20-Year-Old Woman Once Again Wanted in Connection With Violent Case

layla-strnad-jpgThe Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office is searching for twenty-year-old Layla Strnad of the Smith River area in connection with an assault and attempted robbery early this morning. This marks the second time the woman is being sought in connection with firearm related violence in the last four months.

According to a press release issued in November by the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office, Strnad was wanted for attempted murder after she entered a building in Smith River and allegedly “pointed a firearm at two occupants of the residence and made death threats. Strnad then got into a silver four door sedan with three unidentified men and fired her weapon at the residence and the two occupants as the vehicle drove off.”

Strnad was eventually arrested and booked into the Del Norte County jail in January of this year.

But, now she’s being sought in connection with a second violent crime. Commander Bill Steven of the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office explained that before 2 a.m. today, Strnad arranged to meet an individual in Smith River. When the individual arrived at the meeting place, he noticed her car. “Two masked men appeared, assaulted the victim, and demanded money,” said Steven. “[The victim] attempted to flee in his vehicle with one of the suspects still inside. He crashed…. He jumped out of the vehicle and attempted to flee…. While he was fleeing, he heard one shot.”

The man went to a nearby home and contacted law enforcement a little after 2 a.m. When deputies reached the alleged crime scene, the suspects had fled.

The Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department is now searching for Layla Strnad. She is 5’4″, 130 pounds with brown hair and brown eyes.

If anyone has any information about this situation or can help locate the suspects, please contact the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Office at 707-464-4191.



  • Attempted murder, jailed in January, but then released, WTF? Hope she’s locked up for a long time when she’s arrested again.

    • DelNorte Catch & Release. Seriously I agree with you WTF? Does she need to kill someone to stay in jail? I hope not.

    • It’s interesting to me that so often it’s said “she was running with the wrong friends”. What if she is the “wrong friend” who gets her friends to do unlawful things. Just because she kind of cute that doesn’t make her a good person.

    • No kidding! They don’t describe the car! That would be helpful

  • Lmao! Only in humboldt will they O.R. you for attempted murder!! Fucking joke!!

    • Del Norte County isn’t in Humboldt County……

    • Learn to read, it’s Del Norte County, obviously humboldt isnt the only place with these problems and overcrowded jails.
      Go figure its happening everywhere!!!!
      Overcrowded jails are a national issue, a riot just happened in a prison with DOUBLE the amount of prisoners it was meant to hold.

    • Nope. They do it here in Shasta county too..its REALLY bad here..they keep people for many a few hours and let them go because “they dont have room”. I personally find that to be an awful excuse.

  • When on earth are they going to realize you can not release these criminals right after booking them for a violent crime/felony??
    WA is wrong with our enforcers?
    The victims should consider suing the county law for releasing these criminals endangering all others and having become victims due to their incompetence of jailing a serious criminal!

    • Just want the end of the story

      It’s not up to the “enforcers”, its up to the courts. If there are court rulings limiting the number of inmates, some have to be released. Also, if a judge grants bail, the perp has to be released on bail, or OR. Cops don’t make the laws.

  • Does this mean they are going to release the guy who robbed the gas station and tried to shoot the clerk? Close to the same crime except this woman’s gun actually fired.

  • Well well well…

  • Here is a good example of a childhood gone wrong, she could have been that sweet little girl selling Girl Scout cookies, but somehow got mixed up with drugs or the wrong kind of friends. This is why its so important to know what,why, and when our children are doing 24/7. Giving them the best upbringing we can and just hope for the best. Its a super scary and terrifying world that we live in now!!! Im glad I raised my girls back the 80/90’s wasnt super bad like it is now. Stay Safe Everyone!!!!

  • How could someone so cute be so bad? Shame.

  • CALIFORNIA,not just humboldt.The laws are so *ucked up they let out dangerous people.And by the way we can’t keep em if we don’t have room WHAT A JOKE.i hear we don’t have money to hire law or build a bigger jail really,why did I see another brand new county or city car yesterday,THAT’S ANOTHER REASON we have no money.waste,oh well I guess we will have to drive in holes and fix our vehicle more and more.

