Portable Toilets for Homeless Burned

Press release from Humboldt Bay Fire:

Humboldt Bay Fire Department HBF EurekaOn the morning of March 22, 2016 at 5:28 AM, an engine from Humboldt Bay Fire responded to a report of portable toilets on fire in the area known as “the North Forty” near the Palco Marsh. Bayshore Mall Security was on scene on arrival of Humboldt Bay fire. Firefighters located the remains of two portable toilet structures that had been almost entirely consumed by fire in the far north parking lot to the rear of the Bayshore Mall.

Firefighters extinguished the remaining fire.

The two toilets, provided by the Humboldt Bay Harbor District in an attempt to help prevent human waste from entering Humboldt Bay, had been reduced to piles of burned plastic and fecal material and were a total loss.

On scene personnel attempted to identify the cause of the fire, but were unsuccessful. The fire is suspicious, but at this time the cause is undetermined. Persons having any information about the fire are asked to contact Humboldt Bay Fire at 441-4000.



  • I am soooo pissed!! ya know you try to help these bastards out and help save our waters from becoming homeless toilets and this is the thanks we get!!!! Grrrrrr.

    • Who are the bastards? You dont know who it was? Maybe it was the guy who tried setting a homeless man on fire last summer in So Hum? “Run em out!”, that’s the motto i overhear lately!

  • Artists types, Pseudo intellectuals, Rogue College Professors, Layabouts & Alcoholics feed and devour off of a dying Liberal Government, just like maggots feed & devour off of a dying corpse.

    • Definition of bigot
      : a person who hates or refuses to accept the members of a particular group

      • Soooo are u a bigot of bigots?

        Alas, all cretans are liars says this cretan.

        • Nice twist dog, but i been posting out of concern for the homeless, not attack random GROUPS of people. Tugboat refuses to accept the members of a particular group, apparently many. I mearly pointed out ONE person Spweying hate. Alas, who is the cretan? Check your reading glasses. I have extras if you need some. XOXO

      • According to the poet Emerson , the definition of a bigot is a person who has ” contempt prior to investigation ”
        Well I have done my investigations and I am positive they are cowards who want to live off of other people.
        See “Goonie Birds” for a good description of these people you have a tender spot for. How many of these people do you have crashing on your couch ? Right NONE.

  • One shitty person ruined it all,ya know the one rotten apple in the bag spoils the lot!!geeze no good deed….

  • These homeless do not want our help. It’s obvious they don’t when they willfully burn down outhouses and refuse to clean up their act. Better off running them out of our city and returning them to where they came from. F’ing losers. I’m sick of them expecting me to give them money too. Get a damn job you losers.

  • You need a hug?

    • sharpen your pencil

      Probably needs the same thing as many WHOM ACTUALLY live in Eureka. A round of errands being accomplished without some panhandling dimwit look for a free score. My favorite saying to give these parasites is “no, I don’t have any money to spare for you, I worked my ass off for the change I’m able to keep from paying my bills, I suggest you learn what that feeling is like!” They can call me an asshole all they want, however I can sleep soundly knowing that I’m not contributing a dime to their addiction or to this problem we are faced with!

  • Sharpen Your Pencil, are saying every homeless man, woman & child are drug addicts? Wow. You need a hug too!

    • I think Most people would not have such a problem with the”homeless” if they cleaned up after them self’s, quit destroying the places they camped and stopped accosting people around town. Besides most people know the distinction between people that are just down on their luck but still trying and the worthless self hating bums that are causing the problems. Just like with illegal immigration, no body wants to stop immigration but some people feel we have the right to choose who we let into our country,and are tired of the ones who cause the problems. Just because someone is poor or homeless or mentally ill that does not give them the right to break the law and hurt other people or destroy their things. Enough is enough all ready…

      • Thc……so cause they are not homeless how you prefer, your solution is?

        • Anonymous, you are ignorant, There is not a solution for every problem, but you can stop creating new problems. The only solution I see that you have is to call out others that are effected by this serious negative behavior.

          • Guy Fawkes advocate

            So… you are saying the homeless must have done this because there are plenty of high paying jobs for them, served on platter, and available with a bouquet of flowers and a welcome mat, that will afford them a middle class home and they are refusing this and choosing homelessness because they are morally defective drug addicts? I see! The homeless problem is a moral defective problem only, has nothing to do with a fundamental lack of empathy, compassion, or charity and so is a drug problem! Also has nothing to do with lack of education because every single person on earth has the capability of being Harvard scholars too. Or that minimum wage won’t buy an efficiency apartment. Nope nothing to do with that. So why have there been poor people since the dawn of civilization? Right, because we don’t dig enough holes to bury them in and we keep these losers alive by not killing them. If we just stop helping people the only problem will be where to bury all the bodies until they all die I off. Then only the not lazy educated college graduates will be available to work at Walmart. Oh right! College professors are maggots feeding off the decay of liberal government. Oh my. ..when we get rid of them how will people get college educations to avoid being lazy homeless drug addict people? And when we get rid of the artists who will design more Nike swooshes?

