Man Who Fled From Officers Arrested For Assault with Deadly Weapon, Child Endangerment

This is a press release from the Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office. The information has not been proven in a court of law and any individuals described should be presumed innocent until proven guilty:

201601249 JensenOn Saturday, March 12, 2016 at about 7:25 a.m., Humboldt County Deputy Sheriff’s responded to a residence on SR 96, Hoopa, for a report of a disturbance. It was reported that 22 year old Michael Dylan Jensen was threatening his family with a “Bowie” style knife.Twenty-nine year old victim #1 stated she and Jensen were asleep in bed when Jensen began mumbling incoherently. Jensen became increasingly agitated and made threats of killing himself. Jensen then exited the bedroom where he began arguing with 50 year old female victim #2. Victim #2 was holding Jensen and victim #1’s one year old child. Jensen knocked victim #2 down and attempted to grab his child from victim #2. Jensen made threats against both female victim’s lives and destroyed property in the residence. Jensen left the residence on foot and was wearing a red t-shirt and shorts, still carrying the knife.

Deputies and California Highway Patrol (CHP) Officers located Jensen on Cal Pac Rd. Jensen was in possession of a knife. As deputies approached Jensen, he stopped walking told deputies they were going to have to kill him. Jensen then fled on foot. Deputies caught up with Jensen and placed him under arrest.

Jensen was taken to the Humboldt County Correctional Facility where he was booked for assault with a deadly weapon, threats, child endangerment, exhibiting a deadly weapon, assault, and battery. Jensen’s bail has been set at $50,000.

Anyone with information for the Sheriff’s Office regarding this case or related criminal activity is encouraged to call the Sheriff’s Office at 707-445-7251 or the Sheriff’s Office Crime Tip line at 707-268-2539.




  • Definitely needs to be nominated for father of the year award. Maybe husband of the century. Just kidding. I’m glad nobody was hurt.

  • I know this boy. He has mental handicaps that do not mix with drugs or alcohol. He is a very good guy when he takes his meds properly but his mom (“victim#2”) is his mother who seams to think giving her son’s meth is ok then calls the cops when he flipps out. B.S.

    • Totally agree

    • I could tell just by reading the story he has mental issues. I hope he finds the help he needs and his loved ones start helping instead of encouraging unhealthy behavior! I can’t wait till the mental health part of the jail is built because people with issues often just get worse in jail:(

  • he is good when he takes his meds?
    listen tho this crap!
    FEMA camp this guy!

    • So sorry everyone isn’t as perfect as you! All us mentally ill people bow down to you and all your perfection. I’m sure even if you where mentally ill you never would make the mistake of self medicating. Keep up the perfection buddy, your wayyyyyy better then the rest of us:)

  • Psych meds do not mix well with alcohol or drugs they’re doing new studies on what degree of mixing alcohol, and psych meds can cause you to go into acute an extreme psychosis .there also different degrees of bipolar now bipolar 1 and bipolar 2 it’s like a light switch going off and it sounds like this young man woke up out of sleep and just snapped.I’m seeing more and more of these cases popping up just like the other day ,and the guy getting cuffed up over by Winco. The man went crazy people with mental illness ,and trying to self-medicate with drugs ,and alcohol a bad combination.Mixed with the antidepressants seems to me that’s what’s going on besides all the other stuff going on in Humboldt . I hope he gets proper medication when he’s in jail

  • Thank God the Baby is alright.

  • Let me guess, the tweeker was on some kind of SSRI drug. The shit says in the warning label it couses psychosis, most of the mass shooters in the last 20 have been on one form or another and they still allow it to be peddled by the biggest drug dealers in the world, MDs.

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