Contractor Loses Tools When Thieves Steal Trailer; Can We Help Him Get Back to Work?


On March 15, a trailer that looks like those shown except it is silver grey instead of white was taken from the 2400 block of J Street.

“This trailer is for my husband’s work,” wrote Naomi Wager. “My husband is a contractor, so he put most of his tools in his trailer. He built his work bench inside of trailer and some hangers for tools too. Since he doesn’t have his tools, his work is very limited.So now he can’t work and our family is facing financial difficulties.”

Please keep a look out for a 2014 silver gray Cargo trailer. It is a “5′ x 10′ utility enclosed, walk in 6′ tall. And it has 2 back doors, 1 side door and single axle,” writes Wager. The license plate number is 4NR2742.

If you have any information, please contact the Eureka Police Department at (707) 441-4060.





  • There must be a special pit in hell for someone who steals a man’s livelihood.

  • LeAnna Carson-Hansen

    Hopefully you are checking the pawn shops.
    They are the conduit for stolen goods here in Humboldt County.
    Sorry for the loss.
    Scum bag thugs stealing from those who work and bust their rears to support their families is getting past old.
    My brother in law marks his tools a specific way. Not just his name but little dents or chips off the paint.
    Photographs it with a date stamp.
    A clear clue to thieves is that they have ground off the serial numbers.
    Again, I am so sorry for your families loss.

  • I have a trailer and possibly some tools that Humboldt Habitat for Humanity needs to sell. I would be able let him look through our stuff and figure out if we could work out a deal. Contact me through Facebook if interested.

  • What does he need ? I can donate one tool to help build his box up . Others can do the same . He should put a list together for the absolute necessities to keep working .comtact Ray Moreta via Facebook

  • I spraypaint my more valuable tools, pink.

  • So sorry about your stuff getting stolen .One of the worst feeling is getting ripped off .in raged and helplessness. Just sucks . Chk behind the Bayshore mall. I hope it gets found unbroken .

  • That sux!!!! If you can please start a gofundme account with a list of desired tools, I’d be glad to help as am sure others would too.

    Yes check pawn shops but what I discovered when all my stuff was stolen in a home break in (besides that the sheriff’s didn’t care) is that thieves often keep stolen stuff in storage units to sell at a later date. And you have to be a police officer to look up serial numbers on eBay, which was news to the sheriff’s office & something they wouldn’t even consider doing.

    Yep it is awful that we have to lock everything up. The bubble has popped & our good nature is being taken advantage of.
    I think we need to rally our supes to make sure the practice of sending “undesirables” north from the bay on busses is curtailed. These type of thefts are all too normal in big cities. People used to thieving in cities see our towns as easy pickings. Especially gang members, which we have a lot of these days. To join most gangs you have to commit a crime&get away with it.

  • I had the same thing happen to me a few years back the thieves took my truck and my trailer! I had been collecting tools all my life I lost every tool I ever owned. I would have payed a ransom for my stuff if had that opportunity too! Good my friend in finding the low life that put you in such a hardship!

  • Tool list is a great idea!

  • This is a wonderful and hardworking family, who are true victims! Thieves are just awful!
    I sincerely hope you get all your items back Wagar family…
    It is heartwarming to see all the offers of kindness.

  • My husband and I make our living out of our trailer too,we used to be a company of 4,but it’s to expensive.Im so sorry these thieves often come to the job sites to sell tools,we will keep a lookout.Will be praying god bless

  • Most handymen, jacks of all trades, tool collectors, mechanics, contractors, have several copies of many tools. Make a list and leave a drop off location, and this fellow would have tools coming out the wazoo.

  • A lot of Touring bands have trailers like this full of their musical equipment. Some thieves specialize in those, to make fast money. maybe someone thought it was a band trailer. It sucks, but maybe people should label them with gross occupations to keep folks from stealing them……”Horse Enemas while you wait”…

  • Any news???still hoping

  • Thank you for kind words and good ideas. Unfortunately, we haven’t got good news yet, but we are still hoping our trailer and tools would be back to our hands.

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