Speedy Arrest?

A little before noon today a man was reported because he was “totally freaking out” and “thrashing around on the grass” off of Henderson near Winco. Eureka Police soon arrived on the scene. It took multiple officers to subdue the man.

A reader, who only wants to be known as Daniel, captured the arrest on video. “[The] cops were hella cool in talking with me and I was able to give them [a] thumb drive and cd of what I captured,” Daniel explained.

According to Daniel, Eureka Police said the man appeared to have taken amphetamines.



  • did you see the bald cop knee the guy 3 times…? that is so unprofessional and it is assault. restrain him not inflict bodily harm… and the bald cop also has been in other videos harassing and techniquely violating human rights in different ways.. maybe his code of conduct and work place ethics should be looked into.

    • [edit] please post your address so when he is released you can look after him…………oh i didn’t think so[edit]

      • Bwahahahah! OMG! So true! Lol…people always blaming Police! . Trying to get some Tweekers out guy to calm down is like wrestling and hog tying an Elephant!

      • I don’t think there is a direct correlation between someone’s willingness to house a drug user/ addict/mentally ill person and having an opinion of what is excessive force. So seems like you just didn’t think at all.

    • He was doing his job. And those dam people should get off the drugs….

    • I was there and that bald cop used a lot of restraint and had a lot of patience, that crazy guy was out of control!!! I would of tazed his ass. Great job EPD .

    • The police are doing a great job in spite of the cesspool they have to work in. The community has gone to hell-it is not the safe place it used to be I can’t imagine what the officers see and go through every tour- The community has an epidemic of drugs and major crime the street people are out of control something has to be done.

      • Yeah. It’s almost like it would behoove us as a nation to put more money and resources into healthcare, treating drug addiction, mental illness, and homelessness.

    • Totally unprofessional a real cop would have kneed him like thirty times. Or at leased spanked him like his mommy should have

    • Make sure you never call the police to help you

    • [edit] How bout I put your ass in those cops place and let’s see what kind of restraint you exercise when a drugged up tweaker starts thrashing all over you. I can’t believe some you people. All you can see is an “abusive” (major iratating sarcasm on “abusive”) and don’t see the bigger picture

    • Workforaliving43

      Used the force necessary to to effect the rest and overcome resistance. PC835. Know the law before you run your mouth.

    • If you nottice they also pepper sprayed me affter i stopped moving. Also they put the cuffs on me so tightly i no longer have feeling in my thumb on my right hand, i was able to get out of bed for two days an they released me from holding, for being “under the influence” after two an a half hours when they are supposed to hold u for a min a four. An these people.. Ha theyre comments are a bunch of jokes. Plus i didnt know the epd was trained to treat someone in an unstable mindset like that

  • The professional manor in which they block the camera looks well rehearsed .
    They appear to have done all that without severely injuring anyone so kudos to the officers .

    • The stuff before I started recording would make you unde stand. They (cops) did an excellent job. They guy was OUT OF IT. I saw the whole thing

      • What was the guy’s buddy sitting on the bumper so pissed at the cameraman for? Seems like he would have been happy the camera was protecting his buddy’s rights.

      • “OUT OF IT” doesn’t mean someone should be beat down, limbs twisted, body pummeled on the ground. The fellow was yelling and having some kind of emotional experience, but he was not HURTING anyone. Cops brutalize people in heavy emotional experiences and who have mental disabilities all the time. It’s wrong- brutal, mean, violent- what the Eureka Police did to this young man.

      • Good job

  • Thank you for having the courage to film the arrest.

  • shouldn’t resist he did, they have family’s too and a right to take down a drugged out man , he wasent hurt , so wad get a life , if you or your kids were being attacked by a crazed man , you would not complain , blue lives matter too i stand with officers and the law in this one

  • Looks like the same dude that was yelling at cars and doing Bruce Lee kicks and twirling around like a ballerina YIKES!this is your brain on Drugs

  • I wonder if they hauled off the bum tweaker that is sitting on the front bumper of a cop car

  • The camera person should send this video to Tosh.0. The guy sitting on the front of the cop car is hilarious. At least the cops didn’t beat the shit out of him.


  • Im not a drugged up tweaker i was only under the influence of alcohol i had done meth about 12 hours before but that had very little influence on my “mental breAkdown” or what i call “ascension” (considering my mental capacity alters to a higher degree everytime this r i tual ceremony happens) so those of you that wANNA. Be little kids about this incident [edit]

    • Not too mention i now cannot feel my thumb becAUSE it is numb due to the cops execessive force due ti the. Handxuffs an the fact i didnt know epd was trained to beat the fuck out of someone who is not in the correct state of mind

  • Also that “bum tweaker” is a vietnam veteran that had battled cancer who was by no means a bum or a tweaker i love how people have stupid s##### judgement when they are not one to judge by which i mean the creator

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