[UPDATE: Open] Big Rig Stuck (Again!!) on Zenia Bluff Road

A big rig is stuck on Zenia Bluff Road east of Alderpoint. According to the California Highway Patrol Incident page, the vehicle got stuck before 2:20 a.m. The sleeper cab with 53 foot trailer needs a special tow truck. A big rig tow is on its way but, please make other arrangements for now if you need to get through.

UPDATE 9:07 a.m.: Photos provided by Brian AndersonPART_1457966050504_20160314_073211PART_1457966050543_20160314_073329

UPDATE 10:53 a.m.: The road is open, according to Brian Anderson.



  • You gotta love Google maps, and the out of towners that only rely on a GPS.

  • There needs to be a sign- or a string of signs prohibiting long trucks. Either that, or we need to start a pool for guessing when the next fool’s dilemma will occur. I’ll start with a guess about two weeks hence – April 1st.

  • What was that truck doing at 2am let alone up that road.they need to make it perfectly clear what their in for.no short cut here for those rigs on the G.p.s maps etc:it’s kinda like a trap

  • After looking at first picture, I ask Why? Wow……….Seems like some folks may be inconvenienced over this.

  • I would like to see how they will remove it. A ‘special’ two truck??? Seems the combination would be even longer than what was originally stuck there in the first place.

  • I don’t understand how trucks of that size end up on that road. Lack of signage? Given the schooling of (legal) big rig drivers, how does this happen? Where on Earth do the drivers think they’re going? Do they really rely on internet maps? What a pain in the rear for residents! af

  • Wonder what his cargo is? Maybe delivering to someone in the area?

  • Just want to voice what others have said, that road has more then a few spots that are 1 lane and lots of turns and corners that are really tight and I don’t even see how that rig made it as far as it did before getting stuck. what in the world was he thinking??

    • You can make it out that way ,with know real problems if you know the road ….This guy did not know the road….
      You have to swing wide and use all of the road….I hope they send the dispatch the ticket ..but they never do …

  • If it is where it seems to be, “other arrangements” are rather difficult.

  • Here is 1 of the 2 signs they drive right past to end up stuck there….

    • Maybe these highly educated, only-english- speaking drivers are reading it as “no trucks, unless they are over 32 feet”? Or they see the sign, understand they are too big for the road, and don’t see a place to turn around and then figure yeah, they can make it, OR the sign only pertains to someone less able than themselves. OR just stupid…..

    • Aaaaaand there’s the problem! Why in the WORLD would they post caution signs SIDEWAYS on the hillside? Who will turn their head that far just to read it?
      I’ll be glad once we get a new president in office and shenanigans like hanging signs sideways will be stopped!
      Why… I had to turn my monitor sideways just to read what the sign said! Meh! 😉

  • Most of the drivers that get stuck are out of the state Midwesterners. Ignoring the sign is ridiculous but understandable if you have been driving 12 hours straight. Its easy to make a mistake in this area if your not from here. And when the drivers boss says ” just follow your GPS” instead of take the route that is longer…you can’t blame them. I’ve unloaded a couple of the dudes that got stuck last year and they were “amazed” at our countryside roads ha

  • He’s so lucky he didn’t take a tumble.i bet in the light of day he’d never tried that move

  • I rode back from Ruth in a Peterbuilt with an empty lowbed trailer many years ago.. The driver had no problem here but he was going the other way..

  • Trucking is a lot tougher than it seems. Most truckers are sleep deprived and pushed HARD to keep those wheels moving. My sympathies to all. Friggin GPS! How did we ever get along without you?

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