            • Just because some one goes to collage for four years to get a degree in Greek philosophy or majors in ethnic studies doesn’t mean their going to automatically have a high paying job when they graduate. I know quit a few collage grads that couldent find work in their perfesson and are now working at gas stations, grow stores, bussing tables or growing dope, but they didn’t give up, even with 30 grand of loans to pay off. I don’t think any one here is advocating kicking all homeless out, just the ones that don’t respect other people and the places they squat. Why is it such a bad thing to hold them to account for the damage and laws they break?Are they some how above the laws that govern every one else?

        • anonymous, All that I ask is that they fallow the law like everyone else. I have no problem with a person that is homeless, I do have a problem when they use that as an excuse to steal and destroy things that are not theirs. And by the way I spent almost three years living in a tent,back of my truck and couch surfing during my teenage rebellion years but still managed to keep a job and finish school and now live in a house I built my self.

          • Guy Fawkes advocate

            You do realize that you complain about law breaking and then refer to “growing dope” as if that were not federally illegal? Or in the same category as pumping gas? Is that not hypocritical?

            Do you have Marijuana conviction? Because you would not have finished school with one. Technically if you did drugs or smoked dope in federal eyes you should have been barred from school.

            Nobody here is espousing the destruction of property. However it seems many are linking defense of the innocent with such a supposition.

  • AMEN to every single comment up above!!! They were given toilets down by Del Norte street dock before, and they both ended up in the bay. Now some one who is an advocate wants to build them a little village with small houses and dining place. How long will this last? They do not want any help from what i can see. I worked all my life as hard as any man, a female never should work like I did, not only do I have a crushed ciatica nerve, but had 9 strokes between Aug 2015 and Nov 9th. The one on Nov 9th killed me but God had other plans I miss working, but never will be able to again. I refuse to help in any way, manner or form!!! I do not have any income coming in at all, hubby barely gets enough for us to survive on, he is 80 yrs old, and also worked hard all his life. And yet some of these homeless people are getting mega dollars every month for what? Being a druggie or drunk? Sending them away isnt the answer, every town has the same problem. Slow boat to China would work, maybe? I dont like being afraid everywhere I go, or looking over my shoulder, but it has come down to this. If anyone has the right answer to solve this problem speak up really quick so it can be resolved

    • Guy Fawkes advocate

      I can’t help but notice everyone is assuming the homeless people did this. To me it seems more likely one of you haters did it.

  • You are all a bunch of hateful bigots and deserve to burn in hell. No one knows who did it. Go plant a tree instead of sitting here talking the immense crap that comes out of your hearts and dirty mouths. Go find God you hateful bigots. Wow you’re so AMAZING for working so hard! You deserve all the beautiful things!! (Total sarcasm) God doesn’t see that! It looks at your ACTIONS! If I was God I would whoop all of your butts. I sure do hope NONE of you end up homeless one day (which is very possible in this day and age).

    • Melissa, you must be one of those tolerant liberals I keep hearing about, you know the kind that when you disagree with, they wish that you burn in hell because their so liberal and tolerant.. so just so I’m understanding you, if I defecate on the street, destroy the land I’m camping on that isn’t mine, accost people for money and steal things that arnt mine I’m just a human down on my luck who deserves help, but if I want to holed those people to account for the vagrant disregard for our laws and others around them I deserve to burn in hell? I wonder what Jesus or god would have to say about that? And why does it always seem that the liberal anti bigots are the ones that are the biggest bigots out there?

  • I understand your frustration Mrs Jensen and am saddened you would agree with what i found to be hateful comments above. Im trying everyday to find better solutions cause you do have the right to feel safe. Some work, some fail, but im trying, love. Hopefully Measure Z will help increase patrols in your neighborhood. Take care. Much love Mrs Jensen

  • Us and them. So easy to take potshots from behind the safety of the internet. A homeless person is a person who does not have a home to live in. How fortunate you all are. Because you have homes you are superior human beings. Pathetic whiny self loving bigots.

  • Hate to say I told you so, so I won’t.

  • Please stop throwing the word bigot around,we all aren’t and it kinda pissed me off.

  • No one called u a bigot Gma. Yours was the only reasonable comment made earlier using metaphors. Thank you for your input & Sorry for the misunderstanding. XOXO

  • In an attempt to keep human waste out of the bay,…
    You know as well as I do that the bums are capping in the bay non stop!

  • Guy Fawkes advocate

    Okay, all name calling aside. I must say this.

