[UPDATE 6:15 p.m.] Road Update

12832297_1042653562442587_8650263639812880456_nAfter storms pounded the North Coast through the weekend, state and county roads continue to be affected. We’ve gathered all the information on the roads in one place so you don’t have to search.

We’ll keep the post as up-to-date as possible so you can check in as needed. (Green font is information that has changed since the original posting at 11:55 a.m.)

State Highways:

Hwy 299: One-way controlled traffic in several places expect delays.

Hwy 254-Avenue of the Giants: Full closure near Holmes Flat Road about 1 mile north of Redcrest. 

Hwy 101: clear

Hwy 96: Two areas of one-way controlled traffic–one 3.8 miles west of Hoopa and one 8 miles west of Happy Camp.

Hwy 36: clear

Hwy 1: There are two slides in northern Mendocino. 

  • Caltrans says about the one north of Westport, “One lane has been opened for emergency and local traffic ONLY at the slide on Route 1 five miles north of Westport.”
  • The slide one mile west of Leggett is now one-way traffic control for LOCAL traffic only.

Humboldt County Roads:  Please update us if you can. Photos are wonderful ways of showing a situation.

Coffee Creek Road: Flooded

Panther Gap Road: Closed due to a slip out.

Port Kenyon Road : Flooded

Seely Creek Road: Blocked due to a slide.

Shively Road: A slide has been impacting the road. The road is still open but be aware that spot is narrow and rough.


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  • Great shot of the highway 1 slide area and the beefy guard rail that saved the Cal Trans dump truck driver from going over the cliff! That was a major butt-clencher.

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