Hey, SoHum, the Green Van Is Not Full of Creepy Weirdos


A green van parked along several Southern Humboldt roads raised eyebrows today but Humboldt County Public Works assures us the van contains engineering technicians [Photo provided by Ella McFarland]

Do not fret, a Humboldt County Public Works spokesperson tells us. The green van parked alongside the road in Southern Humboldt is not there for a nefarious purpose. The green van is our engineering technician, explained the spokesperson. “We are looking at what speed is the safe limit for that road.”

The technician is doing a speed study on different roads in the area, she said.

As to the idea that the technician is there to bust people for speeding, the spokesperson assured us, “We are not law enforcement…If one of our employees see something that is a real danger, they might get on their cell phones like any citizen. [But, normally,] they have so much work on their plates, they don’t have time for that.”



  • So, he doesn’t have any candy?

  • So the shadiest people of America right here in weirdo southern Humboldt are weirded out by a green van, how ironic!
    That’s the epidemy of irony!
    an entire county of felon outlaws and junkies, that is the funniest news ever!
    I’d say the weirdos concerned about this van are a bit paranoid!

  • It would almost be funnier if he was studying speed, that involved the people here high on meth!

  • they should be in eureka fixing traffic here.

  • The people in the van behaved evasively and declined to identify themselves when asked. THAT is kinda sketchy no matter what they were REALLY doing

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