Two Hatchlings! Benbow Eagles Appear to Have Two Live Offspring


Photographer Talia Rose is one of the people who believe the Benbow eagles have two hatchlings this year. Circle shows the two heads of the the hatchlings. [Crop of a photo by Talia Rose]

Could the Benbow eagles have two hatchlings this spring?  Photographer Talia Rose who has followed closely for three years the pair of eagles nesting not far from the Benbow Inn believes she captured an image of two eaglets poking their heads up over the nest early this morning. She described what she saw  on her Facebook page County Line Wild.

I went up to the Benbow Eagle’s Nest very early this morning. I was hoping to catch the first shift change and feeding and *maybe* even confirm the presence of a 2nd Eaglet. It was an incredibly magical morning in the valley – with both adults home – one in a tree across from the nest. I witnessed three feedings and two shift changes. Mama sang loudly during the entire first feeding from across the river, right below me, where she kept a close eye on things. I came home thinking I could not confirm a 2nd Eaglet just yet, but then I found this picture. I think there really are two this year! The one is quite a bit bigger and sits up taller in the nest. I was able to see it’s eyes and beak today, not just the fuzzy top of it’s head. The 2nd must have hatched a few days later.

Ann Constantino, another Benbow Eagle watcher, videoed the avian family yesterday and noticed what she believes is a second hatchling.

“Just after 45 seconds it looks like there might be two little heads bobbing around,” she wrote.

What do you think? Two or just one?



  • Looks like the one is wearing sunglasses. I didn’t know they made sunglasses that small. I wonder where they bought them. Certainly not the dollar store. I know they bought them because eagles wouldn’t steal them would they?

  • Very those eagle’s!!!HOPPY EASTER EVERYONE.I HOPE you all have a great day. Looks like 2

  • Your awesome G MA ,so refreshing to see nature in,all its slender .

  • Can’t tell for sure, but it looks like it might just be the chick lifting one of its wings.

  • The video is shot to far away Helen Keller might be able to see it , but I’m thrilled to have those beautiful creature s decided to live here . Makes you feel like there is hope for us all.

  • Cigars all around. Cigars made of cannabis!

  • Monday afternoon my friend spotted a bald eagle over the river in Myers Flat. I have never seen one here in 28 years….I wonder if their range is big enough for it to have been a Benbow eagle. In any case my day was blessed

  • I live in Miranda and have seen them flying up the river occasionally and even took a picture of one in an old snag in front of my house years ago. Always a delight to see!

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