multiple instances of the Forest Service pulling over people in the remote areas of northern California reportedly searching for marijuana and cash but rarely are we able to get any witnesses to talk on the record. And, it’s almost as rare to get any information from law enforcement. (And if we do it’s pretty limited.)

DeGiovanni’s tale is similar to those of witnesses who have spoken to us off the record. Here’s a screenshot of part of her letter but you really owe it to yourself to check out the magazine.

Forest Service Marijuana



  • Eldon G. Whitehead

    Well, since that part of the State is well known for the illegal crap that is being grown there, I have no problems with the Law trying to protect those of us who do not condone ANY type of drugs or drug related by-products. As one who has had to deal with druggies on the streets in Humboldt County, they need to stop the crap from moving around anywhere in the state. My opinion only and I’ll stick with that. There will be others that disagree, but, it’s their life and brain.

    • What about the legitimate cancer patients who need any hope they can buy, from anywhere, and who may be getting roughly 30% success.

      • Violet Shepherd

        Marijuana is not a cure for cancer, so they should be arrested for possession. Get real treatment, or die, that’s it.

        • [Edit] how dare you say someone with cancer should simply lay down and take these expensive poisons the big pharma have created to cure this horrible fucking disease or they should simply just die!?! [Edit] What happens when that poison doesn’t work?!? They should just die instead of trying something else?!? There are other alternatives that have been proven to help patients while they are sick from treatment while also helping cure others!!! Marijuana is medicine if used correctly!! As a wife of a man fighting cancer for the second year now, [Edit] fuck cancer!!!

        • well lets hope you don’t get cancer when your in that much pain anything that helps is appreciated

        • You are naive. You should research your claim, because even the American Cancer Society has admitted, cannabis helps cure cancer.

          Research, and you will see.

        • My dear Ms. Violet, I sincerely hope you never have to deal with the agony of cancer treatment but if you do I hope you’ll be enlightened on why medical marijuana helps. For a patient going through chemo it helps with the nausea, pain and depression so as to allow the patient the ability to eat much the needed nourishment to have the strength to go on. Please do a little reading on the value of CBDs for patients suffering with debilitating seizures and yes they also help fight cancer. Peace be with you….

        • [Edit] Find out what it’s like to not be able to eat, constantly throwing up, in so much pain!!! I watched my mother die from cancer. The pain!! The Cannabis helped her with the pain. She was able to eat once every day instead of 1every 2-3 days. MY MOTHER WAS NOT A POT HEAD!!

        • education is still pretty inexpensive, its not too late

        • You might die because of your [edit] attitude.

        • Its a proven fact marijuana does cure cancer. Some people need to get educated. Some people just so naive!!!

        • Kimberly Malloy

          That’s such an ignorant comment. Cannibus certainly does cure cancer,and helps stop seizures.

        • That’s pretty heartless

        • Thats funny that you say that because my dad is alive today because of THC and CBD he had cancer and didn’t do any treatment just took thc oil and the tumor grew smaller and smaller each month I’m not saying the pot in Trinity county is a good thing at all I don’t like it ether. All I am saying is that my dad is alive because of it and the people that are using it to treat people and it works.

        • Lost Croat Outburst

          It may not cure cancer, but it helps to control nausea from chemotherapy and helps maintain appetite. Your mercy and concern is comforting.

        • Christopher Jacoby

          [Edit] Marijuana does kill cancer and has been proven [Edit]

    • I totally agree with you Eldon–Stop the transportation in its tracks before it hits the streets. From what I have seen living up in the MTNs during harvest season, they tend to transport out in the middle of the night with personal vehicles, then they use U-haul’s to transport out during the day. I kinda laughed when we saw the UPS Brown trucks go up to area where there is growing “What can Brown do for you?” Little humor for the day!!!

      • It’s a funny little thing about prohibition: the better it works, the higher the incentive to flout the law.

        The higher incentive to flout the law, the worse the law works.

        Therefore, the better prohibition works, the worse it works!

