Student Who Threatened Violence Sends Fortuna High Schools Into Lockdown


Fortuna High Campus from the school’s website.

About 10;45 a.m. today both East High and Fortuna High School went into lockdown following a student threatening violence, explained Superintendent Glen Senestraro.

“We had a student that threatened some violence against the school,” he said. “We had called the police about it. [The student] had left the campus.”

While the administration were waiting for Fortuna Police to apprehend the student, the school went into lockdown for safety’s sake.

According to parent Lauren Lazio, she received a message similar to “Fortuna high was on lockdown this morning because of a threat a student made to the school. The student has been detained and we assure you your student is safe”


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  • I’m really glad to see the school takes these threats seriously, good for them.

  • Good work!nice to know you think about the safety of our children,and acted swiftly . excellent A+

  • In my day folks handled the threat appropriately I stead of going into a pansy lock down mode, yah ain’t locking me down that’s for dam sure

    • You’re sure a big talker. You obviously don’t have kids who go to the school. They couldn’t have handled it any more appropriately.

  • Lots of illegal aliens going good to school there on our taxdollars, but let’s not talk about that!
    Trump will clean the mess up soon enough!

  • I just don’t understand the mindset, if someone is treating violence towds the school or if there is an active shooter on campus do really think the best, safest, course of action is to keep the children at school and isolated them from their parents. I don’t think most people understand that when a school is in lock down most won’t let you retrieve your children. Seems to me all these lock downs accomplish are to teach and condition the children to be constantly scared and how to literally become sitting targets. After all if a school is on fire you don’t cringe in the class room and wait to burn to death. This reminds me of the duck and cover protocol they use to teach in case of a nuclear explosion..

    • Ever hunt quail? You don’t start scoring until you bust them out of the brush and they expose themselves. Sometimes they are so confused they will even flee towards you, making the harvest easier. The idea with the schools is to clear the halls, creating a situation in which the aggressor is the only person exposed and may be taken out. If bullets start flying, you don’t want your kids running around like panicked quail. Remember the guy that Dick Cheney shot in the face while quail hunting? Well, some of the cops don’t shoot any better than Dick does. Lockdown seems a sound strategy, providing there is someone prepared to deliver an armed response.

      • How well did that work out at sandy hook? As I remember the crazy fuck went room to room shooting kids…

        • A timely armed response and an environment providing a clear field on fire on the perp is critical. I am not aware of the technicalities of the Sandy Hook fiasco. Was there a timely armed response?

  • I for one would much rather have my children informed on what to do in case of these being safe till the event is a parent,grandmother and in world of today it’s important our children are informed instead not knowing what to do,if a gunman is in your school your gonna want to know what to the earthquake drill.its important to feel safe.just sayin

  • Well statically speaking your still way more likely to be shot by a cop, killed in a car accident, killed by a bee sting,choke to death on gum etc etc then killed in a mass shooting or school attack. But maybe we should start expelling trouble makes again instead of coddle them. Outlawing Psychoactive or at least drastically reduce there use would help too.

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