  • Something is seriously wrong in Del Norte County. They have the states most violent criminals locked up in Pelican Bay (though that is just a coincidental circumstance), has high levels of social problems, it’s ranked as the least healthy county in the state including mental health and has an epidemic level of domestic violence—almost double that of the next worst counties in the whole state. This young woman is what you get when so many things are not working.

    This just makes the point that no matter how bad you think it is where you live, it’s probably worse somewhere else.

    • I have a friend who just moved here and has said that the mental health facility in this county is far superior in terms of services than San Bernardino county. So there.

  • Ya obviously Del Norte County didn’t read the news feed on the Jason Warren case SAD

  • The victim posted on fb that he was selling drugs and looking for people to buy some. Few hours later he sends a pic of himself in an ambulance and that he was pistol whipped and almost robbed. .
    So what you have here is a drug dealer who was beat by drug addicts. The victim doesn’t sound like a productive member of society.

    All the evidence is there. If you know the victim then just check his facebook. He posts everything on there. This isn’t the first time he has been robbed. He constantly brags about what he has and how much of a “thug” he is, then it’s not long before he is back on fb complaining that someone broke into his house or car or just straight up took something from him.

    Hopefully the full story will come out.

    • Who is the victim?? The story sounds pretty fishy to me! Meeting at 2 am and only one name is dropped in this incident.

      • Elliot Gordon aka Mac Metaphors (his rap name)

        He’s a wannabe thug who lives at home and sells drugs and constantly post on Facebook and snap chat what he’s doing.

        • I am pretty sure Brandon and Dylan are friends with this Layla or are part of her circle. I know the victim and he isnt like that. He doesnt “sell drugs” and isnt a “wannabe thug”. He is a good guy who decided to meet up with the wrong person at the wrong place and time.

          • Really? Look at his facebook. He hasn’t deleted a thing and it’s all still there. Facts speak for themselves. He says he has drugs and asks who’s looking to buy. He’s said it multiple times. It’s all still there.
            If he does decide to delete it, I took the liberty to take a screen shot and save his illegal activities.

            Also…I don’t know Layla, but I hope she spends the rest of her life in jail too. If I had info on her I would share that too.

      • Concerned parent

        Ya would u know who it was attacking u if the ppl had ski masks on? And the only person that knew u were coming was the female. I’m pretty sure u wldnt know who the masked ppl were or why the hell they came out of no where and jus started attacking u while u are unarmed yourself hmm I know alot of ppl that meet up after work or to hangout at all hours why is the time so relevant? Would it be more important if it had been 2 pm? I clearly think an unarmed individual getting attacked by someone with a gun is the real issue not the time!!!

    • Can you show me where the victim posted that he was “selling drugs”??

      • Loo at this profile pic. It’s a screen shot of his fb post telling everyone he is selling and tell on people to message him for it.

    • Concerned parent

      That is not the truth posting that ur clearly 215 legal and smoking weed aka considered for medicinal purposes does not in any way shape or form mean u are dealing drugs!!! And posting that u hav money because u jus recieved ur taxes or perhaps won at a casino as do alot of ppl does not make u a drug dealer either!!! furthermore that does not give a drug addict justification in doing what she did in setting someone up that merely wanted to hangout with her!! When did that become a reason to harm someone or to attempt to take their life!!! Alot of things hav been miss judged an taken completely out of context with the statements of him being a drug dealer!!! The real concern should be what is going to happen next is she going to run into another family home with children and have them assaulted because she thinks they have money or perhaps a rich teenager? Or an actual murder for it to be relevant for her to go to jail. Last time I checked anyone with motives to intentionally wanna harm ppl with no reguard for life in general does not jus stop if u are a drug addict that will do anything to come up…. think about that for a few n hope u aren’t the next victim u never know..

      • “n hope u aren’t the next victim u never know..”, true, you never know. What I do know is, not associating with druggies and not trying to meet them at 2:00 am (for whatever reason) will reduce your chance of this happening by 99%. Pretty simple.

