[UPDATE: One-Way Traffic] Occupant Trapped Inside Vehicle on Highway 36 Near Carlotta, Both Lanes Closed

Emergency crews arrived at the scene of a vehicle accident where an occupant is trapped inside moments ago. The accident is on Highway 36 near mile marker 8, which is east of Carlotta. The call went out over the scanner around 12:30 a.m. The extrication is in progress. We have very little information at this point, but we will update this post when we know more.

Update 1 a.m.: Both lanes of the highway are closed at mile marker 8.5.

Update 1:04 a.m.: A Subaru station wagon was involved in the collision. We don’t know the color of the vehicle.

Update 1:10 a.m.: Three people were extricated from the the vehicle. One person reportedly has “massive trauma to his face.” The other occupants have minor injuries.

Update 1:25 a.m.: Cal Fire has one-way traffic traffic control set up.

Update 1:39 a.m.: The vehicle is a maroon Subaru Legacy.

Update: All units were released from the scene, which generally means traffic is flowing normally.



  • Oh man so sorry,here’s to a fast recovery!!wondering if the facial damage was from the air bag?

  • sharpen your pencil

    Sure do hope this wasn’t another DUI gone wrong on 36…. if not get well soon, if so get well soon and hopefully learn a valuable lesson…. this highway eats cars and especially drunk drivers.

    • Nobody ever remembers to watch out for the Jumping Redwoods out here on Hwy 36, they jump in front of your car while you’re otherwise occupied & not paying attention for whatever reason!!!

      • Don’t judge. You don’t know… it was storming off and on… there are wild animals.. who knows…[edit]

        • Very true with the wild animals. We hit a deer on hwy 36/before hydesville that had jumped down from a steep bank above the car so we didn’t see it until it was too late. Luckily, we were not driving that fast.
          Hope all turns out well in this accident.

  • These are close friends of mine the car swerved for some unknown reason and they flipped twice I was just with one of them he has a broken back In two places and another is in medical induced coma from injuries to the face and the other got away with minor scratches and bruises

  • The Car was stolen the person Vincent Nelson one of the people in the wreck stole it that night y’all shouldn’t feel sorry for them

  • Im sick of buryin homies! You better pull through Tanner. Gods speed bruh!

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