[UPDATE 12:50 p.m.] Hwy 299 Has Up to Two Hours Delays


The red circle shows approximately where Hwy 299 is closed. [Screengrab from the Caltrans Quickmap]

According to Caltrans, “Route 299 is closed from just east of the Trinity/Shasta County line to 12 miles west of Redding. The highway is anticipated to reopen this afternoon.”

Check Quickmap for the most recent updates.

UPDATE 12:50 p.m.: According to Caltrans District 2, Hwy 299 near Buckhorn Summit is “under one-way-traffic control 24/7 with intermittent Full Closures until debris from blasting efforts can be removed.”

Be prepared for two hour delays for the next two days.Untitled



  • Just waited at this for near 2 hours, The CHP came and told us all to turn around and find another way 4 to 5 hour wait is what we got told. Was heading to Redding and had to drop down to hwy 36

  • This is the stretch of 299 that CALTRANS just spent umptymillion dollars to “fix”. LOL

    • I may be wrong since I’m not familiar with the specifics of today’s closure besides what brief statements were made in this article, but the ‘fix’ at Buckhorn is a multi phase project. It’s not done yet and I’m assuming the blasting is in preparation for the coming work seasons next phase of realignment. I’m pretty sure the expect completion is 2017.

    • sharpen your pencil

      That is what they are doing [edit]. Blasting the mountain, so that dumb people much like yourself have a better chance to safely arrive to redding. The plan is to do the same thing on 36, when that project starts get ready for all the DUI arrests and traffickers getting the axe!

  • If I lose my grip on sanity, its everytime I go through this crap.

    They traffic control the same stretch of 5 miles ALL the time. Even if there is ONLY one operator using one tractor. Best part is they are just fixing the poor engineering efforts of the last year.

    Who is in charge over there? Who’s money is being spent? Who is signing off on the cuts that obviously are going to fail? What’s wrong with night shifts? Closing this main artery highway to traffic control for 4 years of daylight has me wondering why they don’t stick that dynamite where it belongs..Up CalTrans, Steve Manning and Mercer Frasers u know what.

    I make sure to yell obscenities every time I have to wait. Its a joke.

    • Wow dude! So sorry the world doesn’t revolve around you and the workers don’t work at night. Just so you know they are doing that work to improve the road. I’d love to see how perfectly you would fix our roads after mother nature moves parts of the road and the hills around it, so go get a job with the awesome people at caltrans and you can take the night shift! You clearly need to work on your anger management because in reality we are lucky to even have all these great roads that take us deep in the mountains.

      • Actually the management issues are with the simple and commonly used practices in engineering not being employed on this project.

        I assume your not from here. There was a perfectly functioning highway before. This is not being done for my benefit. This is solely for ease of commercial traffic.

        Ya, night shift. Its work. Do u know what work is?

        Mother nature? The walls they built were falling during our drought. I operate equipment and ya, they should do better for the time we all have to wait.

        Give me all my time and the old 299!

        • sharpen your pencil

          If you call buckhorn a perfectly functioning road previous to the construction you really are as ignorant as your posts read. Deal with it, or pick a different route. It’s a pretty easy problem to solve. [edit]

          • Whoa cowboy. Ya, I’m angry at this project, but does that make you angry?

            Your getting pretty personal. Are you what they call a troll?

            • Its funny you don’t realize you are the negative know it all troll. I work up to 80 hours a week. And you are [edit: wrong] to think a road would stay functional around here without constant work.[edit] have fun yelling obscenities at innocent workers keeping your roads safe, I’ll continue to not act like a jerk to them.

              • You obviously don’t work 80 hours in trinity to Shasta. 40 would be spent on waiting for this crew to fix last years mistakes.

                Or, its just one corner of a five mile stretch of traffic control that’s being worked on.

                I doubt you work a real 40 since you have enough time to waste arguing about your opinions of my opinion.

                Amd , I am responsible for maintainging my own road, not yours. If you want me to come and block you in for hours every day over a period of four years, and call it “for safety”, give me a call.

                You can even pay me

    • Watch out. Now everyone who LOVES caltrans will hate you too. LOL

      • I used to support caltrans completely and vocally. Even still, I praise many caltrans officials.

        A few Caltrans guys on that project are great too. They understand and sympathize with my grievances.

        One made the obvious point that bridges and tunnels would be much better suited than the current fiasco. However this is what we get being the poor $ north state.

        A four hour delay for blasting seems reasonable, however 5 miles of traffic control for almost NO work is unreasonable. This has been the reality for years. Not to mention half of the work is cleaning up last year’s mistakes. They need more shelves on their cuts, its fricken obvious.

        I can tell most of u don’t deal with this because I am not lying about my complaints.

  • Looks great going to be a beautiful road when done thanks Cal Trans .I hate waiting to take three to 36 for now

  • Angry Brian 🙁

    • sharpen your pencil

      More like pathetic existence. He said he is an operator, apparently somebody is a little angry they aren’t on the Cal Trans payroll. Probably because he is a self proclaimed operator, just like his self signed engineering diploma!

    • I feel better already, thanks for not getting personal.

      I mean really, what’s so crazy about night shifts and shorter traffic controls when they aren’t working all 5 miles?

  • Trolling…personal attacks. Your so cute.

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