        • When you are meeting someone for the first time(and dont know anything about their history or what they are into), under the premise of pickin them up n hangin out n havin some drinks and getting to know eachother, only to be setup instead, is not something you can place blame on the victim for. People hangout at all hours of the day/night. Some people get off work late or just prefer the night life. It may not have been the smartest or most ideal scenario to be caught up in, but it doesnt make them a bad person or wrong for doing so. You gonna tell me that even if you havent stayed up late or drank late or met up with someone late at night yourself, that you dont know somebody who has? Its 2016 people. What world are all of you living in? Don’t be so quick to judge. I know people who work graveyards, get off work, and start drinkin at like 5-7am sometimes. Some people are just missing the point and trying to place blame on the victim or make him out to be the bad guy here when he clearly isnt. God forbid anything like this happen to any of you “perfect” people.

        • I was thinking the same thing. Why are you meeting her at 2am? Nothing good comes from back alley 2 am deals.

  • I have to say this is horrible at best we left Del Norte because of this stuff. The courts fail to take care of these individuals and applauded drug users who turn in a clean test for a week. Give me a break! Its insane to think this area is going to become a good place to be when we have drug users as DA’s and throw him out and bring in a self admitted drug user to replace him and when that did not work they finally brought in someone who was not a drug user to have his hands tied by the judges in the courts. Try this out if an incumbent is running for Office do NOT vote for them get rid of the good old boy system you got going there and you may see a change. Until you change that GOD OLD BOY SYSTEM you have there will never be any kind of law North of the Klamath. You encourage people to be generational welfare abusers to throw trash everywhere cause they cant afford the dump fees and refuse to clean up the county because it takes away from your free give away programs to the druggies. Sickening at best. Good luck with that shit. Hows it working for you now!!!

    • I love it here and I’ll be dead before anyone forces me out. There are a lot of good people here, LOTS of us, most folks only see the few shitheads on the street or in the news. I don’t smoke anything, do any drugs or drink.
      Be smart, be aware of your surroundings and people in your space. There are crappy people everywhere, just like there are good people everywhere.

  • Little Miss Missy needs to be locked up, and please throw away the key!

  • Dunno bout you but id smash dat.

  • Wow. Her parents must be so proud. Ain’t so tough without a gun though huh. Sad, isn’t she pregnant also. Poor kid. Never had a chance having this POS as a mom .,….gross. Boat ramp lol.

    • That’s what I think – I wonder what her parents or grandparents think. I’d be devastated if this was my offspring. With a little luck, she’ll have the child taken away.

  • Meth you can see it in her eyes.

  • Yep she is “claiming” she’s pregnant, an a so called “gangsta bitch / ride or die / loca” she is nothing but a tweeker who is fucking up her “unborn child” which the father of her child as she posted it all over facebook angel palmerin is a well known convicted felon & Tweeker to! Now you both can enjoy the rest of your life’s fighting the court system while your child enjoys foster care, because you both are to busy sucking a glass dick feening for your next fix. Can’t change a tweeker into a house wife! Not so tough without a gun huh, then decided to run away from cops and hide out on the first charge of attempted murder / home invasion. Her mother should be so proud of her daughter, but I forgot she is a Bible thumper so called educated collage of the redwood grad student an raising your children right, yeah that’s why she was on probation as a minor and now look mom she is a well known tweeker & felon!! Trying to murder people & invade houses is her lifestyle now! Kuddos!! Such a young age to throw your life away when you can better yourself, oh well to each is own! That town is so messed up is unbelievable! Crescent city where everyone fucks everyone & ends up on probation better yet parole.

    • I keep saying, there are many wonderful people here, I know so many, but most folks focus on these POS. Nobody does regular stories on folks you don’t see, who are doing good and respecting their neighbors and environments.

      • so, are you going to change it?

        it doesn’t take much these days…

        of course, it’s difficult to get people to take the initiative… too.

        Even as little as community watch groups or civic pride organizations… too many conflicting politics and most people can’t pull their heads out of their duffs before creating a line of us vs them, and splintered cell of a dozen more us and thems against everybody else. And then nobody wants to be involved outside their own church social, politico group or whatever heck.

