Sheriff’s Office Warns Homeless to Move From Camps Near Redway


Humboldt County Sheriff’s deputies and officers from the Department of Fish and Wildlife are meeting with homeless individuals in Redway today.

Deputies and officers from the Department of Fish and Wildlife are warning homeless individuals today camped in the Redway area to move, said Sgt. Jesse Taylor of the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Department.

The officers are visiting transient camps, Taylor said. “We’re going in posting warnings and signage. We have requests from the property owner to not trespass.” In a few weeks, Taylor said, deputies from his department will again go to the spots. “At that point [those still camped there] will be subject to arrest if they don’t vacate.”

At this point, there are “eight to ten well-known populated camps,” Taylor said. He is hoping to get the individuals at these camps to move before fire season starts and more transients arrive with warmer weather.

“I’m still trying to work out the logistics with SWAP,” Taylor explained. He is hoping to get participants in the Sheriff’s Work Alternative Program (SWAP) to assist with cleanup of the camps. “I’m hoping to be there in early April to knock down the brush and follow up with garbage removal.”

Homeless activist Debra Carey worries that the displaced will have “no where to go….There has to be place for the Verns in the world,” she said referencing a well-liked local man who is disabled. The homeless moved from the camps north of Redway, she believes “will just go into town.”

She worries that the displaced people just get passed from one area to another. “I just watched people get off the bus,” she said. “I kinda made contact with them and a lot of them are coming from Eureka. As we’ve sent them north; they’ve sent them back.”

Carey said, “We have to have somewhere for them to go…but we better get it on…A new season is coming on… .”



  • Cheryl Richcreek

    And the rich get richer!

  • Wish they would do the same on the Samoa dune forest. There is aprrox 100 people camped on private property that is for sale. Rob Arkley owns it and has made no effort to clean it up.

  • StopTrashingtheForest

    They need to move along those ones camped north of town along the cliff and in the forest. It’s such a mess in there! Trash everywhere!

  • If the people complaining about the homeless having no where to go would back up their talk and find them places to go then more people would listen to them. Otherwise, you are all talk and no action!! If you haven’t already found an alternative then the next best place would be your houses, I’m sure you have back yards you can set up a tent camp. They can not continue to set up permanent camps on private or state property.

  • West coast road

    That’s my uncle Vern and yes these people ain’t all bad,, they have a condition and need help,, I just wish the rich would step up and make some shelters & places for these people… I too was recently homeless for over a year,,without a shelter & a helping community & God! I’d still be there. open our eyes, hearts & wallets there humans too…

    • Uncle Vern is a local, we want to help the locals with mental disease, but not the bums well enough to travel. If they have enough brains and strength to get on a bus and come here,they have enough strength to get a job.
      Uncle Vern I will help also I will help auntie Robin, the local lady who walks the woods and likes beer. The others I cannot feel sorry for them.

  • I think it would be worth halting the bus service to prevent them from coming back from Eureka…we just don’t have the resources for them in Southern Humboldt.

    • I copied this a few months ago..
      The county has a program for folks to go home:
      929 Koster St.
      Eureka, CA 95501
      Transportation Assistance Program (TAP)
      Do you know someone who needs help to a place outside of Humboldt County to:
      · Return home
      · Return to family or friends
      · Return to a place for a job
      If they are eligible they could receive:
      · Bus ticket
      · Help with meals
      · Help with fuel (in some cases)

  • I’m just wondering if the county can arrest them and then have them clean up after themselves on an assigned work crew. Eureka should do the same with Devil’s Playground…

  • What the hell third time I’ve made a comment wtf I’ll try again .I think it’s about time the cops are telling them to move . Maybe they can move in with Debra Carey she is a homeless advocate . They should do the same for fortucky .the bums are as thick as thieves .there too.

  • concerned neighbor

    Why is it that these peoples arent reaponsible for finding their own places to live? Why is it the communities responsibility to house people that dont want to be housed.

    • Maybe not everyone is equipped with a proper public education or upbringing? How can one be responsible if they have no idea how? Is it really a matter of not wanting to be housed or a matter of not knowing how to be responsible & maintaining an actual home, with the cost of living? Add addiction into the equation & its even harder to get back on track. Just Food for Thought.