        It’s fundamentally different than crimes with identifiable victims.

    • You’re out of touch Eldon, you were out of touch back in the day, and still are today.

    • Hmm but your ok with the most destructive legal drugs (alcohol, prescription opiates, weight loss pills)? Drugs are drugs, and if you know about Prohibition you know that many of today’s gangs have their roots in “moonshine”. I’m not advocating anything, except a realistic view of drugs, legal and illegal. The classification of pot as a “Schedule One drug is really pretty dumb, as that has only increased the profits available from it and created a huge criminal class, same as Prohibition did. I am not smart enough to have the answers, but those facts are quite evident.

      • Almost all of today’s gangs have nothing to do with moonshine. Most American modern gangs stemmed from the civil rights movement nearly 40 years after the prohibition of alcohol. Have you ever heard of the bloods and crips fighting over corn whiskey?

      • Nicely said!

    • amimissingsomething

      Eldon, Time to sit down open up our Constitution and read it. I don’t grow it or use it but it isn’t this that concerns me. These Feds are taking things to a whole new level. No One can be arbitrarily stopped and search without cause. If you allow it, the problem of these overzealous punks stopping every car or truck to see if they can smell anything and once they do smell something they have probable cause to search. It will be thrown out of court if you have an attorney who can recite the alphabet. At the same time they don’t give a shit about your rights, time involved or anything else. These people couldn’t catch a cold in a room of 40 4-6 year old kids. The problem doesn’t lie on Hwy 36. It lies up on the mountain where you need to get out of you truck and go find why a D8 cat is ripping up a 5 acre parcel with no permits. Just my opinion but our rights are way more important than a bunch of Piss fir willies runnig around taking our rights guaranteed by Constitution. Jeff

      • Christopher Jacoby

        The federal government needs to be stopped at all means necessary. Forest rangers don’t have the authority to pull anyone overr on a highway without highway patrol so I will never pull over for a forest ranger period they can all go fuck the selves that and I’m armed you pull me over illegally I will shoot you

    • Awesome that you don’t mind the bill of rights being trampled Eldon. I wish an unwarranted road side cavity search on you; that would probably lead to a change of opinion.

    • Constitutional Insurgent

      We have these things called rights, one is our 4th amendment right you Commie. They can’t just pull us over for no reason.

    • Marijuana isn’t a drug. It’s a medically useful plant[edit], and it DEFINITELY doesn’t override the right to refuse unlawful search and siezure. The police shouldn’t be able to stomp all over people’s rights, harass them, and pull them over, scaring them, for having a plant.

      • King, you write that Marijuana isn’t a drug. . . A little tidbit of information. Foxglove also isn’t a drug. At least it isn’t until made into pill form by man and ingested as the medicine, Digitalis, a medicine that has saved or, at least helped many heart patients, my own father among them. I am not pro or con regarding marijuana as a medicine. Just setting the record straight.

    • Medicine ain’t crap. Pharmeceutical drugs are crap. Meth is crap. Cannabis is a Godsend. Useful pawn idiots continue to disparage it. It’s their useful pawn idiot way.

    • Guess what’s kept the economy alive while treating people for the pat so decades?

    • James Derryberry

      You need to do some research. The illegal activities need to be stopped, but marijuana is life saving for some patients!

    • Eldon Ain't my freind

      And what about all the people living on highway 36?

    • The Constitution

      What law? They are conducting illegal stops…

    • No reason for forest service personnel to stop any body on the HWY

  • They want cash half in their pocket half in the state million dollar business they have. Won’t do method and heron because no cash in that. I been pulled over for no reason said light was out one that was replaced 2 days earlier

    • Nice try but it’s all tied together in the black markets.in other words it’s a con perpetrated by some to separate the drugs when the reality is it’s all the same game.

      • Got news for you: if you don’t like it, don’t use it. But don’t tread on me and tell me what I can do.