        I’d aim at the community colleges and universities.. it seems the further north and further south you go the less the focus in on non profit groups than it is on for profit organizations.. when it comes to internships and other service learning programs. Wouldn’t hurt to tackle the k-12 crowds either for a similar deal, too.

        people take to the streets to protest all kinds of inane things, why not the meth problem?

        do we bus them out? ship them to work farms? deal with them like we do homeless youth and send them to bfe to work with the forestry department? Or even accept regulated areas, like homeless parks or tent cities.. – which actually getting the more reasonable lot of the homeless populations to take a stand with just a wee bit of power to self regulate such places does make a greater dent in the issues.. when officials look to the side on these dwellings in exchange for crowds protecting themselves by sacrificing the bad seeds.

        But it seems like the counties, state, probably even the federal govt seems to think increasing rent values and the cost of living will just price everyone out of the region. The trouble will stay but the rest of you will eventually go… as the rural gentrification takes over.

        Get the community involved on a greater level.. of course, you might want to recognize a lot of people do meet up at 2am to hookup rather than just for drug deals. Still, it wouldn’t be that bad idea of a community watch program / escort service (security kind)… maybe even approaching the ride share taxi groups (like lyte, uber, sidecar) to promote extra service training for warning signs, waiting 10-15 mins between after hour stops, and something perhaps in conjunction with authorities rather than having emergency services on speed dial…

        the problem with the ‘good’ stories, it often tries too hard to shuffle the dirt under the carpet.. and becomes a deranged norman rockwell fantasy, happening in a time people forgot where the judds still sing about the good ol’ days. It can be a different kind of oppression.. like dealing with the protest groups on campus these days, with no real enemies or problems they’re willing to tackle they frequently go after the easy pickin’s

        ‘course.. some competition ain’t a bad thing, maybe service awards should come with greater points.. leagues, teams, sports, festivals.. because those ceremonies are mind numbingly dull… and never holds peoples attention until the little ol’ bitty that got one croaks a few months down the road… andthen people forget about it until the next one.. same crap with kids, gotta stop passing the torch – abandoning one generation once they get their short and curlies for a younger and younger crowd… just creates a bunch of resentment to the standard tune of teenage rebellion.

  • “Small minds talk about other people”

    Everyone of you is f**ked up thinking you have an opinion when you don’t even know the truth just spreading hear say not facts!

    Did it ever occur maybe she was attacked too? Maybe she’s a victim too? Because just how so many people online have a poor opinion of her so do people on the street!!

    • It’s a news release, these are the facts presented by the police department. If she or you find it offensive maybe give her a heads up that back alley 2am deals are not the best choices to make. Also maybe she should find new friends if she isn’t truly to blame. Just a thought.

  • Exactly! This isn’t her first rodeo! First time shame on you, Second time it’s a choice! She obviously knows what the Fuck she is doing, but I forgot only weak minded people let the pipe control them! She’s too busy being a HoodRat an doing scandalous Shit with Fuck ups that makes her feel good. Fuck it let her get caught an spend life or even a couple years in jail. Not like she is doing anything good for the community anyway! Just another white girl who has no life wants to be a gangster. Shoot one less Fuck up in Del norte County they have to deal with, She lives by the gun she will probably end up dying that way to. Shorty wants to be a thug!

  • This post had been riddled with misleading information and personal opinions. ALLOW ME TO STATE A FEW FACTS..

    I went to school with Layla and she is an acquaintance of mine, or WAS anyway. Do not be fooled by her innocent looks, or anything you may read whether its other peoples view or comments from the media. She is a violent, vindictive and envious young woman. She has been in trouble countless times for all types of reasons. Theft, Drug Possession, Vandalism and now attempted murder. She has had equally countless chances to change her behavior and choose a different lifestyle..trust me layla is a straight up criminal…

    And the ” Victim ” is hardly a victim at all. I knew him through a mutual acquaintance. A wannabe thug. He flaunts the fact that he sells ” drugs” but all he really hustles is weed and concentrates. Occasionally he will come across a deal on some pills or whatever , and he will buy them to flip for a few dollars more each. There is no victim in this story, other than those reading it.

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