    People who have never been homeless don’t get the real picture. They were supported by families,and in public schools, probably had families who could give them college educations. They have the competency to do it. In short, they didn’t get there in a vacuum and they have some qualities and resources that not everybody else has. They seem to have this overblown impression that social programs give these people tons of money. Or that they are only poor for lack of effort.

    There are those who persevere, but they are an exceptional minority and it is as unfair to say all poor should do that as it is to say we should all be super stars or CEOs.

    Here’s the reality. If you do not have children the most you can expect is less than $200 a food in food stamps a month. And in many states that is only if you have never had any drug conviction at all. If you so much as got caught with a joint your on your own. You will also be disqualified from public housing. So no, we don’t subsidize drug addicts. We mostly leave them to suffer which is how they become homeless.

    If you are drug free and have a family you may get a maximum TANF amount of less than $500 for a famiky of 3 a month, and food stamps less than $200 per person. Rent subsidies have up to an 8 year waiting list in many states. I invite any one of you to live on that. Try it. You’ll be amazed at how many luxuries you enjoy in your life that you can’t have. Luxuries like a dependable car and health care.

    Oh and TANF has a five year cut off and rigorous work requirements. Problem is a person working 40 hours a week cannot afford even basic housing. Welfare provides a cheap labor force and relieves corporations from having to pay people a living wage. If we end welfare Walmart will lose its labor force, or have to raise its pay. Walmart is the biggest employer of TANF recipients in the country. So that puts to bed the drug addict and lazy layabout about arguments.

    Now I’m a business owner, who works part time while also being a college student at 40 years old and a mother of two boys. I have a GPA of 3.8 and carry 12 credits most semesters. I was recently thrown out of my home because could not afford needed repairs. I was thrown out by a government agency who I asked for help for said repairs. My son’s had to go live with their father and I immediately lost my health care and ASPIRE support. The agency now says they can’t help with my repairs but i can’t return to the home I own until they are done. So now I’m homeless. But I can’t get help unless I’m in a shelter because living on a sofa at a friends means I’m not homeless. I stayed in a shelter for a month only to discover there wasn’t much help for me there because I’m able bodied, and work, and no longer have my boys with me. Yeah, I work therefor i can’t get help.

    Through all of this I keep working and keep going to school and maintain my high honors grades.

    Most of the homeless people I’ve met on my journey are not so driven or do not have the aptitude and resources i do to earn a degree. For them it is a matter of ability, and circumstances, not desire. I’ve had to keep soldgering through many obstacles and I can’t honestly expect everybody to have that ability.

    The biggest cause of homelessness are people who live in a fantasy land in which people go homeless because are lazy and just dont wanna. Homelessness is the fault of the homeless. A society’s value is found not in how rich is richest are but in how they treat their down trodden. This perception that wealth is reduced to a matter of willingness or character only protects a malicious protectionism for the middle class and willful social Darwinist ideal in which only the well fed and supported deserve to live.

    It’s the worthy verses the unworthy poor. It’s a way to avoid responsibly for the short comings of society. The poor aren’t the problem, bigoted attitudes such as demonstrated here, are.

    • So that gives them a right to break the law and destroy things that are not theirs ?

      • Guy Fawkes advocate

        Lol, wow, again with the assumptions! Read! We don’t know who did this and you are making another assumption that homeless people did this. What if it was a middle class teenager? Would that make it more okay? Nobody has that “right” and nothing in my post says they do.

        Please, reasoned arguments that refute what I actually said are more productive.

        Let’s see if anybody can make a reasoned argument that refutes something I actually said and that does not contain an assumption of guilt. I dare you. I also dare you to find sources that refute the numbers I mention that come from reputable sources.

      • your reading comprehension is about as good as your spelling.

        a half page of nuanced personal experience and what you got is “it’s ok to burn shit”?

        go back to collage. or college.

  • We don’t know who did this. I don’t think it was a homeless person, it was probably some local asshole taking advantage of all of the anti homeless sentiment. As all of the ‘christians’ in town celebrate Easter this weekend, consider this: “As you have served those who are the least of your brethren, so have you served me.”

  • There are this problems everywhere,I’m not worried about them just our town we live in.ive had in broad day light at the mall,someone grabbed my purse off my shoulder tried to run,got a surprise, this granny was swinging with the other side,then when he let go I whacked him with my purse.i don’t go to the mall anymore,cause I’m afraid I’ll hurt somebody that purse is.heavy!BE KIND TO ONE ANOTHER

  • Good for you G-ma!! Was this near pretzel time?

  • Guy Fawkes advocate

    I love it, go girl! 😂

  • G-ma’s a bad***!

  • It’s time to fight back!I worked hard for that damn purse.and my hubby works hard for the money,I’ll be damn ed if I’ll give it to some lazy bastard,who would rather rob some one for it!!besides I love that purse

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