  • I imagine this type of graft is excepted behavior for the Feds. Do you think their superiors know about this ? or are these officers acting alone ? If the superiors know about it and allow it to happen ,then they are guilty of accessory before the fact, I call it extortion, I am sure the Feds call it ” just good police work “.

  • when i go camping out of Mc Cloud in shasta trinity natl. forest in june , i get pulled over a dozen times a week when sight seeing on mountain forest roads . they checking me for mushrooms and no permit .
    im perfect legal where im driving and what im doing and sure hate their GUILTY attitude
    some are very friendly but not all

  • This pisses me off!!

    Well they had better have themselves some legitimate probable cause if they pull me over. It will be interesting what they come up with if they do stop me. I have zero mechanical defects on my vehicle so whatever they come up with will have to be a moving violation. Illegal detention is a violation of civil rights and I will Sue the shit out of the government if they try this stunt on me. They may laugh at this but I happen to also be a law enforcement officer so making shit up will not work with me.

    • Violet Shepherd

      Highly unlikely that you have ever worked in law enforcement; being in jail doesn’t give you law enforcement experience.

  • I drive across 36 often and see this pretty much every trip. I’ve had FS officers swerve off the road like they intended to turn around and pursue me. I’ve been followed closely for a mile or more. I haven’t been stopped all that often, but I usually drive a vehicle that doesn’t fit the drug runner, pot grower profile. Lots of times I see 3-5 FS rigs sitting at a wide spot just watching the cars go by. Sometimes I drive an older pickup and they definitely behave differently than when I drive a newer vehicle. I am in favor of law enforcement, but these guys are extremely aggressive. Like the double tinted windows story, I think they can always find something to justify a stop. What’s next? Fabricated crime? I’m a concealed carry mom. I color inside the lines and I am an upstanding, honest, law abiding citizen and a business owner. I do not feel threatened by their overzealous techniques, but it does have a tendency to piss me off. If I’m not doing anything wrong, leave me the hell alone!

    • You gotta ask, is the alleged crime worth what sounds like a suspension of the constitution?
      Unless they have a serious reason to believe terrorism is s involved my immediate gut reaction would be ” fuck off and mind your own business “.

  • Maybe they are pulling people over because their vehicles are full of illegal weed.hmmmmm just a thought….

  • Is nt forest rangers kinda out there jurisdiction. Chp should be the.ones .the highway is not a forest park

    • When you drive into national forest that’s there job. Doesn’t help that now most have a dog with. Its not fair to everyone just driving for a drive or back and forth to work. The ones that drive with stuff that’s there business to get caught or not.

    • If youre driving thru National Forest, its their jurisdiction. They can pull you over.

    • Arm chair defense attorney.

    • 36 unfortunately is both Government & state jurisdiction because it does have forest lands to it there isn’t much forestry officers can not do but I don’t blame the people for not liking the attitude from the officers just because a vehicle has tinted windows doesn’t mean their drug runners some people like tinted windows for their own reasons

    • they have more jurisdiction
      than chps!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I get pulled over all the time by fish and game or the forest service. Love telling them No No and No you cant search the black plastic bags in the back of the truck/car. I love wasting time for them only to finally see that I am taking TRASH out of the forest and not pounds of pot.

    • Thank you for your service. Your double service really, cleaning up the forest and discouraging illegal searches.

  • Contact your Sheriff. He’s the one that is giving the Feds permission to “enforce” state vehicle laws, such as broken lights, tinted windows, excessive speed, etc. Without this permission, they no longer can use these trumped up excuses to pull you over. My son was pulled over last summer while he and a buddy were going to high school football practice here in Trinity County. He was told the reason for being pulled over was that he was driving at an unsafe speed, which he wasn’t. He then was told that the car smelled like weed and so did he. The Forest Service LE then told them to get out of the car and that he was going to search it, which he did, finding nothing of course. The LE accused him of being a trimmer and that he was going to keep an eye on him as he let him go.

    • The sheriff gives permission to another LEO to enforce laws of our nation, state, county????? My body jiggles with so much laughter!!

