Man Barricades Himself Inside Home to Avoid Eviction in McKinleyville

A 54-year-old McKinleyville man barricaded himself inside a home today in the 2300 block of McKinleyville Avenue, according to Selena Zorilla-Mendoza spokesperson for the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. He refused to accept an eviction order, she said.


“Neighbors were advised to shelter in place,” she wrote on the Sheriff’s Facebook page. “Additional deputies and CHP arrived on scene. At about 10:56 a.m. the subject was safely detained. He accepted the eviction and criminal charges will not be sought.”

“It could have been have been a dangerous situation but the situation is wrapping up,” Zorilla Mendoza said.



  • lousyricktherenter

    What has this guy done to get evicted?
    Sad there’s no real renters rights advocates up here, with all these slum lords we sure could use some some support!

  • We have no idea when he last paid rent or what damage he caused to the property but I am sure he didn’t get evicted for being a good tenant , just saying

  • Did he have any to help him with social services after? Maybe he was injured and could pay bills? He was in his 50s!!!!. Lets just throw him in with the rest of the Reeks & Wrecks. Who cares right? We’ll just step over him and complain later, he smells. Why do we have to care since we did well & he may have not! As long as he doesnt block our sidewalks!

  • Getting someone evicted is a long court process. In which time most tennants refulse to pay rent, or maintian the property. The owner of the house still has to pay taxes and likely a mortgage. Why should we feel sorry for someone who is stealing? That is what this man was doing by refusing to leave, he was stealing realestate. Its tennants like this that cause landlords to charge higher rents. They have to cover thier own investments. If the tennant needed help, he should have contacted social services months ago when this process began.

    • I understand the long process very much but you only make the assumption he held out rent, you then twist into stealing. Buttttttttttttt, Maybe he was mentally ill and couldnt afford the meds to make him normal? Maybe he has begining Alzheimers? Maybe he suffers from undiagnosed depression? Maybe he was to proud to seek any help like many elders i know. Maybe he just never planned his future well and now another Elder is possibly on the streets. His choices or not, I feel sorry most people have no problem tossing aside what is considered, throw away humans, a waste of life, a waste of space! Im not apart of any chuch but is this what Jesus intended in his teachings. Their fault, not mine, who cares?

      • It says the guy is 54, not 94. You speak of him like he’s some ancient old relic of a person at 54.

        • Glad you have a great bill of health, congradulations my friend! My grandparents were pretty much relics by then, according to your opinion. They did not have a good bill of health. I had to help with many things as simple as vacumning, laundry, & dinner cause they couldnt do it anymore & would never ask for help. They’d nibble saltines for a month instead of asking someone to go to the store for them. Many of the ailments & elder pride i mentioned before, can begin at this stage of life or earlier.

          The disease can occur in people in their 30s, 40s, and 50s; however, most people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s are older than age 65. Early-onset Alzheimer’s disease accounts for up to 10% of Alzheimer’s cases.Aug 26, 2015
          Alzheimer’ s Disease Questions and …more at
 › qanda.

          Do we know what this 50 yrs old bill of heatlh was? Nope

          You say i mention him like an ancient relic, all aliments listed are possible for this man at his age. I use elder cause he is an elder to me.

          elder definition
          adjective el·der
          Simple Definition of elder
          : of greater age

          Last i checked use of this word does not imply relics but proper respect towards my elders.
          Decrepit or not at 54, im still am concerned for one of my elders!

  • One more House-less Soul among us…. af

  • Well mayby one of you that thinks its unfair could offer this man a bed in your house, or better yet just give him your house..

  • Isn’t that what Jesus did? I guess he might be the original bleeding heart liberal! I’m down with that. Thanks for your cynical attitude. It’s amazing what can motivate you. Hummm I wonder where i can fit some extra beds? Thank you THC

  • Maybe he was renting and his landlord defaulted on the mortgage and Freddie Mac sold the house at an auction that no working person could afford, so real estate speculators bought it and they don’t want tenants because they’re only interested in flipping the house and selling it to rich people, so now another working class person is out on their ass and can’t afford to rent anywhere else in over-priced Humboldt! It happened to a friend of mine. That’s how they use your bailout money. One guy from Modesto bought 6 houses at an auction, evicted all the tenants, and the houses sit empty because no real working people can qualify for the mortgages. Feel free to make up your own story, but it won’t solve this guy’s problem. I’d barricade myself too.

  • He punched a lady with one leg in the face and spit on another ,threatened them with murder and hit one with his cell phone and then verbally abused them with the most profane language ever spoken, oh, it was because one of them had parked her car where she’de parked for the last 3 years. He didn’t even own a car. Parked so a disabled person could use the ramp. So shut your judgemental mouths bleeding hearts for a violent unproked sub human excuse for a human being. He did this in front of 6 shocked people. So before you defend him find out the facts. He’ll be in criminal court next week for his brazen violent behavior. Why don’t you take him home with you.

  • Oh and after his revolving door arrest he violated his restraining order displaying a flip out police asp. A bow and arrow. Cursing and yelling at neighbors with his door wide open for everyone to see his marijuana grow in a section 8 federal funded building which has a no tolerance drug policy. He would yell that he didn’t care and could do what he wanted to anyone with impunity. He did get a low cost lawyer who couldn’t continue to represent him due to his continuous restraining order violations. He has lived there for 4 months and 3 weeks for free. He never had a job. He was sucking off the tax payer system and didn’t care who he hurt or used.
    But as I said take him home you’ll find out. I felt sorry for him and brought him a bed and recliner. My thanks ….he spit in my face for telling him not to beatup a one legged woman !!!!

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