(Photos/Video) “Very Bad Crash” on Broadway, One Person Extricated


Photo from a reader

According to a reader, there is a “very bad crash” on Broadway in Eureka. The reader says it is near Dutch Bros. and Verizon.

According to scanner traffic, the vehicle crashed into a pole, and at least one person was trapped inside. We heard over the scanner that there was [an approximately] 26-year-old male unconscious in the vehicle.

One person was extricated from the vehicle a little before 11:50 p.m. A second ambulance has been requested, which means there is likely a second person who was injured. However, this has not been confirmed. We’ll update as we hear more.

Update 12 a.m.: According to the scanner, the man has “massive” injuries to the right side of his body. The CHP incident page says there were no other vehicles involved.

Update 12:02 a.m.: According to the incident page, both southbound lanes are blocked.

Update 12:03 a.m.: Two people were extricated from the vehicle, according to the scanner. [This was from a separate accident.]

Update 12:21 a.m.: Another reader tells us the second person, a female, in the vehicle didn’t appear to have been injured. However, the reader reported that the man appeared to have “major injuries”.

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Photo from another reader

Update 12:29 a.m.: A reader sent us this photo and video from the scene:


Update 12:57 a.m.: A commenter tells us the woman suffered a leg injury and confirms the man was unresponsive.


Update 1:14 a.m.: The incident page says that accident happened at 11:26 p.m.



  • We witnessed the entire thing, start to finish. The woman who was driving had an injured leg. The young man was unresponsive. It was extremely terrifying to watch.

    • Thanks for the update, Kaitlynn. I added your photo to the story.

    • Since you saw it, what caused it? Was she speeding and weaving/bobbing through traffic? So it was a female driver, and the passenger suffers the worst of it. Not fair. Poor guy.

      • From the looks of the car I can pretty much guaranty excessive speed was involved. Cars don’t look like that after a wreck if it was going the 30 mph speed limit posed on that stretch of Broadway. That looks like highway speed damage. Hope the guy recovers.

      • basically she was speeding, swerved around us and lost control of her car. it was incredibly scary to watch. i would say she was going about 60mph .

        • sharpen your pencil

          Seems like someone was a little peeved their new car was a minivan. If people hate the fact that they need a mini that much they should go with a wagon, cross over, or suv. Many options better than driving your minivan like a complete asshole!

        • [Edit] You cut them off and she swerved to avoid hitting you. I watched the whole thing and made a police report. I hope the young man survived for your sake.

    • You are the reason she crashed by cutting her off. [Edit]

  • The bad driving in eureka is really bad.I see people driving very fast and not paying attention.A lady ran a red light and almost broad sided me.ive seen people pull out in front of fast moving traffic.drive down by patriot and McDonald’s and it’s nothing but drunk in homeless people throwing trash everywhere.The police are never patrolling that area.then drive on the nice side of town and see like 5 police cars driving around.The cops cleaned up the arcata Plaza and Redwood Park and cops still walk the beat in Arcata with their coffee.It made a difference in arcata.but they don’t do that in eureka.These aren’t homeless people because bad luck.its because most are low life scum that got banned from family and friends and are now trashing are streets and bushes.

    • I wasn’t aware there is a good or bad side of Eurekaq, what is the good side? the bad ?

    • Dont blame the police! They are out there every day, doing their jobs. And how dare you say they are only in the “nice” areas! Seriously, l thank God for All our Officers who put their lives on the line Every day to protect us. They Are outnumbered, as far as”good guys vs. bad guys”

      • sharpen your pencil

        God had nothing to do with it. Thank the officers who actually do put their lives on the line, to protect us from the parasites of humboldt county! If God had anything to do with anything you think we’d be dealing with the addiction problem we are facing, and the GOOD people who have been lost in that fight?

        If a high school student believed in Santa or the Easter bunny we would all be trying to seek mental health solutions. However an adult believes in angels and we are suppose to believe they are sain? That is ridiculous!

    • I’m 100% with you on that concerned. There needs to be more focus on Eureka 101, esp on Broadway.

  • So sad. Hope all is well. Fog made have been a factor.

  • I hate to see young lives so wreakless (spelling on purpose )driving is not a right it’s a privilege be smart pay attention be cautious be kind.i hope everyone is alright.

  • They should build a buy pass around pukreaka .Do every tourist a favor I mean what is there to look at in pukreaka the Devil’s Playground

  • The 101 really needs to bypass Eureka, that would end almost all the congestion. One of the main reasons I don’t go to Eureka or Arcata is dealing with massive traffic in Eureka. The 101 was going to bypass Eureka, but Rob Arkley fought it tooth and nail he also bought up so much property so as prevented it. So blame the man who cares very little about us everyday people in Humboldt commuting… Actually the Arkley’s care very little about people in Humboldt, unless of course you’re one of the sheeple republicans blindly supporting his greedy agenda.

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