Multiple Agencies Rush to Aid Officer After Taser Deployed

IMG958540According to scanner traffic, a officer had to deploy a taser in McKinleyville “multiple times” and request assistance during an altercation that began shortly before 3 p.m. today. (Click to hear scanner tape from the incident.) Multiple law enforcement agencies responded to the 1600 block of Gwin Road including State Parks, California Highway Patrol, Humboldt County Sheriff’s Office, Cal Fire, and an ambulance.

According to Donna Dale who took the photograph on the left, “They have a young male suspect hogtied on a gurney. They are taking him to Mad River Hospital.”

UPDATE: Deputies en route from hospital to jail with combative subject, according to scanner.




  • Feel sorry for the staff at Mad River!

  • I didn’t realize there were that many cops in the county!

  • If a Taser doesn’t make a person submissive it is usually because they are on some hard core drug. Pcp comes to mind

  • Well it ever stop I listened to the scanner yesterday there were at least 12 calls for a 415 I n progress mean s fighting our cops are bizzy bad dope driving people literally insane when you don’t eat or sleep for 2 weeks that’s what happens psychosis sets in

  • Definetly feel sorry for hospital staff. My friend is a er nurse at redwood, she see’s some shit. Constant training about new drugs on the street, combative idiots. Alot of training!!!

  • Zombie Apocalypse

  • Wow I wonder whats on the streets right now after seeing same combative situation in eureka, was that yesterday?

    The bath salts and offshoots of it are even worse than PcP, none of the traditional hospital treatments help. Look it up, there is video of a person on bath salts with a 107° temp & they literally fry an egg on his forehead.

    Last i heard mad river has a few ER employees dedicated to craxy drug cases.

    Its important to understand that the meth labs in our county are super abundant and the makers have people who are their “testers” (a friends son was one unfortunately).
    The testers try out the new formulas to see how they feel&work, so of course some bad chemistry results in batches that are enhanced crazy makers. Or perhaps the meth and abundance of cocaine here right now are being cut with bath salts.

    There are just as many meth labs as grows, even in town. The feds won’t help the local cops with meth labs (only pot) & it really is too dangerous for anyone besides a haz mat team familiar with chemicals to deal with.
    If you feel annoyed by the meth problem then call your representatives. Someone like Jared Huffman may b willing to look for funding to seek&destroy these labs.
    oh and try to treat your fellow person with respect, the true reason behind the drug problems is people feeling a lack of self love for whatever reason and they are looking to escape those feelings and reality. Maybe if we make reality a little nicer and less stressful less folks won’t want to check out.

    • Did PCP by accident when I was 16: bought some dusted cannabis. I almost killed the dude who sold it to me but he gave me my $ back and lived to rip somebody else off another day.

  • Well said powders sukkkk

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  • Down here in SF there are flyers/notices posted warning about use of FENTANYL which is apparently a very potent drug mixed with heroin that is killing people. I personally saw one person who had used it die. Anti-dotes are passed out in certain neighborhoods Naloxone free. I live near a Methadone Clinic that has people lined up during the day… including at least two Eurekans who I know. Not a real good time to be using certain drugs..

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