Slow Down On Briceland Road, Please! Garbage Spill!


[Photo by Brian Anderson]

Hey, Drivers on Briceland Road,

There is a garbage spill just west of Shop Road.

Brian Anderson of the Redway Fire Department tells us as of 3:15 p.m., “Crews are at the scene cleaning up and one way controlled traffic is in place.  The spill should be cleaned up within an hour or so.  Please thank your readers for slowing down through the scene.  We really appreciate it.”

UPDATE 4:11 p.m.:  Another photo of the scene by Laura Lowery.12528649_10154237267759206_1531208442_o



  • How’s drinking whiskey in the day working out for ya?

  • howz you're techer

    This is what you do to people who try to give you writing lessons?

  • what a load of crap!!

    i hate to slam your ex, but the outpost lost their best writer/reporter and has been in a downward spiral since your exodus. most of the commenters are gone from there. they know.

    i toast to your continued good health and good fortune too. you, kym.

    • Thank you. But I’m pretty fond of my “ex.” I read them almost every day. And they seem to have a lot of commenters. I wish them nothing but the best.

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