    • The idea is that we all live in the same world that at this point is very challenging to get by in.
      Sometimes people have injuries or just dont make enough money above monthly bills to stay working if say their car broke down.
      Not everyone on the streets are druggies, there is a huge percentage of disabled older women who cant afford a place to live.

      I digress…. the idea is that by helping folks on the streets, you would receive help if you end up without a home. You know that whole do unto others thing. There are many homeless families all over the state who lost their home to foreclosure in the horrible mortgage loan scam.

      When people are injured/sick & cant work, SSI takes years to get during which most people wanting to get better just get worse. Even with it one gets max of $800/month & no food stamps. Even at $1000/month you’re still living on $12,000/year and thats considered poverty wages by the feds.
      This is why so many people stay on ssi, theres no help to get ahead or get better. Once western medicine treats you with every treatment they are allowed to offer, they literally say sorry we dont have anything else to try. Then you lose your ssi for not going to the doctor & ur screwed.

      There are a lot of loser needle users in those camps, lets try to help those that really are down on their luck and train them to work the homeless camps to get folks who really do want to be a functioning part of society.

    • Wait Wait don’t tell me they are a sense And you?

  • ^ little concern.

    And glad you aren’t my neighbro.

  • Those can work, should work and get on their feet. Those that can’t need help. You all are assholes.

  • it is almost 8 pm and I just walked by a male and female shooting up on the church steps next to the post office—–did not even hide—-it seemed they were having a tough time getting the needle in her groin/leg ? area—–crazy—do not bring children into this town—-needles everywhere

    • There several youtube & facebook videos of junkies shooting up in broad daylight. The few i bothered to watch(hard to watch) was at an San Fran simple street bus stop.

      From California to the New York island;
      From the redwood forest to the Gulf Stream waters. This land has been full of many junkies!

      What’s the solution to end this?
      Im clueless to this answer, apparently heroin addiction goes all the way back to the civil war. Amputees received the new found drug 💉 for their pain. It was also popular amongst household products at one time. A housewife could buy a fancy syringe from the local pharmacist.
      The statistics since that time seems to show heroin has been here a long time & it becomes popular around every 30 yrs or so. Sad. I wish it would just disappear but that is just hopeful unrealistic thinking. Maybe We across America, need to do something more than hopeful thinking. If rehab was more affordable or free, could it curb the # of addicts? Sad for our children & how they hurt so much they resort to self bodily harm.

  • That’s why locals on patrol are patrolling kudo to all involved tara Sutherland

  • Southern Humboldt is the perfect place for the homeless to be , the mateel feeds them several times a week and the locals clean up their camps. Most of them do not want jobs. It’s called the Dirty kid movement , legitimate homeless should get some kind of voucher for food and shelter. I should know I used to be homeless.

    • Can we be surprised bout these kids who seem to care less? Many of them watched their parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents work hard all their lives to watch them lose their houses, jobs & health insurance. Many of them think, Why, if ur just screwed later, i’m gonna live my life now.

      My sister couldnt find a job in SC for 3 yrs. Luckily she had enough nuts squirrled away to continue payments on her house that whole time. A month before she finally found a job, she was preparing to let go of her house. My sister has always prepped her future & sustained herself longer than most. I have friends who lost their house after unemployeement for 1 year & are now renters.
      When kids see hard workers go thru this kind of chaos, its hard to convince them a job & hard work can be a good thing.

  • South jetty put them out there ,and put up a wall like a roach motel you can get in ,but you can’t get out .at l east it not be hind bay shore mall .

  • The overwhelming majority of people on the streets of Garberville are healthy young males. Many may have a drug problem. I would have no way of knowing. This I do know. The several times that I’ve helped one, by giving them a place to stay, they’ve burglarized me. No more. Even speaking to one of them makes you a target once they know you. It’s sad. But the hangers out in Garberville and Redway are 99% not families with kids down on their luck. There is a nationwide subculture–nationwide if not international in scope–of young males who do drugs and steal and live in the woods. Given the number of job openings that businesses can’t fill, it’s not for lack of work. Repeat: this is a subculture–it’s rooted and it’s getting worse. The causes are: economic depression, law enforcement allowing drugs into the country and communities (right before our eyes), breakdown of family structure, lack of social services (starting with Reagan), and breakdown of the educational system. For starters.