      Another arm chair defense attorney!!

      • No, this isn’t some Tea Partier’s wet dream. I’ve seen the authority of the Sheriff’s department at play with FS LEOs first hand when it comes to enforcing State law.

      • That is right do some research they are above all

  • Just act uneducated and start asking the dumbest questions possible and keep it up, answer their question with a question, either that or quit ridin dirty in the first place, I love to toy with them

  • Just be legal!!!lights work,no broken anything everything works.have insurance and be up to date on your tags.and for the love of god have a drivers license.and if you do get pulled over be nice!!!

  • I got pulled over for,”looking at a cop like I owed him money(his words).” He proceeded to tell me my car was filthy, tore it apart, threatened to tow it, and left it in shambles when he found nothing. Traumatized to say the least.

  • they did this all summer during the fire.since they were sent here from other states they were trying to cash in on the pot thing.they were pulling people over for no reason.they have no right it’s a violation of the Constitution. karma will fry them.

  • A legitimate Drug Interediction stop is one thing, but a randome USFS operation ?? Strange.

  • no BLM.Go home.Cliven Bundy fought hundreds of feds and made them leave.look up cliven bundy fights feds and wins on you tube.they have no jurisdiction according to the consitution.Bruce Haney didn’t do shit.and spent all the budget.he let them walk all over the Constitution. nobody stands up anymore everyone is scared and we are losing our rights because of weak people .you should be ashamed to be alive.our founding fathers would be disappointed.

    • Be careful when dealing with the feds, look at what happened to Lavoy Finicum, they executed him on camera after they shot at a car full of people,and looks like they’ll get away with it.

  • highway 36 is poster child for what went wrong in the industry…
    hope they catch some big boys…

  • If you stand up they have to leave.watch you tube video of Cliven Bundy in Nevada fighting feds over land and rights…..the people won and forced feds to leave!!!!!!…

  • Hey all, just a suggestion. Keep a pen and pad in your vehicles. Any of you that get pulled over in the future, jot down the Officer’s name, time, day and date of every instance you get pulled over. If everyone that gets pulled over does this, then maybe the Officers will understand that THEY are being watched and maybe they may not be so bold. 🙂

  • The dumb ass feds need to profile cars for meth lab equipment. Heroin traffickers. Do some real good ,for once .crack down on the real Menace to Society .

  • No one ever gets stopped by a cop doing his job, the cops are always making things up. Ever go to a party and hear about the person that got stopped for actually doing anything wrong?

    The forests are being strewed with garbage, illegal pesticides, illegal cutting of trees, and other enviromental damage by tresspass growers. Just maybe that might be the reason the Forest Service is concerned about possible growers coming into the forest at the start of the grow season. Very little is done to stop the growing in northern california so the only real money in the marijuana business is the growers. All these excuses that it is being grown to save a cancer patient is a farce. If I grew for someone needing to get through the discomforts of cancer I would be giving it away or at least at cost, not trying to gouge a profit.

    • TheRealDankDude.

      Do you actually know the expense of growing medical quality cannabis?
      If you did you wouldn’t had posted this comment.
      Street level / recreational cannabis is one thing, but good medical quality cannabis is a whole other ball game.
      There are higher standards when it comes to medical quality cannabis. Usually it has to be organic, and pest free. Molds are another consideration.
      Cannabis grown on public lands are recreational/street level quality and would not pass the scrutiny of a legit medical dispensary.

  • I was driving Hwy 36 from Hwy 5 this past Tuesday. About 15 mi E of Find more a USFS officer had pulled over a couple about early 20s, and was totally searching the vehicle, with all their gear on the side of the road. 5mi later, there were 4 more trucks and SWAT outfitted rangers. Looks alot like Operation Greensweep again.

    • Our schoolteacher was pulled over on his way out of Humboldt and back to Humboldt about two years ago.

