Dye Tests Performed in Humboldt Bay

Wondering why Humboldt Bay is blushing today?

A water quality study being performed by the California Department of Public Health uses red dye. According to an earlier press release from Humboldt County,

Scientists, aboard boats and on the shore, will observe the colored water with instrumentation to see how the currents flow and how the dye is diluted. This will illustrate how water currents and transport of treated wastewater could be affected by proposed improvements to the Arcata Wastewater Treatment Plant, and a proposed move of the plant’s outfall. That information will help CDPH decide where commercial shellfishing can safely be allowed.



  • Will it show where all the fecal coliform is flowing to after it leaves the illegal encampments around the bay, particularly in the PALCO Marsh area? I hope they included that in the study as well as ways to track the drug waste, urine, feces, and other illegally dumped garbage from the homeless encampment and how that impacts the oyster beds. Does anyone still eat the oysters from Humboldt Bay? Good god people, seriously!

    Where is Humboldt Bay Keeper in all this, they are a big environmentalist group, able to shut down the Marina Center, but not a word one about these illegal activities in our treasured wetlands??????

    Humboldt Money Keeper!

  • They use this same technique to find caves that go miles and miles underground. Mainly in areas with limestone. Its called dye tracing. Very interesting stuff.

  • What is the substance they are using to dye with? !?

    Kind of odd they dont mention it. Dont eat the oysters!

    • the misadventues of bunjee

      They do mention it. It’s in the press release link in the article. The chemical (Rhodamine WT) is just a type of carbon-hydorgen based red dye. It’s widely used, especially in red printing inks. It’s also the stuff you get injected with when you do MRI scans and such. http://www.abbeycolor.com/rhodamine-wt.php

  • It’s conspiracies against conspiracies

  • I never have liked oysters anyway

  • old town observer



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