  • It’s just not right to force out these poor folks, as it is just not right to pitch a tent in someone’s land without permission, then shit and piss everywhere, basically into the creek and river and to haul a shit ton of supplies in that are basically garbage to leave in the woods for someone else to clean up, …Garberville is just such an amazing place it draws in the mental of the mentally ill unproductive champions of the earth!

  • This general situation has been going on since the early 1940s. Only they were called bums, hobos, etc. A relative (by marriage) of mine grew up that way. Only spent one year in the same school. He was otherwise shuffled through many systems. Finally, at age 17, he got fed up and joined the armed forces, where he learned a trade, some discipline, and how to live as a gainful member of society.

    Now, as a retired citizen, he enjoys the simple life without constantly looking over his shoulder. His thanks go to the Salvation Army who often fed him and his father and supplied clothes for a growing boy. Not to the bleeding heart liberals.

  • Don’t worry! Once Obama gets his 18% ex-presidents raise, everything will be ok.

    Kaiser is moving to Ireland. Carl’s Jr is moving back east. Calif legislators are pushing for candy & soda tax. The law enforcers will be busting parents for smoking around their 20yr old kids. They’ll be busting kids for quitting smoking via vaping. Fines galore for our beautiful state! Soon the medical mj will be gathering 15%+ tax, the EPA $35,000 per day fines for collecting rain water or road dust.
    We’ll be rolling in the dough! We’ll have the homeless housed in no time!

  • Do you have a job? Do you pay rent? If you lost your job, could you still pay your rent?
    There are people in this community with full time jobs who cannot find affordable housing & live in their vehicles. First, last & security can run to $3000 just to get in the door & that still requires references & a job. Rents for the cheapest places are $800-$1000.

    • sharpen your pencil

      You are high as hell. You can find studios for as low as 350 in eureka….. but that would cut into most people habit funds! Also if you look into it and actually fall into the category you can apply for section 8.

      I know, blaming everyone else because you want to be a lazy pile and sit on the couch, or flip burgers and expect more than 12 an hour, get real and get a job that doesn’t exist for high school and college student.

      Lastly if these junkies would pool their money from SSI together they could get a place as roommates, but then they would be able to fill their dope pipes, so head em up move em out!

      • 350 a month? You’re the one that’s high, dude! Quit pretending you have all the answers and just shut up. People like you are what’s wrong with the world.

    • Yes, but do those people that work a full time job and still can’t afford a house squat on other peoples property and then not even have enough respect to clean up their garbage or dig a hole to shit in? There is a differents between being homeless and just being a worthless piece of shit. I’ve yet to see one family down on their luck living in these “homeless camps”

  • sharpen your pencil

    Just an idea. We don’t want them in eureka, so “return to sender” thank you very much! If you are so concerned Carey, invite them all to live at your home! I know just talking about them needing somewhere to go to use their drugs is so much easier than doing it! What a joke, so many of these people have been offered assistance or know it is available. Yet refuse to accept it…. You can not force a junky to get sober, not even in jail or prison, because most of them have no sole so they will do anything to stay high!

  • Mrs. Chinn in Eureka from what i understand has been very successful in helping the homeless. She has helped many Junkies get clean too. She has even housed many families. How does she do it? Im curious

  • Just want the end of the story

    How many “homeless advocates” have homeless living in their homes? If everyone is worried about Vern, give him a place to live. It’s the same mind set as celebrities who natter on about refugees, but not a one is living in their home on Lake Como or Beverly Hills mansion.

  • Y should us tax payers feel bad.all’s these people do is trash our one time it was safe to hike threw these woods now you can’t.I say move on you trashy people.and to those bleeding hearts out there open your home’s to them then.

  • so hum resident

    As to where will the homeless go..
    Well not were there isn’t any resources and a town that is to small!
    Frankly most of the homeless are lazy people who don’t want to work and be responsible and or on drugs!. So What ever to them.
    The rest are mentally ill and need help
    We need to have facilities to help them get better.
    If your down and out on your luck, I’d love to see facilities help people get back-up. But not allowing towns to have transients trashing and squatting where it creates health issues.for everyone w no resources.
    This is why we have cities!.
    We need to fix this California and America!

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