    • I was driving home from Redding taking my EMT test, I passed numerous forest service rigs at the old scales on 36. They were all setting pointed towards the road with headlights on, this was after dark, I was followed by 1 who finally pulled me over for no reason. He questioned why I was driving 36, I told him, then he shined his light all over in my rig, asked me what was in my grocery bags and let me go. Pretty scary!!!

  • I’m curious to know if any of these LEOs were actually in Trinity County. Sounds like Shasta and Humboldt Counties only. Is this true?

  • Maybe they would not be out there as much if the hypocrites didn’t do this to our National forests

  • They are fools. There are many huge grows and they are very easy to find from the air. Once planted they just sit in that same spot for months, easily bustable. But instead of busting any of those they instead do bullshit pull-overs like these? Dangerous, annoying, infringing on rights of uninvolved citizens and ultimately not even effective. Who comes up with these stupid and money-wasting ideas? They should be replaced. If you want to discourage growing- just drive up to the easily seen gardens and cut them down! Instead they document the gardens while doing nothing and harass us on our roads?! Didn’t they hear that we now have cell phones and we look out for each other? They are idiots who insult their uniforms and badges. They deserve zero respect.

  • I live in Las Vegas, NV now and am where Clive Bundy is in jail, HE DID NOT WIN !

  • People seem to forget we do have rights the first thing law enforcement will ask you where are going,and its none of there biz .people s biggest screw up.the second thing . The cop ask s is there anything in the car I should know about .Trick question. And you just say no, and they go good and so you wouldn’t mind me searching your car ,and you say I do mind you searching my car no. Then they go into trying to find probable cause. Here again there is no probable cause .you know you are not doing nothing wrong ,so you say again no you can’t look in my car. get a a warrant . Stick to your guns .dont let them intimadate you .then they go away .tell them to go find a pedafile or muderer ,or a big time drug manufacturer just saying .

  • Before they start doing this in their new fancy swat gear, (yet the park booth can’t afford to stay open?), some of the readers might be interested in following the example of Congressman Chris Stewart’s bill.
    Senator Chris Stewart bill to disarm alphabet soup gangs. http://freedomoutpost.com/utah-congressman-chris-stewart-pushes-disarm-blm-irs/


    Plus another one about states right to grouse or not to grouse, but I forgot to copy the link.

  • Lawmaker Chris Stewart is inspiring. He’s passing a bill in Utah to strip the alphabet soup gangs of their swat gear.
    Write your congressmen, representatives, lawmakers and request for Calif to do the same. Who knows, maybe they’ll reinvest in manning park booths when they’re not allowed to buy expensive fancy swat gear, guns, ammo, grenades, & no doubt rocket launchers. Whatever.

  • Nor-cal patroit

    The just got their asset stealing reinstated game on [edit]

  • They Will Pull You Over

    People getting pulled over for no reason is true. You can’t make this shit up. I’ve heard countless stories. All the stories are about the same. The scary stories are the ones where they say they were in a line of pulled over vehicles or drove past a line of vehicles. They are stopping people because they can. Not sure how this is going to play out with legalization. I had a friend pulled over between Bridgeville and Fortuna with out of state plates. First thing out of the officers mouth was not “license and registration please”, but “what are you doing here?” “how many pounds do you have” How much cash?”, after realizing my friend was not a criminal, he was let go and never asked for license, insurance or registration.

  • I’ve been pulled over multiple times on 36 and 299. I was very clearly profiled each time with the most outrageous excuses for being pulled over e.a. going 57 in a 59. My rights were violated each time with my car being searched with out permission my property being taken. I’d love to go on the record and raise awareness of the illegal tactics of cohersion and duress that mustn’t countine.

  • When I first moved to Humboldt twenty years ago I didn’t understand the ‘US Out of Humboldt County” green and white bumper stickers. Now it makes sense.

  • Hell just say go for it search buddy all your gonna find is your old ladies panties in there!

  • I can attest to this happening. It is challenging to find a way into or out of deep trinity county without driving on federal land where 215 is not recognized.

