[UPDATE: OPEN] Old Briceland Road Closed

Road closedOld Briceland Road is closed by the Marshall Ranch. A slide is covering the road in the same area as usual, according to Denton Carrick from  Humboldt County Public Works.

UPDATE: Now open.




  • Lets hope whitmore grove doesnt wash out! Or maybe it should so folks will demand roads be fixed.
    I saw on a different section of old briceland where they filled in a few potholes but literally only maybe a quarter mile was worked on.
    This is what happens when they dont fix the road for ten years or more, it will be at least double the time&money now.
    Meanwhile the same not broken streets in no hum get worked in over and over, it’s pretty appalling.

  • those lazy mofo county workers have never fixed that road, and its a disgrace to leave taxpaying folks hanging with the crapiest roads and biggest potholes in the entire county!
    if they dont want to fix that dam asphalt then they should have left it a dirt road!

  • Dear Joggerjohn.
    I feel your pain, but you have the blame in the wrong spot. The “mofo county worker” are a serious asset to SoHum. I’ve seen them work on the roads on their own time just to keep the roads safer. They are hard working and dedicated. They don’t get the funding that they need for materials, nor the wages they need.

    It’s okay to get mad, but don’t hurt the people that are trying to help you.

  • Marianne Odisio

    Thank you for the update!

  • I love our county road crew! They are hard workers and work under dang severe conditions. Let’s not blame what they don’t do on a choice/decision they don’t make.

    • I like the fact that the felons on the road crew get to clean the side of the road,..
      They should wear black and white stripes, like Joe Arpaio makes them wear in arizona, but nothing bit liberal heart bleeding tree huggers in this county!

  • The county workers could help those problem by speaking up to their “supperiors” they are the boots on the ground and know which roads need fixing. When your Bose tells you to fix something that does not need it remind them of the areas that do.

  • Been in SoHum 46 years now, minored in Geology in college. I continue to be amazed at how our local county road crew, with its limited resources, keeps together so many miles of road built on (mostly) Jurassic sedimentary sandstone. JoggerJohn has got it wrong , and Ernie has got it right, the local crews do truly heroic work in the winter sometimes to keep it together. So I ask Jogger, when you are not jogging, how many times have you got out of your car when not jogging and picked up crap off the county road, much less broken out a chain saw to help clear some big stuff off the road after (or during) a howling winter storm? I sure as hell have, both as a private citizen and a firefighter for 20 years now retired. Still carry a chainsaw after big storms. Why the hell do we in sohum expect ‘government’ to do everything for us? But I digress…

    hm has it right – northern hum gets more money and attention. So what the hell else is new? Been thus since the county was formed. Get Over It. Helps to have Estelle fighting for us, but gravity in hum county is to the north.

    As far as Whitmore is concerned – I share your concerns hm, but Whitmore is STATE, not county. The ‘temporary’ one way road, three(?) years old now, goes to hell on the west end each week lately, gets sort-of patched, lasts about 5 days with the current rain, goes to hell again. It is up to the STATE to maintain that stretch, not the county, alas.

    Our county road crews are the best cost/value of any tax money I pay. (I majored in business.) Give ’em a break/brake.

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