    Forest Service profiled and pulled x over for “crossing double yellow lines” and when x refused a search they politely reminded them they were a long way from home. It’s a lawless free-for all, and many of the FS agents are overzealous transplants with no community ties or understanding of the industry from which they are so eager to steal.

  • This is an interview from 2012 with deputy sheriff Mark Potts explaining the clearance by Sheriff Haney for USFS law enforcement to operate within the county at the capacity it does.


    • Some guy, you nailed it. Especially at 30:00.
      It goes deeper.
      The US has signed a charter to hand the US over to the UN. This is why our towns, counties, states have gone unconstitutional. The UN charter places UN rules over the Constitution. This is invalid, null & void, but ONLY if the people stop closing their eyes and fight it. (H.R. 1146 bill to restore America back by Ron Paul, is one way to fight them, if we pressure congress to support it). Fighting locally is also key.
      IN A NUTSHEELL: The US now represents the UN. Anywhere the “Fed’s” rule, the UN rules. This includes your law enforcement who has embraced any Fed program, Grant, and rules. Your LEO is possibly wearing two hats. This means that even though your cousin who is a great deputy, is also now a UN Federal agent.
      Oregon, for instance, has only one county that is constitutional. All other counties are UN ran. Policing food scraps should alert most.
      I didn’t do a very coherent in a nutshell. Please please watch the video by JBS explaining every step we need to know about. “New revelations: why the US should withdraw from the UN” https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=51QY0HlhpSk&feature=youtu.be

  • Just drive by the pines durring October/November they sit at all exits on 36
    And pull over everyone. They are douchebags and train their dogs to hit on nothing. That’s their excuse. Best thing to do is fight them if you have something or not. At least waste their time long enough for 1 Toyota to get by.

  • This is not about, having drugs in your car,or having money, This is about police stopping people on grounds of “Suspicion ” What exactly is looking suspicious ? That would be left to the policeman`s mindset.
    Looking suspicious is not a crime as of today. So this is an unlawful procedure by law enforcement and it needs to stop. Having our freedoms is paramount to random stops by police so they can take peoples money & property.

  • Bonnie Thompson

    we got pulled over and was searched, brought dogs out , i do have medical card for marijuana and i had some infused candy in my purse along with less than a 1/2 oz . we was not smoking, it was just in my purse. they pulled us over, searched us and the car, they took my medicine and let us go, just before that we saw a man get pulled over by two rangers, and when we passed by, he was being searched with a dog, and we did not even go one mile before we seen a line of rangers sitting in a pull off and as soon as we went around a curb, here came two more they pulled us over.. while searching us a car passed , and then two more rangers drove off to catch them when we was released, we passed tthat car and sure enough dogs and all . WTF? oh i got cited with a 250.00 fine

  • i have been pulled over twice by them. once on 299 and once on hwy3 north of weaverville.
    first time, on 299, i passed three fs trucks lined up in a pull-out ready for take off, the officers were leaning on their bumpers waiting. i had a taillight out(vw electric systems suck!) so i guess he did have a somewhat legitimate excuse etc.
    the first thing he asked was if i had large amounts of cash or weed or guns in the car. he gave me a warning about the light a walked back toward his truck with my license and registration, paused for 15 seconds when he thought he was out of sight, came back and said ok you are free to go. he did not run my name or anything.
    the second time i had a license plate light out(damn vw’s!). it was not as bad, i actually joked about a few things to lighten things up. it actually made a huge difference for him.

    i don’t like how they are doing things for sure but they did not try to push things or demand to search the car etc.
    but next time any officer asks where i am going or where i am coming from i will just politely ask them to please keep the questions relevant to what i was pulled over for.
    i feel we do need to stand up for are rights because they are certainly not going to respect our rights just because we have them. if we don’t exercise are rights we will lose them.

  • The amount of ignorance in here is staggering.

    Let’s just throw out the constitution while we’re at it.

  • As a 20+ year resident of Dinsmore, I would just like to add that I hope it makes people drive better. Reckless a**holes driving on 36 is a serious problem.

  • Here’s what I did I bought 2008 crown victoria police Interceptor all black limo tinted back seat . Did the Research it’s the last and the best . I just luv it and it hauls ass cop motor cop brakes cop tires ,cop suspension. I drive 36 I live on it for 20 yrs ,and I go to redbluff to see my grand babys .I even have a ATF hat . I don’t even get looked at I even wave .,and I am not doing a thing wrong

  • My wife is a substance abuse counselor . I got it because they are a great car they are.safe . My grand babys are safe my wife is safe .the fringe benefit s the cops don’t bug you . Can’t beat em cheat em

  • I just found this law on the WEB it is in congress to take away police powers from BLM and Forest Service and limit it to County Sheriff. here is the link………..http://humboldt.craigslist.org/rnr/5523958783.html

    • I hope everyone gets off the couch and supports this bill. The taxpayers would rather man a park booth than multiple unlimited swat teams. When the FDA swats dairy goat farms, for instance, something is dreadfully wrong.

  • Land of the free,..

  • Yes Cliven Bundy did win his battle in Nevada over grazing rights its all over the web.I think your [edit] thinking of his son Ammon Bundy in Oregon. There was two mean comments about Cliven.Look it up [edit],he was a cattle rancher that didn’t break any laws.and won against BLM.

      • There is a gag order against the witnesses in the death of lavoy. The case is screwy.
        The judge won’t let Cliven select his own lawyer. This case is screwy.
        Meanwhile, in Texas, the black panthers walk the streets in protest, making verbal threats, while carrying weapons yet are praised.
        This too is screwy.

          • From 2014? That’s not surprising, considering the fact that all those who fight unconstitutional laws are being targeted. “no disciplinary action had been taken and the proceedings would likely soon be resolved in his favor”. .. Keeping him at bay is the goal, maybe?

            • Well, that quote was the attorney’s take on his situation not some outside observer but I would be willing to read more if you have something that clarifies the situation.

              • He is the founder of the highly respected “Judicial Watch”.
                Judicial Watch uncovered the “list” & reported about it.
                They too, are on “the” list.
                The list can be found in WH documents. (Link in article). http://www.judicialwatch.org/press-room/weekly-updates/weekly-update-founding-fathers-extremists/
                To test the list, check out the SPLC list page. (Link in article I think)
                The FBI are telling kids that even the founding fathers were extremists, & to report any of their family or friends who talk like they did about “rights” and the “constitution”.
                But, as for any court transcripts as to why he’s being detained/refrained, I haven’t stumbled upon yet. That part of the “evidence” is lacking to date.
                Based on facts, I’ve drawn a conclusion not a fact. I feel it’s important to research deeper. P.S. Notice the date in the article?

                • The ethics charges stem from a falling out he had with Judicial Watch. “Klayman founded Judicial Watch and served as its chairman and general counsel from 1994 to 2003. According to the agreement Klayman signed with bar counsel, he represented three individuals suing Judicial Watch between 2006 and 2008. He didn’t get Judicial Watch’s consent to take those cases, as required by the local ethics rules when there are conflicts of interest involving a former client. – See more at: http://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/larry-klayman-censured-breaking-ethics-rules-will-go-back-saving-america#sthash.pttvudnT.dpuf” From the Legal Times (have to have subscription unfortunately)

                • Thanks for more info on it! God Forbid Omaba get impeached, we’d be stuck with that other guy that likes to get too close to people. Creepy.
                  I now want to dig deeper & see why he chose to risk his career by taking on the Watch.
                  I’ve never heard of him before this month, so, he’s not exactly media distraction bait.
                  There’s always been rally’s against almost every president we’ve ever had, for one thing or another. Now it’s considered pathologist to do so.
                  Clinton was sued by sheriff’s & won. It’s not unusual. Unfortunately, the one bill or grievment at a time can add up for people like crazy Klayman who loves freedom of speech.
                  It looks like I’ll be busy trying to round up all the different cases he listed. I’m especially interested in his conflict of interest cases.

    • Concerned, they’ve been arresting every participant, on the sly, since then. Even journalists & on looker’s. They are trying them twice.
      Funny thing is, there were absolutely no guns involved (Bundys don’t wear them) until the BLM set up their swat teams & snipers. That’s when the Oath Keepers rode to the rescue, & demanded peaceful outcome, set up defensive positions, & are now targeted as “terrorists” for stopping a slaughter.

  • Most people don’t understand how BLM treats us..Last year they set up a road block on deny rd.they were nice letting people in to let people get thier stuff because of the fire then they searched every truck and trailer on the way out.They found nothing and walked all over everyone.

  • If you just do what the officer says you’ll be on your way.unless your not legal.dont make a mountain out of a mole hill!!! It’s their job to make sure we’re all safe drivers so everyone is safe from idiots etc etc I hope all of you have a nice day!!

    • They Will Pull You Over

      This type of activity is doing zero to ensure safe driving! We should be able to drive down a road and not fear getting pulled over and searched for no reason at all. This is America after all.

  • Amendment IV

    The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

  • Ultralight success

    I spent a summer in TP back in 01. At that time it was half the scene it is now. Still there was one guy who was blatantly transporting all his stuff out by air. I remember him setting up his rig. I was amazed but he made it out and had no co Vern for being pulled over.

  • The magic word,Probable!!I know.we all have rights,but they have rules and laws and they’re the same for everyone.just to bad we all don’t follow them.no one is above the law

    • No one is above the law? That’s the problem in a nutshell, some that enforce the law feel they are above it. There is little accountability for those that are entrusted to enforce our laws, when they themselves ignore them. It happens when “the ends justify the means” is rationalized.

  • There are a few bad cops out there for sure.but I still follow the law.

    • Maybee your a self appointed guardian of the status quo, the kind of person who think the authorities are always right. Illegal profiling and unlawful searches only happen because the public is trained to obey and never question the ones in control. This isn’t about safety, it’s about confiscating cash. Marijuana is a plant given to us by God, and perfectly legal, by voter decree, in the state of California. By the way, all these searches at the airport have done nothing to stop “terrorism”, and the government admits this. The real purpose is to train people to live in fear, always do what the authority figure tells you, and above all never, ever think for yourself. Those of you who still like to think for yourselves, understand that your rights were given to you by God, police are public SERVANTS, they work for us, and you should never feel bullied into allowing illegal searches. The authorities are so used to people being intimidated and letting them do anything they want, that they will continue untill people stand up for themselves. No officer, I DO NOT consent to a search, am I being detained, or am I free to go? America, the original anti-government government. Long live the constitution.

      • “When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.”

  • I see now that Cliven was arrested.I did not know….That’s sad…I’m pre 1914 water rights holder with US land patent and I will stand up for rights for my land……No United Nations…No BLM..the land was for the people.Feds should stay in Washington DC . Get a Land Patent. ..

  • Pretty dumb to stop stop cars in the month of April….

  • They do this all the time!!!!!!!
    Literally loot cars and take marijuana and cash… Issue you a summons and then you never receive anything in the mail…..
    No warrants

    Just robbed by a fed in the middle of nowhere with no one to call for help. Oh yeah, and he has a gun.

  • Forest service sends out a weekly email describing hoe much weed and money they take to fs crew people. Last memorial day week they got over $100,000 in a week bet no public report or newspaper articles. Thanks trinity journal, you suck.

  • This news article might be of interest to the commenters who brought up the Cliven Bundy event.
    Now that Bundys are in jail, I’m again taking their land says Reid. http://dennismichaellynch.com/highlight-one/harry-reid-is-coming-after-bundy-ranch-again/

  • Ahhh the joys of not being a pot grower! I lived 50 miles in in the 36 and never got pulled over. I also never cared if I was pulled over because innocent people never trip about public servants being around:)

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